Quadruplet Tiger Cubs Born In Berlin! – VIDEO


Not one, but four, Indochinese tiger cubs were born recently at a zoo in Berlin.

Last week they made their public debut, as lucky workers at Berlin’s Tierpark got a chance to cuddle these seven-week-old cubs. Big cats are born at the zoo regularly, but quadruplets are rare. The three girls, Thaya, Salween and Mandalay, and a boy named Lampun are the first Indochinese tigers born there since 1988.

This is especially exciting, since Indochinese tigers are an endangered species.

You can watch these little cuties here:


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Photo Credit: guppiecat


Christina B.
Christina B7 years ago

Very cute, but also very shy!

John Forbes
John Forbes7 years ago

how cute x

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing

Christine Stewart
Christine S7 years ago

So cute! As to why they are not going to be released into the wild, first you have to stop the idiots that will poach them the minute they step foot into a forest...

Cheryl Dare
Cheryl Dare7 years ago

I question why these two-month-olds were separated from their mother so early. Tiger cubs usually spend two years with the mother while they're learning all their tiger skills. Also at issue for me is that the public is allowed to handle these wild babies. It certainly doesn't enable them to live in the wild and be wary of humans. Makes them more likely to be poached for whiskers, bones and pelt.
Kirsten M: I've given you one reason why these cubs can never be released into the wild, and another has been mentioned by another reader: poaching. These captive tigers are unlikely, being fed daily, to even learn the skills necessary to catch their own food. I'm not for keeping wild animals captive either, but how else do we encourage the survival of endangered species when they'll be killed by poachers, their territory "developed" for human use and their forests also poached and decimated?

Donna R.
Donna R7 years ago

Adorable! Thanks for sharing.

Jane Warre
Jane Warren7 years ago

thnx for this

Kirsten M.
Kirsten M.7 years ago

They're super adorable, but I'm kind of torn with the breeding of wild animals in captivity with no plan to release them into the wild. These girls/guy are obviously going to be kept in zoos their entire life. I figure, if this type of tiger is endangered, why don't they put in place a breed/release program?

Melissa D.
Melissa Dittmer7 years ago

Thank you June T.

Dean P.
Dean P7 years ago

Nice cats.. They are protected better in captivity..sad but true!