Questionable Ethics: Another Tory in Trouble

The Conservative Party is fighting against having elections results in seven ridings thrown out in court, Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro is under investigation by Elections Canada for going over his spending limit – and Peter Penashue may soon follow suit. Now MP Paul Calandra is facing questions about who exactly his funding came from.

Calandra, MP for Oak Ridges–Markham, reportedly attended two fundraisers held by separate bidders for a Toronto radio station – while acting as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Heritage, the ministry in charge of the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission. The CRTC is in charge of deciding the winner of the bidding process. According to the Globe and Mail, the fundraisers helped Calandra raise thousands of dollars.

When the Globe asked Calandra about the events, he first told the reporter that he had done nothing wrong, and then said he would give some of the money back. He said he had never accepted donations from anyone associated with the CEO of Worldband, though the first of the two fundraisers was held in the home of said CEO’s sister, with between 30 and 40 guests.

As is typical when Tories find themselves facing such problems, Calandra said there was another person responsible for the fundraiser and for the five donations he has since admitted were given by people listed as investors for WorldBand.

(Generally an underling gets fired, the Prime Minister declares the matter closed and we’re all supposed to believe that no one else knew anything).

Another bidder for the radio station, Stan Antony, released a statement after the WorldBand story broke, noting that he had been invited to a fundraiser for Calandra’s riding association in February and donated $500. In his statement, Antony says the radio station was not discussed at the event and that the WorldBand owner, Prabha Selvadurai, was also present. CBC took note that a former Conservative candidate is acting as an assistant to Antony in his bid.

The Official Opposition has requested that the Prime Minister’s Office look into these fundraisers to see if Calandra breached ethical guidelines. Given the history, it seems unlikely the PMO will respond to the request.

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Edward M.
Edward M5 years ago

Please enlighten me as to how either ethics or principles have ever been a consideration to, or bothered, anyone in the Tory party.

Michael O.
Michael O5 years ago

Any government that has been in power for more than a few years becomes corrupt. This one has long since past its expiry date. The comments from "odious" Bev Oda last night (not regretting the tax money she squandered on fancy hotels and overpriced orange juice while she was a cabinet minister) are typical of the attitude of many of the members of the Harper regime's inner circle.

It's a shame the next election is not for another 3 years. The damage the Conservatives will do to Canada in that time will take decades to repair.

Randy Robertson
Randy Robertson5 years ago

We have got to enact a law that says that no pension will be paid to an elected official that has done un-ethical crap.

Liz Edwards
Joan Edwards5 years ago


Harper and his cronies are all liars and cheats. Embarrassing. Canada is losing face to the rest of the world. And he's lost face here in Canada. He's hell-bent in killing off our country. He wants TOTAL CONTROL. TOTAL! Another Mussolini. He's not in reign for Canada. He's in reign for his own self gain.
It's funny how he can be so proud when he knows the voter turnout was so poor. The only ones who voted him in were the ones with money and clout. The rest of Canada voted other ways, splitting up the votes. Add to that the "robo calls" and he got in without effort. If the people of Canada got out and voted instead of apathetically hiding their heads under their pillows we might not be having this discussion.

Dean W.: 10% of politicians,maybe, are honest. Not 90% like you suggest. Wanna buy some quality swamp land?

Linda Wallace
Linda W5 years ago

Members of the Harper government believe that they can get away with anything and usually they do.

Deborah F.
Deborah F5 years ago

It's the same wherever you look.

J.L. A.
j A5 years ago

Sometimes I celebrate the fact that ethical issues are raised to end political careers because it shows that there isn't total apathy about ethical issues despite prevalent cynicism

Pogle S.
Pogle S5 years ago

Tories the world over love a good fiddle just so long as it benefits them; bugger the electorate!

Dean White
Dean White5 years ago

Over 90% of politicians are honest and reliable. They cannot all be tarred by the same brush. When the Prime Minister is sleazy, what can you expect of his followers? Our challenge is to get out the vote for honest people, who regularly hold town hall meetings to seek advice and let followers know what is going on. Eh?

Alan G.
Alan G5 years ago

I'm not surprised that they are election cheats, I am surprised they are getting caught, I will be more surprised if there are any consequences for them.