Refugee Center Struggles in South Africa

Although South Africa has come a long way since the end of Apartheid, the country still suffers immensely from domestic issues. However, it has also been burdened with the unfortunate responsibility of being the mediator of southern Africa, resolving conflict and hosting refugees. The influences of the country’s struggling neighbors have taken a serious toll on the South African people and government.

One of the areas in which the disruption is most defined is in the Nyanga Refugee Centre in the Cape. The refugee center has been grappling with a variety of problems since last year. Home Affairs security guards have been forced to deal with aggression and violence as refugees, desperate to find a place to stay, stormed the gates of the center last April. The violence escalated rapidly from there, forcing the police to open fire and drive vans directly into a crowd of people in order to get them to disperse. Many people have complained as well that on top of crime and violence, corruption is spreading like wildfire. Refugees have resorted to bribery in order to skip past the required processes and long waiting lists.

The Nyanga Refugee Center is reportedly far under-capacitated for the task they are obligated to fulfill. Officials working at the center have complained that there are just too many persons seeking asylum, and that applications and documentation is far too overwhelming to deal with at this point. The center also lacks sufficient amenities like sanitation facilities.

Shockingly there is even further trouble that has arisen from this chaotic situation. Businesses around the area are furious with the center for the disruption that has been created. Several employees of neighboring businesses have quit due to fear of safety. Many of the businesses have joined together and petitioned to the Cape high court for the Nyanga Refugee Center to be shut down.

This week, the Democratic Alliance has taken a stand and called on the Minister of Home Affairs to see to it that this turmoil is silenced once and for all. Unfortunately, a representative from Home Affairs has muffled the situation, accusing the DA of “playing politics.”

Leave it to the South African government to denounce helping people as “playing politics.”


Past Member
Past Member 8 years ago

Human rights suited the cANCer party when not yet in power, 275000 murders and 750000 rapes, how many robberies, hi-jackings later, see what they are.

Robert Plummer
Robert Plummer8 years ago

why our country doesn't help people here because of politics, so what else is new! We need to be more concerned about our own people, those that really belong here, citizens! And let other countries deal with what they have made themselves. We are not the saviors of the world, and can't be!

Leslie Z.
Leslie Z8 years ago

"forcing the police to open fire and drive vans directly into a crowd of people in order to get them to disperse" I do not doubt that the police need to take action but I have seen SA police being abusive. Where must these people go then? when they were forced to leave their homes after the xenophobic attacks? how they cannot turn to bribery if the police otherwise will turn hostile. Whose truth?

Sophia Nel
Past Member 8 years ago

Agree with you Cheryl...and funny how most people still don't know the truth.

Cheryl Ann H.
Cheryl-Ann H8 years ago

Wow funny how we are still kept in the dark if it does not suite the ruling party