Rand Paul Is Ready to Cut…Well…Umm…[VIDEO]

Actually being a congressman may be a little harder than running for a senate seat, Kentucky Senator-elect Rand Paul is discovering.  He spent his campaign advocating for governmental cuts to fix the deficit, and has proposed requiring a balanced budget for congress. 

But now that he’s actually a part of the solution, he seems to be having a much more difficult time deciding what to really cut.

Via Think Progress:

From there, the interview deteriorated into a painfully uncomfortable and, at times, personal exchange. Spitzer asked Paul to name specific programs he would cut from health care, Social Security, or defense. But Paul demurred, explaining that he would offer a balanced budget in the next Congress — over 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 year increments, but was still unsure of what to cut to get there. At one point, Paul even suggested that rather than pressing him for specifics, Spitzer should invite liberals and ask “how do you continue to have these programs?”

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Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago


joanna e.
joanna e7 years ago

The tax payers we do not have are the ones without jobs. The reason it is 63% is because the money from the rest of the nation (unemployed) is not there.
Ask any conservative if he is willing to give up his Social Security. They might want to put it in stock, but they do not want to give it up. And the politicians continue to get cost of living increases while the rest of the 63% do not.
If you cannot imagine it getting any worse, picture our returning
heroes without jobs. We will know what real depression is then.

Bart V.
Bart V.7 years ago

It is always unseemly when a physician takes a conservative political stand. I fully support the free market system, but medical care , police protection, & fire fighting, should always be considered an entitlement.I find it unbelievable when religious (Christian?) conservatives express apparent indifference of even hostility; to the health & well being of those unable to afford adequate care.

Muriel D.
meo D7 years ago

Republicans are always screaming cuts, cut CUTS... But when asked exactly where these cuts would be made (in order to keep the tax cuts for the rich...), NO ONE will give a definitive answer on that...

Harold K.
Harold K7 years ago

If they want to save hundreds of billions of dollars, congressmen should NOT get the retirement pay they do. And more importantly, the congressional salaries are exorbitant at best. Let us see if they can be convinced that they should have pay cuts. Don't forget, THEY are still getting automatic pay raises!!!

April Thompson
April Thompson7 years ago

People who need Medicaid will be left without proper care for illnesses and diseases if cuts are made! Disgusting thought!

Sue T.
Susan T7 years ago

Why not make all Government "servants" get the same benefits as all the rest of us?

Sheila N.
sheila s7 years ago

(Sentence cut below)
The status quo remains because it profits the Powers That Be.

Sheila N.
sheila s7 years ago

My mom was on Medicaid for years and then Medicare. Her health is very bad so her “health” care was very costly to taxpayers. She was having a very hard time finding doctors who took Medicaid/Medicare. There were times when doctors told her she needed to see a specialist and couldn’t find one in the state where she lives that took Medicaid/Medicare. Doctors don’t have to participate in Medicaid/Medicare. Should their fees continue to be cut more will stop taking those patients. It’s a realistic concern.

However, the entire “health” care system in the U.S. is really a sick system that wants to “treat diseases” and not cure people. Our grain/sugar/processed diet promotes disease. As does fluoridated water, mercury amalgam fillings, plastics, and pharmaceutical drugs (among other things). If they really cared about the health of the American people and reducing the costs of Medicare/Medicaid they would end government subsidies to grains/dairy/beef industries, stop the fluoridation of water, prohibit mercury fillings, make vaccine providers liable for damages, promote a healthy diet based on fresh produce, adequate sleep and sunshine, vitamin C and D supplementation, etc.

To end the deficit they should bring all the troops home from overseas including the closing of all foreign military bases.

Anyone with a clue could balance the budget; but it requires a complete paradigm shift. The status quo remains because it profit

Jane H.
Jane H7 years ago

Rand Paul is an an embarassment to many of us Kentuckians, just as Jim Bunning is, and I do not dare leave out ole' Mitch McConnell. Perhaps one day we will send someone who is truly helpful to our nation as a Senator like we did once upon a time.