Pro-Islamic, Anti-Christian Distortions Must Go, Says Texas Board of Ed – Updated!

Update on Friday, September 24

True to form, the Texas Board of Education today approved a resolution, by a narrow 7-6 vote, requiring publishers to correct a “pro-Islamic/anti-Christian bias” in future world history textbooks. Still, given that all the textbooks cited in the resolution have not been in use in Texas schools since 2003, this seems more like an exercise in rhetoric.

Kathy Miller, president of the Texas Freedom Network, summed it up this way, “Board members rejected numerous opportunities today to pass a resolution that called on publishers to treat all religions with balance and accuracy in their textbooks. It is hard not to conclude that the members who voted for this resolution were solely interested in playing on fear and bigotry in order to pit Christians against Muslims.”

Friday, September 17

Just when it seemed the Texas Board of Education had done enough damage this year, they are considering a resolution next week that would warn publishers not to push a pro-Islamic, anti-Christian viewpoint in world history textbooks.

A reminder: earlier this year this same board approved a social studies curriculum that puts a conservative stamp on history by stressing the superiority of American capitalism, questioning the Founding Fathers’ commitment to a separation of church and state, discounting almost all non-caucasian contributions to history, and generally presenting Republican political philosophies in a very positive light.

Texas Textbook Wars Resume

Apparently, that wasn’t enough. According to board member Ken Mercer, many world history books are rife with Muslim propaganda. “One of the books I reviewed has 120 lines referencing Christian beliefs, but has 248 lines referencing Muslim beliefs,” Mercer told WOIA News Radio. Could this be because Texas students probably know a good deal more about Christianity than they do about the Islam faith?

But it turns out that this example is in any case taken from a past world history book, that is no longer used in Texas schools. In fact, none of the textbooks cited by sponsors of the resolution are currently being used in Texas schools. “This is another example of board members putting politics ahead of just educating our kids,” says Kathy Miller of the Texas Freedom Network, a religious freedom group. “Once again, without consulting any real experts, the board’s politicians are manufacturing a bogus controversy.”

Middle Easterners Peddling Influence on U.S. Textbooks?

This is much bigger than a mere controversy. This is outright hate-mongering. And there’s more: sponsors of the resolution cautioned that “more such discriminatory treatment of religion may occur as Middle Easterners buy into the U.S. public school textbook oligopoly, as they are doing now.” As the Dallas Morning News pointed out, “They offered no specific evidence of such investments.” But why not stir up feelings against Muslims and the entire Middle East, while you’re at it?

Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Indoctrinating our young people is just another form of the anti-Muslim bigotry we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. And it’s also odd for me to understand; I was taught at school that there are three great monotheistic religions, and these are the “real” faiths: Christianity, Judaism and Islam, all equal. What happened?

Disheartening as it is to read such small-minded and biased comments from people in a position to have so much influence over young people, it is also frightening because the board has succeeded once before, and decisions made in Texas can influence textbooks around the country, given the size of the state.

The board will vote on this resolution next week.

On a lighter note: Wait until the board realizes we use Arabic numerals. Perhaps they will propose a resolution to revert to Roman numerals?

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Mark J.
Mark J7 years ago

When you stand back and look at each side together, you get 3D - ;>)

pam w.
pam w7 years ago

Does ANYONE in Texas value the principles of freedom of and from religion in public schools? Where is the ACLU?

Anyone who hates this as much as I do should send (or increase) a contribution to ACLU...because they WILL take this on!

Amber T.
Amber T7 years ago

Who are the true American Children? The American Indian.

Amber T.
Amber T7 years ago

Religion does not belong in our textbooks, on either one side or the other.

April Gray
April Gray7 years ago

*sigh* where are we going, & why am i in this handbasket?

Geri M.

It is astounding that given the news that Texas publishers are re-writing American (and World) history to suit their prejudices, school book buyers are still purchasing these textbooks! The purpose of education is not to produce biased adults incapable of peaceful life with those who don't agree with their mistaken view of the US and the world. The purpose of public education is not to produce an adult with a hostile attitude towards any social, racial or religious group, which is the pre-condition of war and all forms of violence. Texas schoolbook publishers are trying to create a United States at permanent war and devolved into abysmal ignorance and fear. Put these publishers out of business! Conservative are dangerously insane.

Paul K.
Paul K.7 years ago

As many people who have paid attention over the years know, Texas is not representative view point of the general population of the United States. Rather, it would be welcome to succeed from the union at any time. There is now, and has been throughout my life a substandard chunk of citizens who choose to make Texas their home. Let them have their own country and foul it up however they choose., Just know Texas is a despicable state and please, please remove yourselves from the USA.

Jaime J.
Jaime J7 years ago

Lyn..."The oppression of the rich and their capitalism"...can you offer something besides capitalism that will give you the life you lead and the freedoms you have? Capitalism has not oppressed anyone! Would you rather have the opposite of capitalism (statism) and have little freedom? Who have you been listening to that you believe in the lie that capitalism has oppressed you? Oh my, if this is the lie you are believing, and others believe it too, then we are way further deteriorated as a nation that I ever suspected. If you want statism, then move to Iran! If you want freedom, see capitalism as the social system that gets it for you!

God has called us to a great life; God has called people to help the poor (but he hasn't forced them to do it through the government!) God has shown us through the ages that being helpless and having others do things for you is not the answer; God did not build the ark for Noah!

Jane R.
Jane R7 years ago

I'll let the rest of you argue about this, I have better things to dol

bob m.
bob m7 years ago

Lyn L. If you look to Him; you will be equipped to do His will.
It begins with you and your hunger for Him.
Enter in.
Do you have faith? Have it to yourself before God. happy is the man(you) who condemns himself not in the thing that He approvesI just pray He makes more of a giver out of me.