Rare Anteater Rescued from Well (Video)


Enjoy this special rescue video of a rare Pangolin anteater pulled from a deep well in India and ultimately returned to the wild.

In Africa, Pangolins are commonly consumed as ‘bush meat’, and inAsia, they aresold as a delicacy. It’s so heartening to see this one go free again with the hopes that many generations willforage inthat same territory, free from persecution by mankind.

More great animal rescue work in India


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Photo Credit: Heinrich van den Berg


Anteater Ants
Anteater Ants3 years ago

great story

Wendye Kolles
Wendye Kolles5 years ago

I find the Pangolins FASCINATING. It's a shame their numbers are depleting. I pray that these wonderful creations are able to survive the greed of man. God bless Pangolins! xo xo xo xo xo xo

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe5 years ago

I had never heard of a Pangolin anteater!! I am so happy that he is safe - hopefully, he will stay that way!!

Michele Mercer
Michele Mercer5 years ago

Im shocked that they didnt kill him...But Im sooooo Thankful that they did something kind I hope the poor little guy stays outa harms way..

mari s.
Mari S5 years ago

Great work and deep appreciation to all of you who saved this pangolin's life -- the respect you have and the high standards you possess should be duplicated by all of mankind -- it's a relief to see and hear that not every living being must be slaughtered for some type of consumption or some other absurdly non-sensical purpose -- there are those like you who understand that life is life and we all have a right to it. Thank you for being the highest of all human beings -- it's a pleasure to share the planet with you.

Tracy P.
Desmond A5 years ago

I love it when people are kind . Wish there were billions more that were. He/she is so beautiful. Hope he/she lives a long and fruitful life.

Karen Baker
Karen Baker5 years ago

Well done!!!

Patty B.
Patty B5 years ago

At first glance ,I thought it was ugly but then looking at the pics ...anteaters are AMAZING beautiful...kinda.

Lea J.
Lea Johnson5 years ago


Muriel Servaege
Muriel Servaege5 years ago

Thank you for sharing that fantastic rescue. I had never seen an anteater like that! It's quite interesting.