Pro-Life Organization Calls Obama The “Angel of Death” (VIDEO)

A few hours before I left my room for the opening plenary of a two-day conference on abortion, a friend sent me the link to Personhood USA’s latest ad.  It was playing in the back of my head as I listened to academics debate, politely but forcefully, about selective abortion and fetal personhood, the right of conscientious objection and the issue of fetal pain.  And although I thoroughly enjoyed the conference, and left with a more nuanced view of several issues, I’m still terrified for the state of discourse on abortion in this country – in large part because of this ad.

The ad is disturbing, not just because it’s patently false and manipulative (the billion-dollar abortion industry? Roe v. Wade as the destruction of “life and liberty”) but because of its characterization of the president as the “angel of death,” the bringer of hell, the ultimate comic book villain (who would compare the president to the Joker in Batman?  Really?) and its blatantly religious message.  A Bible verse (Jeremiah 1:5, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you”) adorns the corner of the “Amendment 62″ logo, making it clear that the people behind the ad believe that the United States is a Christian nation, and that it needs to be returned, through legislation like this, to its Christian roots (regardless of whether being pro-life is truly Christian, something that scholars of religion could easily contest).

The ad has to do with Colorado’s Amendment 62, the “personhood amendment,” a disturbing piece of legislation that Shelby Knox wrote about a few weeks ago.  Even though it’s unlikely to pass, Personhood USA has made it clear that it will continue to resurrect it for as long as it takes.

After a weekend of open minds and fair-minded words (part of the conference’s theme), the ad left a particularly bad taste in my mouth.  It was harder to be hopeful, simply because the world of academia doesn’t seem to reflect the reality of the abortion debate.  Although I’m staunchly pro-choice, I’ve had countless productive and sympathetic conversations with pro-life friends on campus, and I wasn’t surprised to see that spirit carried into the conference, which was organized by Peter Singer, the famous bioethicist, among others.  But that simply doesn’t seem to carry into other spheres, where organizations can produce ads that are so full of racism, sexism and hate.  How do we bring productive conversation to the abortion debate throughout the country?  And should we try?

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Kathleen D.
Kathleen D8 years ago

In regard to the comments made by Amelia; the video is full of lies. If she were well informed instead of listening to the soundbits of the hate-mongers such as Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, etc., she would know and refute the lies perpetrated by the group who were responsible for this ad.

First of all; there is no "abortion industry" and billions of taxpayer dollars is not being spent on international abortion, in fact the healthcare policy clearly points out that abortion will not be federally funded. Then, there is the demonizing the Supreme Court Justices responsible for legalizing abortion. Just because Amelia and like-minded followers of the far right agendists, do not adhere to truth or fact based material, doesn't mean that she cannot become a well informed individual who still holds on to her core values. Being a law abiding citizen is the responsibility of all Americans and so is telling of the truth. The propoganda material so clearly espoused in this disqusting and false video further degrades the movement of the "right".

Amelia; I am embarassed for you in your clear lack of knowledge, understanding the law and the facts surrounding how the Justices debated and wrote into law, the issue you chose to address. While, as Americans, we need to stand for freedom of expression, it is also our duty to point out the lies perpetrated by those of you who either don't know or don't care to know the facts.

Estelita A.


Vivianne Mosca-Clark

Choices mean that. Not badgering people. As as for 'pro-life'? Killing doctors,harassing people, and telling lies to make their points does not make me want to trust them for anything.
If your righteous....then you don't have to lie.

Past Member
Past Member 8 years ago

@Amelia Thompson De Veaux: I watched this ad; and I only found 1 possible false statement in it, regarding Obama's campaign funding; the rese of what is said IS TRUE! Including using US tax dollars to fund abortions in foreign nations! Obamacare will include funding for abortions for civilians, and active duty military in military hospitals! The LIE here is that abortion is OKAY! As soon as sperm and ovum unite that is a SEPARATE person with a separate DNA from its mother, and by 4 weeks has its own heartbeat! Planned Parenthood has been hurting mother and murdering babies for over 4 decades, MUCH of it on TAXPAYER dollars! That's the wrong here! Planned parenthood SHOULD mean plan AHEAD, as in BEFORE you GET pregnant! If that's too scary for you, consider that Obama and his pals may make HIMMLER look like a rank amateur because you choose to accept the murder of innocent babies now and so did the Germans before WWII, as well as the elderly and infirm who ARE next on Obama 's list too!

Elena L.
Elena Levina8 years ago

Much of our planning is like waiting to swim in a dry ravine.
Many of our activities are like housekeeping in a dream.
Delirious with fever, one does not recognize the fever.

- Patrul Rinpoche's Sacred Word

Without insight we cannot address any problem at its root or remove the seeds that might produce it in the future.

- Dalai Lama

Tree H.
Tree H.8 years ago

Abortion is NOT murder. Im not sure how much the abortion industry makes a yr, but everything nowadays is done for money. I don't care what the bible says, and for anyone who says they don't agree with abortion cuz, "God says so," is trying to force their religion on the rest of the country. And I agree that people should try not to get pregnant in the first place, but some not all birth control is foolproof, and theres plenty of people who were raped, or even younger people who were molested.

Amber M.
Amber Beasley8 years ago

abortion IS a billion dollar industry!! they only do it for MONEY. abortions cost 1,000 bucks minimum. they murder and they get paid for it.
I agree with this ad.
the only thing I think was over the top was the things that were said about Obama, cause that wasn't needed. even though I do view him as sort of an "angel of death"
I would LOVE if amendment 62 was passed, but face it, no one in this country cares about life anymore, so it's not gonna happen.

Tery G.
Tery G8 years ago

Michele G- It isn't the intelligent voters you have to worry about. You would be better off wishing that the middle or lower income teabaggers would either grow a brain or use the one they arguably have. Why would anybody vote for a party that has the stated intension of robbing you to further enrich the already very wealthy. How is it that when the choice is to help keep the injured/elderly out of poverty vs further enrich the arms dealers, its the arms dealers that win

Marianne C.
Marianne C8 years ago

Joylyn B:

The Bible DOES NOT SAY "thou shalt not kill." It says "Thou shalt do no murder." And the rest of the Old Testament makes it clear that law does not apply to a fetus.

Try reading it for what it ACTUALLY says, rather than for what you WANT it to say.

Too many right wing fundamentalists seem to think they can trap God on the printed page like a genie in a bottle, and that the Bible is the bottle. Thump on, and God comes forth and does your bidding.

It doesn't work that way. You cannot just pull words out of the Bible and fit them around your own set of beliefs. That's something all legitimate theologians agree upon.

In order to quote the Bible as support of a belief, the quote has to meet certain criteria:

a: It must be accurately quoted,
b: It must be quoted in context.
c: It must apply to the situation under discussion.
d: it must not bridge texts from different verses and books in the effort to make the Bible say something it doesn't.

If the quote doesn't meet all those criteria, it cannot legitimately be used to support a viewpoint. Jeremiah 1:5 fails on two of the four, even if you allow for the third -- accurately quoted -- being only the translation of the Bible being used.

However, "thou shalt not kill" fails on three counts: the verb isn't "kill," it's "murder." It doesn't apply to fetuses, who weren't persons in the Bible. And it has nothing to do with abortion.

Barbara Chally
Barbara Chally8 years ago

This is indeed something for all, Christians and all others alike, to ponder! Thank you for bringing up a concept I had never heard nor thought about myself, for consideration. You can be assured I shall now not forget it when the subject of free will is this matter of child bearing is discussed! An open mind can be such a blessing even when disguised for some!