Remember When You Stoned Kirk Cameron?


Metaphorically of course:

Kirk Cameron there, still claiming he was the victim of censorship even though no one actually stopped him from speaking out about his belief that being gay is “unnatural” and “detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.” All anyone actually pointed out was that his claims are bigoted and in no way grounded in reality.

The latter half of the video is taken up by anti-gay commentator Pat Robertson congratulating Cameron and also making factual errors. He says gays can’t procreate, it’s “biologically impossible,” and so gay rights constitutes a “war on procreation.”

This, of course, ignores surrogacy and the fact that gay people constitute, by conservative estimates, about one in ten of the population — so I think procreation’s safe.

Readers will also note Robertson sneaks in a quick attack on abortion, and then puts all these things down to Satan’s influence, the last resort when someone cannot make evidence-based claims to back up their moral views.

However I did like the synergy between Kirk Cameron and Pat Robertson.

It was almost like looking through time to where Cameron might be in a few decades if the latest evangelical film he’s flogging bombs.


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Beth K.
.5 years ago

Edward E is a female? No wonder he/she is confused. Apparently homosexuals have already destroyed his/her family.

William Y.
William Y5 years ago

@ Edwrd E. So your God created evil? Id homosexuality is evil and as has been postulated with much evidence, that homosexuals are born that way, then God created evil beings. Homosexuality is natural so if your god says that homosexuality is a sin, he is evil.

Edward E.
Edward E.5 years ago

Homosexuality is a sin against God and mankind.. Kirk Cameron is to be commended for speaking the truth.. Homsexuality is a attack on family values and society and is destroying our society.

Michelle Murphy
Michelle Murphy5 years ago

Actually, being a christian woman, I'm going to pray for all the people that have given negative comments about Kirk because that's the right thing to do, not negativity. May God bless all of you.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal5 years ago

What happened to 'love thy neighbor?'

Christopher Fowler

The problem with their stance on political correctness as being an "attack on religion", he, as is typical of Christo-fascists, completely ignores the fact that he is pushing his religion on others in an effort to make it NOT politically correct to dispute HIS fascist religion.

Hypocrisy is mine, sayeth the far wrong Christians.

They have yet to learn that the problem is not that they believe in and profess their religion; it is that they work, very, very hard, at pushing everyone else to have to live under their religion's doctrine.

Maybe if they would shut up and stop trying to recruit so hard, stop trying to force their doctrine on others so much, then they wouldn't be disliked or distrusted so much.

Kandy B.
Kandice B5 years ago

following them he described how the man was proceeding to choke her WHILE HE WAS DRIVING with ONE HAND on the wheel and an infant in the back seat! Gay people are NOT in any way influenced by the "Satan". If anything I honestly think that Church people those "claiming to be Christians, and Christ like" yet don't act ANYTHING like what the bible depicts..are the ones who are influenced by Satan..and guess what..he's standing at the pulpit dishing out the "word" of be misinterpreted on a weekly basis! Those are the people I feel sorry for! Not us!!!!

Kandy B.
Kandice B5 years ago

Freedom of speech is one thing; let people express it how they may- I of course am all for that. What I want know is where it's written that people have the freedom to be ignorant? Why is it so many people are opening their mouths about situations (such as this one) that they know absolutely NOTHING about? I can almost stake my life on the fact that neither of these two spectators know a single homosexual person to make assumptions on who they are as people! Nearly all homosexuals I know (BTW I HATE, absolutely loathe having to define them in a category all of their's as if I am segregating them and I REALLY thought this nation was past bigotry but I guess not)...are GOOD people, they do more for their community than any "straight person" who seems to not even blink an eye if they see something domestically off. I have known gay men to walk up to straight men and lay them out on the side of the road or at a club when they see them beating the crap out of a female. One gay man I knew followed a couple who was in a very heated argument (the woman was very distraught and kept trying use her phone) and had this pleading look in her eyes when she was looking out the window. My friend told me that he watched several men AND (here's the killer part) WOMEN..look her direction and turn away looking back at the red light they were stopped at. He was the ONLY one who took initiative!!! He followed them while on the phone with the police department. The whole time he was followin

Sam Richardson

Ugh, can he go meet an unfortunate ending already?!

Jolene C.
Jolene C.5 years ago

Freedom of speech has never meant freedom from all the consequences of your speech, just that you're not going to face state penalties for the dumb things you say, no matter how stupid they are. Cameron can say whatever he wants - but others have the exact same right to express their opinions.

The funny thing about tolerance is that of course the one thing that can not be tolerated in a tolerant society is intolerance. So you can't expect tolerance in return for intolerant speech. And if you get upset because others don't like your inflammatory rhetoric (which demonizing a whole minority segment of society certainly qualifies as) it just makes you look like a baby who can dish it out but can't take it. If you insult and deride other people - and Yes, Cameron, your statement qualifies as such - you should expect some push-back.