Puppy’s Dramatic, International Recovery Begins in Cardboard Box


This week, Iíve been telling the story of an amazing young charity called Colonels Angels Bulgarian Street Dogs, which is a starring member of my†Harmony Fund†international animal rescue network. Today Iíd like to share one final account from the organizationís co-founder Candy Sasse, who went shopping for a used refrigerator but came home with something far more valuable…

By Candy Sasse of Colonel Angels Bulgarian Street Dogs

One Saturday I went into town to look for a second-hand fridge to keep the dog food in. Did I return with a fridge? No, but I did bring a very bruised and malnourished puppy home.

Someone threw this puppy over a wall where he landed on a pile of logs. He could not move and screamed for two days. A brute of a man was about to throw him into the large dustbin, but a woman whose shop was nearby stopped him as the puppy was still breathing. She then put him in a cardboard box and had him outside her shop where she fed him salami and milk! Unfortunately, she did not realize that he should not be left in the hot sun, so to add to his injuries, he became dehydrated .

So instead of a fridge we now had another pup! He made a remarkable recovery and, although wobbly at first, began eating, drinking and walking.

You Can March a Mile in Our Boots!

Our funds do not come from within Bulgaria and we are entirely dependent on people around the world who care as much as we do and would gladly march a mile in our boots. †Please visit the Harmony Fund website to see some unforgettably beautiful photos of our rescued puppies and dogs. †And if youíd like to make a donation to help support the multitude of dogs who are receiving special care from the rescue squad at Colonel Angel’s Bulgarian Street Dogs, we would be more grateful than words can say.

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Carole R.
Carole R3 years ago

Thanks for the post.

Amy D.
Amy D3 years ago

Cute little guy, thanks.

Elizabeta S.
Elizabeta S3 years ago

God bless you for all the good you do in saving lives and not giving up on sick ones.

Jessica Story
Jessica Story3 years ago

Thank you for your wonderful work!

Angela Padovani
Angie P3 years ago

Nice story even if it is from 2011.

Fi T.
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Let's play our part

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Connie Palladini3 years ago

Thank you for sharing!!

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Sheila Priest3 years ago

Thank you so much care 2 for getting live pony carousels banned in a Spanish city. God bless.

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so sweet :):)

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cute puppy. have a good life