Publisher to MPs: Read This and Stop Ignoring Climate Change

When Canada pulled out of the Kyoto Accord at the Durban Conference on Climate Change, Orca Book Publishers figured our politicians needed some educating on the realities of climate change. So the company sent copies of “Generation Us – The Challenge of Global Warming” to all 308 Members of Parliament.

Orca’s publisher, Andrew Woolridge, said in the company’s press release:

We’re concerned that too many of our politicians see climate change as a political problem, not the threat that it is to the very survival of future generations. Hopefully the book will provide a more complete analysis of the problem for at least some of our elected representatives.

“Generation Us” was written by University of Victoria professor Andrew Weaver, whose credentials are impeccable. The renowned climatologist is Canada Research Chair in climate modeling and analysis in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, team member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and author of “Keeping Cool: Canada in a Warming World.”

What’s more, Dr. Andrew knows how to write for a lay audience. Geared to a senior high audience, “Generation Us” is short and clear. Even busy MPs should be able to find time for boning up on one of the most critical issues facing the world.

But will they? Party loyalty trumps the fate of the planet when Conservatives vote, and their leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is not known for his willingness to take action on climate change. In fact, some of his newly-appointed senators are gaining courage from the government’s attacks on environmentalists (see Harper Government’s War on Environmentalists). The climate change deniers are coming out with statements such as this one from Senator Green Raine:

There are many different points of view and different kinds of research happening out there. One of the things that I am starting to see now is quite a few studies showing that we may be heading into a period of global cooling, which would maybe be a lot more problematic for Canada than global warming. Our country is on the cool side.

As soon as the Harper government came into power, they eliminated funding for Climate Action Network Canada. For 2012 they have announced more than 200 million dollars in cuts to agencies charged with environmental research and monitoring. Their frugality stops, however, when it comes to the 60 billion dollars they plan to spend on military jets and war ships.

So they may need political pressure from people like the Care2 community. Urge Canada’s MPs to read a book that could open their eyes to the dangers of inaction.

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Andrew Carvin
Andrew Carvin6 years ago

Global Warming
Global warming is real, and humans are causing it with environmental destruction, and pollution. This is a FACT.

“But Andrew, volcanoes put out more pollution than human made pollution sources. Derp Derp Herp Derp.”

All of our lives are at stake, and we cannot continue to lend credence to such dumb statements by repeating them.

Volcanoes, and other sources of “natural pollution,” are not pollution. They are a part of nature’s regular cycle that has been going on for millions of years that has already been accounted for, and adjustments made to accommodate it. That is why volcanoes can erupt without killing everything on the planet.

Human environmental destruction, and pollution is not accounted for, or accommodated by nature. Not only because it has not happened over millions of years, but because of the scope and volume of it.

Pollution is not comparative.

It is additive.

2 0 = 2 (Natural Cycle)

2 2 = 4 (Natural Cycle Human Impact)

Our planet is dying, and we will die too if we don’t do something about it.

Muriel Servaege
Muriel Servaege6 years ago

Thank you for this article.

Paula L.
Paula L6 years ago

So it is evident that we cannot depend on our governments here or in Canada and I am sure in other countries as well to do the right thing and address the fact all the greed for money and the push for more and more minerals to be pumped from our precious dying planet and then being used to pump our atmosphere that contains the air we breathe and the water that falls in the form of rain and snow upon our earth to maintain a balance full of contaminates must be brought to a halt before irreperable damage is done. We must do our best to get all the citizens world wide to come together and move in the right directions, startiing with educating those who are unaware, and especially our young or their future planet is doomed. If the governments won't move, the citizens must!

Darryll Green
Darryll Green6 years ago

what anti-science, there is no truth to global warming, records going back over 100 years show an average decrease and an average increase in the temperature of between 1/2 to 1 degree. everything happening in the world today is writen about in the bible. specifecally Revelations, all you have to do is read it

Rosie Lopez
Rosie Lopez6 years ago


Darlene B.
Darlene W6 years ago

Are you kidding, doing the right thing would affect their wallet. Unfortunately for us, their brains have already been infected with 'MONEY MONEY MONEY'.

pamela kirkham
Past Member 6 years ago

Government officials and everyone living on earth need to step up and do everything possible to fight global warming. It's not only for us but for future generations

Wendy B.
Wendy B6 years ago

Lisa, I wish the republicans felt that way. All of the GOP candidates claim to be so religious, but not ONE of them will ever say we need to protect the environment or all of God's creatures. They want to make it worse by getting rid of regulations and letting big oil/gas do what they want. I never understood this mentality, they all seem to be on the take with big business. Like you said, we are suppose to be protecting all of God's creatures, why don't they see it that way? I guess money over rules religion in this case. At that's another thing, didn't Jesus hate GREED??

Chad A.
Chad A6 years ago

Can't we please start moving to ACT on climate change before so many die from extreme weather and it is too late ot moderate the process?

KS Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.