Rapper Receives Death Threats For Titling Album “I’m Gay”

Rapper Lil B has become the target of death threats and anti-gay slurs after announcing that his upcoming new album will be titled I’m Gay.

The rapper, who is heterosexual, says he selected the title to return the word “gay” to its original meaning and help break down barriers against LGBT people.

“I’ve never been attracted to a man in my life. But yes I am gay, I’m so happy,” Lil B told MTV News. “I got major love for the gay and lesbian community, and I just want to push less separation and that’s why I’m doing it.”

Lil B made the announcement during his performance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival earlier this month, The Advocate reports, stating:

“So many people be worried about what people mean and definitions of words and s**t … Now, I like women, I love women, you feel me. But within yourselves, no matter what you do, it doesn’t matter, it’s like live life. You’ve only got one life to live. Be happy.”

Unfortunately, many of the hip hop artist’s fans aren’t as open-minded. The legion of MySpace, Facebook and Twitter users who helped propel Lil B to stardom have reacted very negatively to I’m Gay.

Via MTV News:

When we asked about the makeup of his fanbase, B said he hadn’t noticed whether there was any significant portion of his following that identifies as gay, but that some have already had a negative reaction to his title selection.

“People been hitting me up like, ‘I’m gonna bash your head in,’ ‘you f****t,’ ‘I’m gonna kill you,’ ” Lil B told MTV News on Thursday (April 21).

“A lot of my supporters have turned on me. It’s been a few supporters that’s saying, ‘I’m not gonna rock with you anymore,’ ” the controversial MC revealed. “That’s fine, because you know what? They didn’t love me for real anyway.”

Lil B has no plans to rename the new album. He hopes that I’m Gay will ultimately help people “be free” of prejudice and discrimination.

Via MTV News:

“[...]Even if it’s 1 percent of the people that listen to me and are gonna be free, that’s better than none,” he said. “That’s better than not speaking up at all … and I spoke up and I did it.”

I’m Gay
is expected to be released on iTunes in the next few months.

Photo credit: Kyknoord


marc horton
marc horton5 years ago

that's nice to hear

Geneva C.
Geneva C.6 years ago

This give me so much hope! The report John cites is dead-on, in my opinion as a behaviorist and an observer of people. Those who "dost protest too much" have their own sexual identity issues. I'm just glad to see a young person fighting prejudice. Maybe we should put the words "I'm gay!" on smiley faces and join Lil B in re-claiming the word as an expression of joy and as support for the LGBT community.

Lin Moy
Lin M6 years ago

Well, gay used to only mean happy in those good ole days. Sex was not a part of what is gay now, such rot.

Hayley Zacheis
Hayley Zacheis6 years ago

Go Lil B! Never heard his music, but I'll definitely check it out now...good for him, that's one less homophobic in the world.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

Good on you, Lil B!

Jane H.
Jane H6 years ago

What a cool dude!!

Stephanie Todd
Stephanie Todd6 years ago

I am very happy to hear that this man stood by his album name even under criticism from his fans. I wish him the best of luck in everything he does.

john bernard
john bernard6 years ago

New England university-psychological behavioral report 2006. This extensive study-which included 2000 heterosexual male subjects who demonstrated aggression and derogatory behavior toward gay man-showed that 89% were more likely to have homosexual tendencies. This is just an excerpt, however, the entire report is very extensive and interesting.

Geoffrey Y.
Geoffrey Y6 years ago

"I got major love for the gay and lesbian community, and I just want to push less separation and that's why I'm doing it." I felt this is an announcement by attaching his personal level challenge to the society’s value system. Brave action, but is this your mission? I don't agree with your value and your actions.

wayne hall
wayne h6 years ago

Stay with it dude there's a lot people with ya.