Rand Paul’s Aide Revealed as the Racist ‘Southern Avenger’

An aide to Senator Rand Paul has just been revealed to have a past as a secessionist and a racist.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky) has always had a problem with race.

From his stated opposition to the Civil Rights Act to his association with his father, Former Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, who put his name on a series of racist newsletters, the headwinds have been so strong that the libertarian firebrand took time out of his schedule earlier this year to give a speech at Howard University, a historically Black university in Washington, D.C., where he tried to walk back on some of his positions.

New revelations published Tuesday could, however, make that impossible. Written by Alana Goodman and released in the conservative Washington Free Beacon, the articledetails the extensive neoconfederate and secessionist background of Paul’s social media director, Jack Hunter.

Hunter is no low-level aide. He co-wrote Paul’s book The Tea Party Goes to Washington in 2010, which was released in support of Paul’s campaign to be elected into the US Senate.

At the same time, Hunter was appearing on South Carolina radio under the name “The Southern Avenger,” giving a series of commentaries in which he talked up white pride, opposed immigration, and went so far as to support the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Hunter had previously served as a chair of the League of the South, a secessionist group that advocates a new Confederate Republic.

Hunter told the Free Beacon that his views have changed, but it seems unlikely, given that he was writing as recently as 2007 that “A non-white majority America would simply cease to be America for reasons that are as numerous as they are obvious whether we are supposed to mention them or not.”

The revelations will hurt Paul, who is widely seen as a potential contender for the Republican Party presidential nomination in 2016.

To bolster his ticket Paul has been trying to attract progressives by supporting civil liberties and advocating an isolationist U.S. foreign policy.

His filibuster earlier this year, meant to draw attention to the issue of U.S. drone strikes, drew praise from nominally liberal civil libertarians like Glenn Greenwald and Ariana Huffington. Greenwald went so far as to say that opponents of Paul “degraded all of the weighty issues raised by this episode by processing it through their stunted, trivial prism of partisan loyalty.”

While Paul may have earned plaudits for that filibuster from some, his continued flirtation with, if not outright embrace of, neoconfederate schools of thought makes it impossible for any progressive who believes in racial equality to support him.

From his support of the Fetal Personhood Act to his opposition to the Americans with Disabilities Act, Paul has proven to be the kind of ally who is best engaged with carefully, rather than ever fully embraced.


Image credit: Gage Skidmore


Danuta W
Danuta W2 years ago

thank you for sharing

Jim Ven
Jim Ven2 years ago

thanks for the article.

Stacey Toda
Stacey Toda5 years ago

Well now, that's a big surprise. Who ever would have though this?

Jody B.
Jody B5 years ago

Get this idiot outta there! Geez!

Dale O.

Sylvia M said to “Look deeply into Rand’s eyes. This guy is off the rails.”

I already know the hazards of looking at the sun for too long without protect eye wear, but prolonged exposure of looking deeply into Rand’s eyes could well kill brain cells. Listening to his speeches may well turn reasonable people into zombies. Prolonged exposure to Rand Paul is not advised unless one is securely enclosed inside a Hazmat suit and even that may not protect you if the exposure is for more than 5 minutes.

Dale O.

I fail to see how President Obama and his wife can be seen as being ‘racist against whites.’ This is a ridiculous and unfounded statement, Clairvoyance G. Your comments about the size of Michelle Obama’s posterior are rather uncouth. She didn’t come close to eating 12 cheeseburgers. It was only one, causing some to go off the deep end because she favours good nutrition for children. (She is an adult and can eat what she likes, it is called moderation and even the most Perfect Never Eat Anything Unhealthy crowd may sneak in a chocolate or two during their lives.) If you dislike President Obama, I will ship you off Stephen Harper, a con-servative. No doubt you would welcome him with open arms. Possibly not, he is a ‘foreigner!’ On the other hand, sending him elsewhere would not be a friendly act. I couldn’t possibly inflict that politician on the rest of the world.


Dale O.

This is an interesting article. I certainly don’t I trust the racist types that he associates with. Dotti L, not everyone who doesn’t bother to fill in their profile page is a troll. I can’t speak for the person that you mentioned but I know there are people who have splendid comments yet they just don’t bother to fill out their profile. It does help, however as it can give everyone else a warm and fuzzy feeling if we look at their profile and can see that they have filled out some details as to where they stand on various issues or if they have a cat or dog or both. Mich H, just because some don’t share your political views does not make them ignorant. Some on the other side of the political fence may not appreciate all of the ‘accomplishments.’ As for the intelligence of ants…some of them are far more intellectual than many in the Republican Party, not to mention the ‘teabaggers.’ They belong in a compost bin. What his father did or didn’t do is irrelevant as the subject matter is Rand Paul, not his father. So very true, Marianne C, Ron B and so many others!



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Tihs = Shit

Betty A.
Betty Abadia5 years ago

The only explanation I can think of as to why these exposes don't stick to Sen. Paul is the extraordinary amount of gel he uses in his hair. Do you think this is "Gel-Boy's" secret?