Rand Paul: Stand Up For Rights, Don’t Cast “Politically Easy Votes” [VIDEO]

Freshman Senator Rand Paul has already bucked his party once when it comes to renewing the Patriot Act.  Now he has made it clear that despite the revote, which needs a simple majority, they will not be getting support from him.  With some pointed words to his own party, Paul releases a seven minute long video explaining his vote, and accuses the GOP of giving up supporting the constitution in exchange for casting “politically easy votes.”

I intend to oppose extending the expiring provisions of the PATRIOT Act in the coming weeks. But more importantly, I want to spark a discussion of who we want to be as a people and as a nation. Are we a nation whose laws that are in place to protect the rights of the people? Or are we willing to give those rights up to more expeditiously capture criminals?

I think it is about time we in Congress took a serious look at our obligations to stand up for the rights of those we are supposed to represent, rather than casting the politically easy votes.

Watch the full video below. (h/t Think Progress)

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Sue D.
Susan L6 years ago

I have to say, Rand Paul put out a very good argument to rid the USA of the Patriot Act. I agree completely on this topic. Now, if he were to remain rational, that would be a pleasant surprise. I won't hold my breath though.

Kevin F.
Kevin F6 years ago

I downloaded a BS translator app and ran it during the video. What he actually said is: Vote for me and my daddy suckas. woo hoo.

Jim R.
Jim R.6 years ago

I wonder if some of the people that are so negative about Rand Paul even bothered to watch the video?

Regardless of their supposed political beliefs. politicians seem to be in desperate need of a surgical procedure: a spine implant. Indeed, regardless of what you think of his political beliefs, Rand Paul obvious is an exception to the need for this procedure.

People can continue to support the spineless majority that slither around the halls of Congress; that is their right. For me, whether it is Rand Paul or someone like Dennis Kucinich I will pay when those with principles speak out.

Patricia S.
Pat S6 years ago

Sharon H,
Oh, but it is. He's mine also!!!!

rhonda t.
rhonda t6 years ago

The main problem I see is that all of these impecably groomed men(mostly) standing before the cameras and talking about 'we' need to do this and that..that 'we' need to make hard choices..have no experience at all of what 'we' even means.What they are wearing to give their little speeches probably cost more than we spend on clothes for our family in a year. Their wrist watch alone could most likely pay off our bills. But they don't LIVE our lives.
When they say 'we' they mean you and I-not themselves or 'their' families. When they talk about hard choices and sacrifice, you can be assured they do not speak with the intent of removing or even cutting back on a single one of those priviliges of wealth they and their cronies currently enjoy, and for the most part, have always known and accepted as their 'right'. Their 'we' is an imperial 'we'.
When they talk about making cuts to programs that people will be devastated by,they ignore the PEPOLE part., They fail to claim any of the responsibility for the excess, waste and abuse by their own hands and the hands of others at their economic level. They insulate themselves from reality because their wealth lets them. It is the selfish self-serving of 'above-it-all' aristocracy , and it won't change as long as we allow those who have never 'earned' much of anything by sweat of their own brow to assert they 'know' what is best because they 'say so'. "Their' way is killing "us"

PJ Granieri
.6 years ago

A well educated person would not put glenn beck as his role model...I have no respect for Rand Paul he says one thing an does another...he is worthless to congress an to we the people

Sharon H.
Sharon H6 years ago

Rose Lynne,
I read your profile and most of it looks good until I got down to who you consider your role model. You blew it all when you listed Glenn Beck. How can you profess to be a well educated person and then have him as your role model? It's not possible...

Diana S.
Diana S6 years ago

Rand Paul is showing a side of himself that is moderate and rational - I hope to hell this is the REAL man underneath the Republican uniform! I also hope he doesn't end up like Barry Goldwater (who also bucked the radical party-line of his day), politically "assassinated" by his own party for saying what needed to be said.

I'm waiting for the moderates of BOTH parties to form a new, third major political party (they can call it "the rational, moderate, progressive guys in the middle" or whatever they'd like). It would be nice to have a party I could be PROUD and happy to support, instead of always having to choose the "lesser of two evils" when I go to the polls....

Toni Clark
Toni C6 years ago

Okay, I'll give one "atta boy!" to Rand Paul, but I'm sorry, I still do NOT trust the dude!

Woody W.
Woody W Woodward6 years ago

Back in 2001, Osama bin Laden accomplished exactly what he intended. Bin Laden correctly counted upon congress' knee jerk reaction to the destruction of the twin towers and the murder of American citizens to pass some of the most liberty restricting statutes in the history of this country.

We're still neck deep in a war against an intangible ideology, that will not be won, and will serve only to strengthen the position of our amorphous enemy. Just as Dr. Paul predicted almost ten years ago.

The Patriot Act, for the most part, has served only to increase governmental restrictions on our own citizenry and to employ additional government minions to enforce those restrictions.