Rachel Maddow Goes to Kabul (VIDEO)

For years, Rachel Maddow has expressed her lack of enthusiasm for the war in Afghanistan. And now she’s seeing its effects up close. 

In this video, you’ll see her dressed in a headscarf, walking through a market in Kabul, getting the lowdown on what it’s like to live there. 

Since the war began, Kabul has grown from a population of about one million to four – five million. But why? We often think of Afghanistan as a narco-state. But the truth is, the estimated income of $100 million in drug money pales in comparison to Afghanistan’s biggest industry — the war.  We spend $5.5 billion per month on the war and that’s what draws people to Kabul.

If you are a Rachel Maddow fan, you’ll really enjoy this clip.

Photo credit: thanks to las valley 702 via flickr


Beng Kiat Low
low beng kiat8 years ago


Michele C.
Michele C8 years ago

Interesting video

Ann B.
Ann Breeden8 years ago

Glad to know that Rachel is there to give straight facts.

Andrea Acailawen
A. Cailia W8 years ago

I love her matter-of-fact commentaries. She's direct, honest and can be quite funny. I think she did a great job covering the war in Afghanistan. And, I have pretty much agree with everything she has said on the subject.

Jan G.
Jan Gainer8 years ago

I really appreciate the research Rachel does for her show and I think her reporting is wonderful.

Rosemarie M.
Rosemarie M8 years ago

Rachel, the smirking one. I think she should do all of her reports from there....forever!

Linda L.
Linda L8 years ago

I don't have cable and was not familiar with her. I'll have to check out the news online to see if she's there.

Linda G.
Linda G8 years ago

Rachel Maddow is pretty extraordinary. Does her research, promotes truth, is willing to listen to all sides and doesn't back down from bullies. I admire her more each day!

Charles G.
Wilde T8 years ago

True, the entire war is full of kabul !!!

Monica B.
Monica B8 years ago

Rachel, you've done it again-keep up the good work. The people want honesty.