Gaddafi’s Son Reportedly Proposes Peace Plan; Turkish Ship Aids Wounded Libyans [VIDEO]

In what is perhaps another sign that officials in Libya’s government are seeking an end to the crisis in their country, deputy foreign minister Abdul Ati al-Obeidi flew to Greece on Sunday. According to the Guardian, while his visit is surely significant, its purpose is yet unclear: “He was in Athens trying to bring new proposals for a ceasefire, or over the terms of the possible departure of Gaddafi.” In addition, a diplomat with “close ties to the Libyan government” says that Col. Muammar el-Gaddafi’s son Seif el-Islam is proposing a peace plan that would involve his father relinquishing power with an eventual transition to a constitutional democracy, under Seif el-Islam’s direction.

Deputy foreign minister Abdul Ati al-Obeidi had accompanied Moussa Koussa, the former Libyan foreign minister, to the Tunisian town of Djerba last Wednesday but returned to Tripoli. Koussa went on to London where he defected and where he is currently talking to authorities. The Guardian reports that it is unclear if Obeidi’s visit is official or if he has come to Athens to deliver a message about a new Libyan peace initiative. Obeidi is a former prime minister in Libya. He negotiated the controversial release of the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbasset al-Megrahi, in 2009.

Seif el-Islam’s proposal is said to be an attempt to move out of the current impasse between Gaddafi’s regime, which is based in Tripoli, and the rebel opposition movement, which is centered in the eastern city of Benghazi. Says the New York Times:

Despite the evidence of deep internal discontent, Colonel Qaddafi appears to believe that rebellion against him is a foreign conspiracy of Islamist radicals and oil-hungry Western powers attempting to take over Libya, the diplomat said. And the rebels, who have set up their own provisional government, continue to insist on the exit from power of Colonel Qaddafi and his sons.

“This is the beginning position of the opposition, and this is the beginning position of the Libyan government,” this diplomat said. “But the bargaining has yet to commence.”

The diplomat’s account could not be confirmed and Libyan officials have declined to comment on any talks. Speculation has swirled about a possible proposal from the Qaddafi camp since Seif al-Islam el-Qaddafi’s top aide, Mohamed Ismail, traveled to London for undisclosed talks with the British several days ago. The diplomat’s account is the first insight into the content of those talks and the latest sign that the Qaddafi government may be feeling the pressure from two weeks of allied airstrikes that have severely diminished the advantage in equipment of the Qaddafi militias.

The New York Times reports that Seif el-Islam has been making public proposals for years to transform Libya into a constitutional democracy, stating that “his father was a historically unique figure and that Libya’s next leader should be elected to serve for a limited time under a legal system spelled out in a constitution.” However, during the uprising, Seif el-Islam’s position has been aligned with that of his father’s, calling for “swift retribution” against the rebels and accusing foreign terrorists of infiltrating the rebels to bring down the Libyan government. He has publicly stated that his family will “live and die in Libya,” though he is seen, says the Guardian, as “more pragmatic than his father.”

MSNBC reports that a Turkish hospital ship with 250 Libyans seriously wounded in the fighting left the Misurata port on Friday. Turkish doctors are operating on them aboard the ship; evacuees report that it is “very bad” in Misurata, which lacks water, electricity and medicine.

“When Gadhafi’s men hear the NATO planes they hide in houses and mosques. When the planes are gone they destroy them,” said Mustafa Suleiman, a 30-year-old computer engineer.

“Even the big supermarket was destroyed. Some of my friends were killed. We have no vegetables, no fruit, only bread. Gahdafi wants to kill Misrata by fighting and starvation,” Suleiman said.

Here is a video of the ship arriving in the port city of Benghazi, where it is to pick up more wounded Libyans.

Perhaps the beginning of an end to the uprising in Libya is near?


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Photo of Libyan rebels preparing an anti-aircraft gun at a position outside Ajdabiya, eastern Libya, on March 3, 2011 by  شبكة برق | B.R.Q.


jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago

Like father like son.

Santjago S.
Santjago Siempre6 years ago

US, British and France failed to get out of the economic crisis, so they had to attack the weakest countries that have oil.
Once a nuclear explosion on the ocean floor caused a tsunami which has ruined Japan for many generations, only to shelter the world's attention from the bombing of Libya.
Gaddafi is not the culprit. Rothschilds have again entered into a pact with the devil.

Drivin Russell
6 years ago

On Mon., 4APR11 the Truthout WS lead article by Noam Chomsky had complimentary ones by Patrick Martin ( & Yoichi Shimatsu (

Chomsky RIGHTLY condemns the US/EU for letting the oil-fat, PRO-SHARI’A Muslim royal families (esp. Bahrain, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia) SLAUGHTER their pro-democracy movements, but then in turn “responds” by attacking the “UNRELIABLE” Gadafy in Libya.

Chomsky accurately states: “An oil-rich dictator who is a reliable client is granted virtual free rein.”

Together, these three analyses provide a clear view of what WE MUST expect:

*The US/EU will use their CIA/Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda assets to overthrow current “Shari’a-lite” regimes in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya & Syria & ENFORCE the installation of “reliable” hardline, PRO-SHARI’A rulers, as we’re ALREADY seeing in Rached Ghannouchi’s Tunisia (Yemen, the POOREST Muslim state, has NO oil & will be “stabilized” internally).

*PRO-SHARI’A Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & other UAE states will contribute their PETRO-BUX to pay for this “CHANGE”.

*ALL US/EU/Mideast oil cos. will reap the profits from this STABLE arrangement.

*ALL fledgling Mideastern pro-democratic movements have NO CHANCE!


“This is what chump “CHANGE” looks like!”

Drivin Russell
6 years ago

Nancy C. (NJ), Bonnie B. (CA), Mara S. (NJ), Carol D. (AK), Beth S. (MD), Trina F. (MD), Nola G. (CAN), Lynda J. (S. AFRICA), Peg R. (TN), Monica R. (WI), Faye S. (NY)

You ROCK THE TRUTH vs. the MSM’s lies: against CREEPING SHARI’A & the abject, failed US death penalty!


Ronald N.
Ronald N6 years ago

I believe Gaddhafi's son is a Phd. and highly respected in England. Having authored books, connected to the elites of England and elsewhere. Now he is trying broker a peace. I do believe we will see the best happen if the escalation stop and some type of peace is brokered. Politics is tricky in that there is just as much politics that blame Gaddahfi for the Lockerbie incident in which he was blamed. The attack by American bombers in retaliation killed his family members, during the Reagan administration, still lingers.

In that respect Seif el Islam, son of Gaddhafi, is being treated somewhat like the character in the "Godfather" in that he honors his father. The reality is Gaddhafi, has a bad reputation with America, but we have to realize his belief that this is an overthrow attempt because the West is after his oil. Why should we disagree with that? Like most other dictators who have nationalized their oil the West has overthrown and taken over, no different than what the US tried to do with Hugo Chavez and Venezuela. We heard the reports of the CIA that have infiltrated Libya and staging attacks. Yet these things happened all at once with a news blitz from an announcement by President Obama who stated Gaddhafi was killing his own people. Of course we are hearing different versions of what happened by other sources, but that is politics.

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M6 years ago

I do not think that Seif el-Islam can be trusted, or any of the other sons, after what Seif was saying just weeks ago. I feel he is scared now that there is going to be now way out. He should be up for war crimes against his own people too.
I saw the Turkish ship on CNN and was in tears of all these young men with all their serious injuries. Fighting for democracy is brutal, but in the end, for the future it will be worth it.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

He's no better than his father.

Sound Mind
Ronald E6 years ago

Dear Gaddafi family, please go away.

Leslea S.
Leslea S.6 years ago

Given Gadaffi Jr's comments just a couple of weeks ago, about the rebels being slaughtered at every opportunity & how he was SO looking forward to THAT... NOT buying his BS. It's 100% false sentiment.

Bruce V.

Any Qaddafi staying in power is only a ruse. A move to try and secure more power to see if the rebels are lame enough to fall for any kind of settlement at this point. Power to the People.