Racist Anti-Abortion Campaign Targets Austin

We’ve written on Care2 before about racist anti-abortion ads, but this new Austin campaign, as described by Julie Sunday on RHRealityCheck, is particularly nasty.  Julie points out a billboard ad which guides women to this website, which appears to be run by “Heroic Media,” which is in turn related to the Majella Society, which ran this ad during the season premiere of CSI:Miami last year. 

Throughout this tricky web of affiliations is a constant theme of racist pro-life advertising, suggesting that minority women are more likely (whether or not they’re being sucked in by the evil pro-choicers) to have abortions and destroy their unborn children’s lives.

The video below is particularly egregious.  Although, as Julie points out, they’re not coming out and saying that Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers are trying to wipe out African-American children, the handle under which the ad was posted is “PPAbortsAA,” which claims in its profile that “Planned Parenthood places abortion facilities in African-American neighborhoods.”

Strangely enough, since Julie posted about the website, the banner ad has been changed (before, it read “the most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb,” and now it says, “the most dangeorus place for any child is in the womb”), and the text referring to Margaret Sanger’s eugenic plans has been removed.  But the ultimate purpose of the site is still clear, and as Julie points out, “black women in Texas account for a lower percentage of abortions in the state (23.2%) as compared to the national proportion (35%), and this Guttmacher report shows that black Texas teens have an abortion rate less than half (20) that of the national rate of 44.”

That means that the crisis to which the site points (more obliquely now, but they still haven’t removed ads like “Ultimatum” which have clear racial undertones) is not about any real statistics – it has more to do with pressuring legislators and frightening women.  And although they seem to have seen that explicitly racist advertising won’t get them anywhere, we still need to point out that subtle racism can be just as obvious.

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Seyd Saba
Seyd Saba6 years ago

Women should have the right to choose what they want to do with their body....PERIOD

Natalie B.
Natalie Burrows7 years ago

When will people stop giving this sociological argument a "religious" rationale? Hunter-gatherers had small populations because that aided their viability. Agricultural societies needed more "hands" to survive so families grew larger and with that came religious laws to back up the emerging "need." We know that many women practiced some kind of birth control even then and thereafter. Supposedly, in the U.S., women have the right to make their own decisions about family size, but we now see biased men (like Antonin Scalia) saying that the Constitution does not grant women equality. This kind of thinking does not belong in a democracy and all women must claim their right to "choice" in all areas of their lives.

Jennifer T.
Jennifer T7 years ago

Now if all those holy pro-fetus people would just devote their time and apparently considerable resources to supporting all the (living) children in the U.S. that are in need of parents. I'm sure these charitable do-gooders with so much time on their hands would each like to take responsibility for a few of their saved fetuses. And, of course, the mothers, who will likely need assistance as well. Certainly they intend to do that?

pam w.
pam w7 years ago

There ARE no "sound arguments" against choice. Either a woman has choice over her own body and reproduction or she doesn't. The only arguments used against choice are based on religious attitudes and involve "souls" and such...which is fine, if you share that religious attitude.

And, if I don't....it's just wrong to impose it on me.

Deborah B.
Cristina Medina7 years ago

"Unborn children's lives"? There's no such thing as unborned children. I agree with Cristina, fetuses are not children. You cannot abort a child, it's too late for that but you can abort an embryo or fetus. So talking about the lives of unborned children is nothing but a tactic trying to make people think that abortion equals murder, which by law is not. This makes me very uncomfortable because instead of having a sound argument against abortion it's nothing but cheap sentimental talk. I am pro-choice but would like to hear a sound argument against it, just for a change.

Cristina Medina
Cristina M7 years ago

Stop calling a fetus a baby!! IT's a FETUS! When I eat an egg I don't say I ate a chicken nor when I smell a flower I say I smell a fruit!

Lika S.
Lika P7 years ago

Why is any group being targeted by this tactic? Abortion is something to be used as a need, not as a way to push certain groups of people to have more abortions. I find this highly disgusting, though I didn't watch the video. My sound isn't working, so if anyone has a text version of what's being said, I'll take that.

Past Member 7 years ago

i didn't look at the ad. i don't care about the ad...what i do care about is the willingness to use terrorist tactics to achieve our desired result...i don't care what the issue is...the means DO NOT justify the end.....and really...the people who should be having the discussion on pro life or abortion are the pregnant women and the fathers...they are really the only people who should have a say in any of this...and i'm not in one of those groups.....and most of the rest of us aren't either...we may have strong feelings about certain subjects but sometimes our opinions are too loud and interfering and we need to back off on ALL SIDES OF THESE ISSUES....we do not have the right to force our opinions on others

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago

Sadly, noted

Phoebe R.
Phoebe Rustia7 years ago

I, personally don't find the ad blatantly racist. Is it merely the fact that they used a Black/African American actress that makes it subtly racist or is there something else I don't know about?

Also, I am not sure how often it if is occurring, but I work at a place that supports women with unplanned pregnancies, and I can tell you first hand, we see many women and young girls who use abortion as birth control and refuse to go on a birth control because of fear of the "side effects," which I totally empathize with, but there are also side effects to abortions as well. These are girls who have had 3 or more abortions. Again, I'm not sure how often this does occur throughout the country, but I do see it where I work.

I know that was a bit off topic, but thought I should share.