Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Lure Women With Pizza

Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), as you may know, are pro-life organizations that look a lot like abortion clinics, but espouse a decidedly anti-choice message.  The resemblance is deliberate; CPCs list themselves under “abortion” and “clinics” in the Yellow Pages, in an attempt to get women who are thinking about having an abortion to reconsider their choice.  This, of course, is incredibly deceptive; for women for whom abortion is already a difficult choice, having pro-life propaganda forced on them in what they think is an abortion clinic is nothing short of traumatic. 

CPCs, however, seem to stop at nothing to get women in their doors – some even offer free pizza.  A blogger at Ms. Magazine, Alexandra Tweten, noticed an ad for a CPC in the back of a St. Cloud State University 2010/11 student agenda book, offering a free Little Caesar’s personal pizza in addition to $10 STI and HIV tests, and pap smears.

As Tweten points out, organizations like the one in the St. Cloud agenda book often disguise their religious, anti-choice message in an attempt to seem like a mainstream clinic.  This sometimes results in outright lying, like claims that abortion can cause breast cancer or long-term psychological effects.  The organizations almost always use misleading language that burdens women with guilt and shame; they refer to the fetus as the “baby” or “child,” and will actively avoid providing information over the phone in an attempt to get women to come to the clinic, where they bombard women with pro-life propaganda.  They target low-income women and women of color.

Marketing campaigns like these are just one indication of how low CPCs are willing to stoop.  The only ethical decision in cases like these is to present women with medical facts, information and options, and to allow them to make choices for themselves.  But deliberate deception, overt lies, and bribery only combine to create an untrustworthy, morally dubious operation, disguised as a medical service.

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Aidan M.
Aidan M7 years ago

a fetus is a baby...

M B.
M B7 years ago

Although I would personally never have an abortion of my own, being pro-choice I certainly would never condone someone for wanting an abortion and respect others rights to do so. And what too many anti-choicers fail to realize in their "bubble", is what happens to the poor baby once the woman delivers it? Will you personally take care of the child yourself and ensure it has a good home? Didn't think so, it usually winds up living a sad existence in foster care, deprived of a decent life.So, while you can spout your beliefs, you're not involved in any effort for the well being and raising of that child. As I've always maintained, there is no place for government or religion in determining woman's reproductive rights, so I say stay the hell out of it! Women do not need to be told what to do from some self serving bureaucratic religion and government that is only interested in it's own agenda.

Gina H.
Gina H7 years ago

I bet the local male ministers who are involved with the CPCs are all offering to perform those "pap smears" themselves. All that these frauds are really concerned with is controlling all women and keeping them powerless. You'd think they'd approach the 50% of the population who are impregnating the women to solve the issue of needing an abortion. But no... they protest & prevent the use of condoms even amongst the sinners in their midst. Man and his sperm have rights over all else in xtian doctrine & rhetoric. The poor red-blooded innocent male of the species is helpless when it comes to resisting temptations of the flesh and shame on those evil temptresses taking advantage of them. Even when the female is under the age of 14 or the woman says no.

Bente S.
Bente S7 years ago

"it seems as though someone who can be lured by pizza might not be in a position to raise a child."

Well said, Heather,G!

Rooibos Bird
IE Ries7 years ago



and evidently


Now I have seriously *heard it all*

Heather A.
Heather A7 years ago

If you're considering abortion, DON'T visit Kimberly W.'s website unless you want to read a bunch of misinformation and propaganda. Know that "post-abortion syndrome" is not a real medical condition, that it is extremely rare for abortion to cause any mental health problems at all, and that abortion is one of the safest surgeries in existence.

SHAME on you, Kimberly for knowingly spreading these lies. Your website is no better than the shady CPCs described in this article, and it doesn't contain one ounce of truth pertaining to abortion.

If you're pregnant and considering abortion, check out this web site for unbiased, TRUE information:

Heather G.
Heather G7 years ago

it seems as though someone who can be lured by pizza might not be in a position to raise a child.

Kaliane M.
Kaliane M.7 years ago

@Susan T: Not everyone does plan on getting pregnant at some point, so the 'don't have sex until you want a baby' argument is somewhat moot.

Also, sex is an important part of being human. It's unreasonable to expect people to go without it just on the off-chance that their contraception will fail.

Kaliane M.
Kaliane M.7 years ago

Those tactics make me sick. Those women need appropriate, impartial advice and help, not propaganda.

Rupesh Pawani
Rupesh Pawani7 years ago

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