Pups Freeze After Dog Locked In Truck Gives Birth


SPCA workers in Gatineau, Quebec found a sad and shocking surprise on arriving to work last Sunday morning. A worker heard a dog in distress in the parking lot on the frigid morning and followed the sound to one of their own service vehicles, where they discovered a female Boxer. The dog had apparently been left abandoned in the back of the truck overnight — up to 10 hours — and had given birth to eight pups before she was discovered. The previous night had been below freezing, with temperatures plummeting to -23 Celsius (-10 Fahrenheit). The dog, named Nala by SPCA workers, was unable to keep all of her pups sufficiently warm during her imprisonment. By the time she was discovered, four of the pups had died, their umbilical cords still attached.

Staff immediately rescued the dogs and mother, using their own bodies to warm the pups and quickly transporting the entire family inside, where Nala gave birth to a ninth pup. The surviving dogs were assessed inside the shelter for 12 hours. Nala herself is showing signs of frostbite, but the surviving pups seem to be healthy with some signs of frostbite. Nala also has overgrown nails and is thin, a sign of potential neglect. The dogs were all transferred to a local Boxer rescue organization, where they will be cared for until the pups are old enough to be homed.

The ironic part of this story is that the person who locked Nala in that truck may have thought they were doing her a favor, since they left her at the SPCA. However, given the fact that there are 24 hour emergency services for animal rescue in the area, Nala’s “helper” obviously did the bare minimum to assist her, which led to a horrifying outcome. If the shelter hadn’t been open on Sunday, the story could have been much worse.

Authorities are attempting to find the owner and/or abandoner of the dog to find out what really happened to Nala that night.


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Photo Credit: Valley Boxer and Mastiff Rescue


adi Ra
adi Ra3 years ago

very sad

sarah plummer
sarah plummer3 years ago

This brings back a situation I faced with my cat years ago. She had gotten trapped or something else happened to her, but she came home with a broken up face and was unable to eat. When I called the shelter, they told me to bring her there and they would get her the next day. I told them to forget that and I would wait until their opening hours the next day. So irresponsible and apparently no heart. It was bad enough as it was, but I was not about to do what they said. Whoever did to this poor dog and her puppies although it has been a couple of years back, you don't need any pets and I hope you don't know how to care for them.

Kathy Shaw
Kathy Shaw3 years ago

It is truly sad how people mistreat animals.

Brenda Hixenbaugh

Oh My God, that poor poor thing, what a tragedy. And even held off birthing her last pup to try and save its life.I am over whelmed, that some people out there can't grasp the fact, that animals can get as cold or as hot as anyone and can freeze to death.or die of heat stroke.What exactly do these people think an animal is, stuffed toys that don't feel or need anything.That are thrown away, when they grow tired of them or the new wears off.For Christ sake, these are intelligent beings, that require everything a person needs, food, water, shelter, love and companionship, a few toys.Take care of those in your life that truly love you and are loyal to you. Don't betray that precious gift they give to only you.They need you, to take care of them because they can not feed or water themselves locked up or tied up.How do you feel when you are hungry, thirsty, cold, or to hot and you can't do anything about it? Think about it.

Syd Henley
Syd H3 years ago

I hope that the moron who left the dog in that vehicle is tracked down and prosecuted to the absolute maximum extent for animal abandonment and animal cruelty. No penalty will really be severe enough for such a disgusting act.

Claudia Acosta
Claudia A3 years ago

:( :( Hope they can find a real family :(

Sylvia Walker
Sylvia Walker3 years ago

I hope she and her pups will find a lovely home. I don't want to say what I wish for the moron who dumped this brave dog.

Connie Palladini
Connie Palladini3 years ago

Simply horrible!!

Axa T.
Axa T3 years ago

Poor dogs!

Jean Griffiths
JeanisAWAY G3 years ago

Hope the owner/culprit is found and severely punished.
Such a sad article. TY for sharing.