Rand Paul: Medicaid Is “Intergenerational Welfare”

Continuing his attacks against government aid, Rand Paul has now announced that too many people are on Medicaid, and that it is being used as a new “welfare” system.

Via the AP:

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul says Medicaid has turned into “intergenerational welfare,” saying coverage has spread beyond those truly in need.

The tea party favorite, who is running against Democrat Jack Conway, spoke to a Kentucky business group Monday.

When asked about Medicaid, Paul said the health coverage should be temporary until people can help themselves. But he acknowledged some need long-term assistance.

Paul says too many people are receiving the insurance who don’t really need it, noting half the state’s births are covered by it.

Nearly 700,000 people live in poverty in Kentucky, and according to Kaiser over 371,000 people living without insurance have at least one worker in their household.

As of 2008 in Kentucky, almost 400,000 of those on Medicaid lived below the poverty line, nearly 365,000 of those receiving Medicaid were children, and a majority had at least part time income.

Kentucky has 4.3 million residents as of the 2009 census, with 17 percent on Medicaid, a rate that is only slightly higher than that of the country on the whole.

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Susan O.
Susan O7 years ago

Can we only hope that this man dies a painful and horrible death, without medical attention?

Laureen N.
Laureen N7 years ago

Hank J., Rand Paul and his father sound very much to me, and to many others, like they are part of the American power elite. Please don't let this man fool you Quite obviously, he has no regard for those who have illnesses and/or disabilities who cannot afford insurance -- i.e., who therefore have to rely on medicaid, which it appears is not absolutely free either. Hopefully, Mr Paul will himself contract an illness that his health insurance company's policy (a well padded one, I'm sure) will not cover. Perhaps then he'll realize what it's like to be disenfranchised and looked down upon by people like himself. It would only serve him right.

Hank J.
Hank J7 years ago

This is a biased attack on Rand Paul and an indirect attack on his father, Ron Paul. They are two of the few truly patriotic Americans Congressmen or candidates left. The person posting this article uses an AP article as a source, the problem is the mainstream media is attacking Rand Paul and supporting his opponent b/c Paul is against the Federal Reserve among other things that are killing our nation. Do not be fooled, do your own research. Watch the documentary by the late Hollywood producer/director Aaron Russo called "America:Freedom to Fascism" (google it) and see a unbiased, fact based movie on the power elites that are slowly destroying our economy and constitutional rights. Don't let the personal opinion of Robin Marty keep you from doing a little legwork on Congressman Ron Paul and his son.

Jan N.
Jan N7 years ago

Please, Aqua Buddah, don't let this fool be elected.

Jacqueline Beaudoin

Does he mention actually building anything, creating anything, what exactly will he do positive and proactive for the people.

you have to have solutions that are different, if I am having engine problems I don't take the wheel off my car and keep trying to drive.

Laureen N.
Laureen N7 years ago

I think Margarette C, Past Member, and others like them are obviously members of the US elite--people who have never really had to work hard for a living and truly earn their keep.Having lived a too-pleasant life sitting on their well padded behinds and off their all-too-well padded pocketbooks,they look down upon those who do not have the resources to fund their own medical care--and by the way, from comments that people on Medicaid have made--that program is not truly 'free'.These people need to see the movie, "Pursuit of Happyness" -- a movie based on the true life story of Chris Gardner (played, on purpose, by Will Smith) -- a man who was down on his luck who finally became a stockbroker. I read an article based on an interview with this man.Guess what he said?Most of the homeless in America are not unemployed -- instead they are the underemployed WORKING POOR!!Got it, Magarette,Past Member and any other s who actually support this all-too-selfish and arrogant Rand Paul--a man I'd really like to see cleaning the toilets of those who are on medicaid or working for nothing in a developing country providing well needed services to that country's disenfranchised!Actually, Margarette and Past Member, I think it would be good for you to get off your high laurels and actually do something for somebody else for a change. And by the way, there is another group of people who make very litttle income and get very little service--the disabled! But they don't matter to you, do they?

Sandi Shocket
Sandi Shocket7 years ago

I had breast cancer and I have to be tested twice a yr. I am also on disability for damage to my arm from the radical mastectomy and I am Bi-Polar. I could never afford the tests and my meds.

Barb F.
Barb F7 years ago

I would ask Margarette C. and any other who thinks this lunatic "makes sense" that in the definition of "welfare" being what taxpayers pick up the tab on, is it not only logical that politicians, lobbyists, special interest groups, the wealthy who dodge paying taxes, companies who outsource or have offshore addresses to not pay taxes, (these ppl are not in need, they are simply that greedy and ignorant), when you add up what the system is bled dry of from those who do not NEED the assistance, would it not be the above listed, including Rand Paul?

Tom Sullivan
Tom C Sullivan7 years ago

this guy is stupid he needs to get his head out of his #%.Most people that are on medicare ca't afford all the medical care they need. Yes there is alot of people that get medicaid that should not. But it is all the goverments fault for not checking closer. Give the help to American People we earned it.

Monica K.
Monica K7 years ago

In your case, Rand Paul, POLITICS are "intergenerational welfare" !
His I've-got-mine-too-bad-about-you attitude sickens me! I wish he'd just crawl back under his rock and stop spouting his elitist poison!