Red Alert: Obama May Cave on Keystone XL, Allow Immediate Approval of Tar Sands Pipeline

By Brian Merchant, Treehugger

Just a few short weeks ago, President Obama announced that he would delay any decision on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline until 2013. It was heralded as a victory for both environmentalists and artful protest. But that victory may be short-lived. Insiders report that the president may be on the verge of caving in to Republican demands — again.

This time, the president might allow the GOP to strong-arm him into accepting a provision that would issue immediate approval of the pipeline; a provision tacked onto the unrelated payroll tax cut bill as a ‘rider’.

We reported earlier this week that Republicans, led by John Boehner, had rammed the Keystone provision through the House of Representatives. I noted that this move was the result of a decidedly undemocratic collaboration between Big Oil and its favorite donees in the GOP. Well, all that oily campaign cash has paid off, it looks like — we stand on the verge of seeing the Keystone XL approved right under our noses, even after a long, passionate summer of protest from ordinary Americans. As I wrote earlier, this is not what democracy looks like.

Remember, the nation’s top climate scientist, NASA’s James Hansen, has said that if this pipeline is approved, it’s “game over for the climate”.

Tar Sands Action has issued a call to arms on its Facebook page:

This is a red alert.

President Obama might be caving on Keystone XL. We likely have a few short hours to convince him to hold strong. Thousands of people are pouring in calls to the White House right now, and we’re dusting off plans to visit Obama 2012 offices as well. Can you put in a call to the White House to tell them you expect the President to veto any bill that forces construction of Keystone XL?

Here’s their number: 202-456-1111

Let’s roll. has more info on how you can help, and a script on hand if you’d like to call the president’s office to express your concerns.

You can also sign the petition to stop the Keystone XL pipeline.

This post originally appeared on Treehugger.

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Photo credit: TarSandsAction


Dandelion G.
Dandelion G5 years ago

He did....

Until everyone stops supporting and voting for these two treasonous Parties called Republican and Democrat you will get the same old song and dance.

Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party said:

"It often is said that the United States has no energy policy. That isn’t true. Our national energy policy has been clear for generations: We are committed to using the dirtiest and most volatile forms of energy; to undermining economic stability and the health of our people; and to defending our energy supplies by sending our children to war."

Rocky Anderson also said:

"It is time to allow farmers to grow industrial hemp in the United States,” according to Rocky Anderson. “There is a huge market for textiles, paper, high protein food, clean burning diesel fuel and biodegradable plastics that industrial hemp farmers could produce using less water than cotton, and needing no pesticides or herbicides for growing this 'green' alternative product.”


Keep supporting those that are cutting your throat, destroying your childrens futures, trickle down upon you all their garbage, and pass laws to forbid you to even protest against their treasonous deci

Brian F.
Brian F6 years ago

I am very disappointed in Obama. Obama made many bold enviromental promisses, when he was first elected, but now, he seems like another republican crony, who is a puppet of the oil, coal, and natural gas industry. It's a shame Obama does not have the courage to stand up for our enviroment, and tell Canada's Harper that this pipeline is not acceptable at any cost, and Canada should abandon the horribly destructive tar sands disaster.

Diane F.
Diane F6 years ago

Thank you Patricia J. In spite of my disappointment in Obama and my fear of what might happen, I still won't vote for any of the Republicans. All I can do is just hope that Obama is wiser now about how he can't trust Congress and that we can get rid of those who blocked him at every turn by electing those who have the goals for which he campaigned.

Patricia J.
Patricia J6 years ago

Typical Obama double speak.I absolutely agree with Diane F. A great deal of hope and expectation was invested in this man who was elected to the highest office in the land
by many who truly admired and respected him in the hope that he would help to restore
the ideal of the grest American dream, many promises pledged,only to broken time and
time again as yet once more he failed to take the final plunge that would have asserted
hum as a strong authoritative leader and man of his word. And yes,as so many times before
he has yielded to the real powers that be who call the shots, regardless of the efeects on the
environment and general welfare an interests of a gullible public who placed so much trust in him.

Diana Bair
Diana Bair6 years ago

Marilyn L. NEEDS A LESSON IN HOW GOVERNMENT!!!!!!. Presidents DO NOT go and choose who they WANT to WORK with people ELECTED the GOP/TEAPARTY. OBAMA has nothing to do with who WE CHOOSE for HIM to WORK WITH!!!!!!!!. now WE need to unchoose these MONSTERS, marilyn WHO did YOU vote for or did you VOTE????!!!!???? NOW UN DO it VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT. AND reelect OBAMA see what HE can DO for US with US giving HIM a workable TEAM!!!!!!.Diana.

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

GOP ethics...if you take a bribe, you HAVE to do what the briber paid for.

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons6 years ago

Marilyn L. Obama already has the team he loves to work with the repuglicans. He had a majority of dems when he got into office, he didn't like them so he threw about half of them out and got some tea party people in that were more to his liking. Re-elect Obama will be the best thing you could possibly do but not for the Dems for the GOP.

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons6 years ago

Obama caving in to the GOP yet again big surprise there (sarcasm). I figured he would cave after the election, but why should he wait? He may as well cave now as there is effectively no competition from the GOP worth worrying about.

Ernie Miller
william Miller6 years ago

My senator from Ks. was one of the sponsers of this ammendment even though it will not create one job in Kansas. the pipeline is already been built here about 20 years ago. it is old and weak and will fail if this harsh toxic sludge is pumped thru it.

Lori K.
Lori K6 years ago

Obama has caved on every important environmental issue since he came to office, he has done nothing to fight for animal rights, either. I could NOT be more disappointed in him. He is not the man I thought we elected. He is a pawn to the oil industry, to ranchers, and to anyone else with clout who wants to make money at the expense of the environment and animal suffering.