Publicly Funded Family Planning Clinics Bring Wide Benefits

A new and nationally representative survey illustrates the benefits that the national network of publicly funded family planning clinics bring to millions of poor and low income women each year and underscores the destructive reality that extensive cuts to the Title X program have on our nation’s most vulnerable.

More than half of publicly funded clinics (54%) reported offering their clients at least 10 of 13 reversible contraceptive methods in 2010, an increase from 35% in 2003. Many offer on-site provision of the most widely used contraceptives and have implemented protocols to make it easier for women to initiate and continue use of their chosen method. “Publicly funded family planning clinics play a critical role in providing millions of women basic sexual and reproductive health services,” said survey and study lead author Jennifer Frost. “This care allows women and couples to avoid unintended pregnancies, plan their families and obtain a wide range of preventive care services that protect their health and well-being.”

In addition to contraceptive services, publicly funded family planning clinics reported providing other important health care, including pregnancy testing (99%), STI testing (97%) and treatment (95%), HIV testing (92%) and cervical cancer screening (83%). In order to meet women’s need for high-quality care, clinics have striven to incorporate the latest screening and testing technologies into their practices, and this study documents improvements in that area since 2003.

However, the study also found that many clinics are struggling to meet clients’ needs. For example, nearly six in 10 clinics reported that they have trouble stocking the full range of contraceptive methods because of cost, and many clinics have been unable to integrate the most advanced cervical cancer and HIV screening methods into their practices.

The study also examined variation in service provision among clinics and found that clinics receiving some funding from the federal Title X family planning program—half of clinics, which serve two-thirds of contraceptive clients receiving care from the clinic network—do more to  meet women’s need for contraceptive services than do other clinics. Compared with other clinics, Title X–funded clinics tend to provide more contraceptive methods and are more likely to have protocols in place that enable their clients to easily initiate and continue use of their chosen contraceptive method. Additionally, staff at these clinics spend more time with individual clients, especially those who have special needs because they are adolescents, have limited English proficiency, or have complex medical or personal circumstances.

The study found a similar variation between clinics that specialize in the provision of contraceptive and reproductive health services and those that provide family planning in the context of comprehensive primary care. Compared with primary care facilities, specialized clinics provide a wider range of methods—including highly effective long-acting reversible contraceptives—and are more likely to offer methods on-site, rather than requiring women to make a second trip to a pharmacy to obtain the method they choose.

This suggests that for some women, access to specialized family planning clinics may be key to successfully initiating and continuing to use contraceptives. And it also shows the critical public health goals publicly funded planning services provide. If we’re serious about tackling the challenges entrenched poverty creates, there may be no more effective place to start than with robust publicly funded family planning services.

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Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

LARGE BENEFITS!!! The fact that women who don't have health insurance or can't afford a regular doctor, can get birth control prescriptions, checks on STDs and HIV, help with pregnancies or terminations of pregnancies, SAVES society much larger costs later on, if these same women get infections or pregnant or botched illegal abortions. HURRAH FOR PUBLIC CLINICS!!!

Dorothy A.
Dorothy A5 years ago

For years the right has gone on about being anti-choice. Now it turns out they're anti-birth control too. They want all women's health clinics defunded.. But if they stopped the knee jerk reaction and thought logically, they would realize the family planning decreases abortion. Access to birth control lowers the need for abortion services. Anyone truly against abortion should be for easy assecc to family planning.

Marie W.
Marie W5 years ago

Conservatives don't care.

Sharon H.
Sharon H5 years ago

@Mari're not the only one whose flagged the noname racist scum. "It" comes here daily and on just about every thread and says the same racist stuff. I flag "it" every time and personally, I'm getting sick of Care2 allowing this person to do this when a personal friend of mine has been suspended twice for something 100X less than this scumbag. We ALL need to flag this racist scumbag and often.

Wesley Struebing
Wesley Struebing5 years ago

Adam S. Yeah - like all *my* tax money going to fight wars that I certainly didn't ask for...or the money wasted on these tax-payer funded attempts at legislating against women (cuz they're obviously not smart enough to figure things out for themselves...).

Oh, or maybe you're not PART of society which, as a whole benefits? If that's the case, then it ain't your tax money going to fund these things, anyway, so you don't have to worry...

Troy G.
Troy Grant5 years ago

Republicans and conservative Democrats don't want family planning. They want cannon fodder.

Linda T.
Linda T5 years ago

Thanks for the great article.

Pamela T.
Pamela Tracy5 years ago


Suzanne Osborne
Suzanne Osborne5 years ago

Sorry - but the kid in the picture has a face for whom the phrase ' a face only a mother could love' could have been invented!

Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.