Pro-Life Group Stalks and Harasses Abortion Doctors At Home

Operation Rescue/Operation Save America (OR/OSA), the infamous pro-life group, is at it again.  The organization descended on Orlando, Florida, last weekend for a “siege” of seven area abortion clinics.  Although the event didn’t draw the “hundreds” of anti-abortion protesters that organizers had hoped for, their presence nevertheless managed to be disruptive and invasive.  Among other tactics, the protesters went so far as stalking clinic physicians in their private homes.

The Ms. blog reports: “A close associate of one of the targeted physicians says that a mob of protesters showed up at her house. She says they entered her gated driveway, knocked on her front door, climbed over a fence into her backyard and snapped photos of her family’s vehicles.”

The organization’s leader, the Rev. Flip Benham, has been arrested in the past for this kind of behavior, but he still made an appearance at the event, along with James Patrick Johnston, a well-known advocate for violence against abortion doctors and clinics.

Members of OR/OSA apparently knocked on other physicians’ doors, asking if they could talk to the “abortionist.”

These practices are offensive and invasive in and of themselves, but the stalking is particularly disturbing because of extremist anti-abortion groups’ propensity for violence.  If they’re willing to harass doctors in their homes, it seems like a short step to threatening violence, both at the clinic but also after the doctors leave work.  Such intimidation is illegal and completely unethical.

The Feminist Majority Foundation is reportedly working with Orlando law enforcement to make sure that these threats do not become a reality.  But it seems as if OR/OSA has already crossed too many lines in their attempts to show their anger with the pro-choice community in Orlando.  It just takes a reminder of the tragic death of Dr. George Tiller, and the countless threats against other abortion providers, to realize just how high the stakes are.

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Photo from infomatique via flickr.


Andrew Patton
Andrew Patton4 years ago

Freedom of speech and assembly is not harassment. If he doesn't like having his house protested, he should quit killing babies.

sarah jaffe
sarah jaffe4 years ago

Do these obscenely moronic protesters really think that people get abortions for fun? That it's somehow not a traumatic enough experience that they need to squat outside clinics and shame people? Just blows my mind that this is still happening in the world. Mind your own business you fanatical wankers.

mary k.
mary k6 years ago

Flannel, you want to blast someone in the face with a shot gun and then call pro-lifers looney?

mary k.
mary k6 years ago

Flannel, you want to blast someone in the face with a shot gun and then call pro-lifers looney?

Christine S.
Christine S6 years ago

Get men to start wearing condoms, and provide prenatal and afterbirth care to needy women- then you wouldn't have to worry about abortions, you anti-choice nuts!

William Y.
William Y6 years ago

@ Maarja L.

Right on.

Maarja L.
Maarja L6 years ago

Okay. I would consider this kind of pro-life people respectable only if they were pro-birth control, pro-child support, pro-social security, anti-death penalty, anti-murder and anti-war. You can't say you're pro-life in one aspect and then ditch all the rest.

And try to leave your religion out of it, please. We can't all share one faith. That doesn't make those who are not of your denomination sinful awful heretics.

Jane H.
Jane H6 years ago

so many excellent comments. @ the one who asked why now after all these years------it has never was this way from the beginning!! Join Naral or Religious Coalition for Reproductive Freedom or the ACLU for its Reproductive Freedom Project. As they say, "Freedom is not free" is a continuing struggle.

Frances N.
Frances Niquet6 years ago

These doctors are carrying out proceedures that are simply by the choice of the patient.

Amanda M.
Amanda M6 years ago

When are these actions by the anti-choice whackjobs going to be called what they really are-trespassing, breaking and entering, stalking, harssment, libel, etc? And when are these morons going to be called what they really are-DOMESTIC TERRORISTS????

They need to be arrested and charged with these crimes instead of getting away with this BS.