Recycling Sytrofoam: from Electronics Box to Surfboard


Care2 recently published a post about the greening of the surfing industry, in which we briefly mentioned Sustainable Surf.

Sustainable Surf is a newer nonprofit based in Southern California that helps the surfing industry and community become examples of sustainability in action. The organization recently launched a new program called Waste to Waves.

The program’s first campaign is “Turn Your Trash Into Slash,” meaning you can give the organization your styrofoam and a Southern California company Marko will turn it into new surfboards. Partner stores in Northern and Southern California have receptacles available for customers’ use, and at least one school group, 7th Grade science class at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School, ran a drive to collect community members’ styrofoam for recycling by Waste to Waves.

The campaign and one of Sustainable Surf’s founders was featured on San Francisco’s ABC news recently, explaining how the program works.

Anyone who has ever opened a box of new electronics goods knows that expanded polystyrene (EPS) (styrofoam) quickly breaks up into minute pieces. Kudos to Sustainable Surf for preventing these bits of styrofoam from entering the environment by recycling it into surfboards instead. As a bonus, supporters can enter a raffle to win a surfboard made from recycled sytrofoam.


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Photo courtesy of Sustainable Surf


Leanne K
Leanne K9 months ago

There are sooo many worthwhile petitions around recycling here on Care2 with bugger all signatures, including mine. Every one is worth signing. Just type recycling into the Q field box and up they come. Thanks in advance

Leanne K
Leanne K9 months ago

Cant we just ban styrofoam outright. Its such a damn nuisance. In the last 3 years there have been styrofoam balls on every single beach far and wide that i have been to. We need to get rid of it.

Carole R.
Carole R4 years ago

Great idea

Alexandra G.
Alexandra G4 years ago

good news :)

Vivianne Mosca-Clark

I like this idea. recycling is good :)

Sylva Pan
Sylva Pan4 years ago

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Ganaisha Calvin
Ganaisha Calvin5 years ago

brilliant idea!

Duane B.
.6 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Dave C.
David C6 years ago

Yeah!!!! Still if we could get away from using styrofoam it would be even better.....

Marie Kovar
Marie Kovar6 years ago

Now we need something like this in other states, make them into boogie boards for lakes or something useful.