Protecting Kids in Parks

I welcome the arrival of spring, which allows me to spend more time at the local playground with my daughter. Our local parks are America’s Backyard — providing opportunities for all Americans to live happy and healthy lives. America’s Backyard is a grassroots initiative, encouraging all Americans to embrace and support all parks across the country.

As a parent, I love to watch my two-year-old climb, run, and explore all that the park has to offer. To me, parks are a safe place in the neighborhood where you meet up with other kids and families who are out to have some old-fashioned fun. Dirty shoes, scraped knees and a few bumps along the way are par for the course — easily cured with a stain stick, kiss and the occasional bandage. If only these minor issues were all we had to worry about on our trips to the playground….

In the time that it will take you to read this post, a child will be severely injured and admitted to an emergency room as the result of a playground accident — totaling more than 200,000 each year, with 15 resulting in death. The unfortunate part is that with proper maintenance and upkeep of playgrounds, most of these incidents are preventable.

April is National Playground Safety Month. It’s up to us, as parents and supporters of America’s Backyard, to keep our playgrounds and children safe! So, spring is blooming across the country, bringing local parks to life with longer days, warmer weather, and frequent visitors of all ages!

America’s Backyard is your prescription for good health — free play, physical activity and sports, green spaces, and community gardens. Public parks improve the health of every American. The investment is small, the return is great.

Photo courtesy of National Recreation and Park Association
NOTE: This is a guest post from Jackie Wallenstein, Friends Manager for the National Recreation and Park Association


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