Repro Roundup: One Loss, One Win and Mario Batali Stands Up for Women’s Rights

In big news this week, the Supreme Court decided not to block enforcement of the new TRAP law in Texas that has closed over a dozen abortion providers and made accessing the procedure in rural areas a virtual impossibility. According to the 5-4 majority, because 90 percent of Texans still remain within 100 miles of a clinic, the closures do not serve as an undue restriction on the right to an abortion, since the abortion procedure is still available, just not as easily accessible. What the majority fails to note is that without resources such as money, transportation, vacation time from work, baby sitters, hotel rooms and so on, “not as easily accessible” is the same as unavailable to many pregnant people in the state.

Texas Governor Rick Perry announced his enthusiastic support of the court’s decision, calling it “good news both for the unborn and for the women of Texas.” State Sen. Wendy Davis, who filibustered against the law and is running for the Democratic nomination for governor, panned the court’s verdict. “This law is an abuse of power by politicians in Austin. Clinics will close and women’s health will be hurt,” Davis told Talking Points Memo. “I trust women to make their own decisions and will continue to work to make sure that women and mothers are safe and have access to adequate health care.”

There is still a sliver of hope that when the court has a full hearing on the merits of the case in January, at least one justice could change his mind and decide that after listening to all of the evidence, closing clinics simply because the clinics do not have a transfer agreement with a hospital (an unnecessary regulation that does nothing to safeguard a person who may have a complication after an abortion, who would go to the nearest hospital, anyway) severely hampers the right to obtain a termination. In the meantime, large groups of activists have been doing what they can to raise money for those in need to help them get to the closest clinic.

An online telethon hosted by comediennes Lizz Winstead and Sarah Silverman brought together a number of celebrities, pundits and activists, where they managed to raise over $50,000 in just a few hours. Assisting in that fundraising was celebrity chef Mario Batali, who not only matched a number of donations, but jousted with anti-choice naysayers on Twitter while doing so.

Unfortunately, anti-abortion groups are working just as hard to ensure the clinics stay closed. Life Dynamics, a Texas-based anti-abortion advocacy group, has been sending out graphic postcards to every doctor in Texas, they claim, urging them not to work with doctors who offer abortions, as well as letters to every hospital, pressuring them not to offer privileges to doctors who do abortions. “In addition, Hospitals realize that any link to abortion creates the  possibility of protests and boycotts and may cause some patients and  physicians to reject the hospital,” writes Life Dynamics in their letter to hospitals, implying that any relationship with an abortion provider will cause the hospital to be the target of anti-choice activism.

The bad news in Texas was tempered with good news: a victory in Albuquerque, N.M., where an attempt to ban abortion after 20 weeks failed to pass the voters. Extremist anti-abortion protester Rives Grogan, who tried to scream about the evils of abortion at the state’s Veterans Day memorial ended up in jail after aggressively arguing with students on a local college campus, and anti-choice activist Mark Harrington of Created Equal was arrested for allegedly refusing to leave property near a polling place despite requests from the property’s manager. Meanwhile, other areas in the New Mexico are allegedly pondering bans of their own.

Michigan wants to put adding separate “abortion riders” to insurance policies to a vote, but so far the voters seem disinclined to say yes.

Operation Rescue is continuing their campaign to get the neighborhood to turn on South Wind Women’s Clinic, the city’s new reproductive health provider. They’ve gone from sending graphic fetus postcards to local doctors to sending them out to all of the clinic’s neighbors, no doubt a lovely surprise for anyone checking their mail.

Patients heading to the Portland, Maine, Planned Parenthood can rest a little easier, as a 39 foot buffer zone has been approved for the clinic. Anti-choice protesters had been accused of harassing and intimidating those who were coming to the clinic, as well as creating a hostile environment that was affecting other businesses.

A Louisiana woman was arrested after she miscarried and accused of feticide because the stillborn fetus tested positive for cocaine.

A ridiculously sexist “abstinence only” motivational speaker came to one high school and learned a valuable lesson: kids can see through anti-sex, gendered Christian propaganda. Speaking of propaganda, the Pill probably won’t make you go blind.

Finally, the best explanation I’ve ever read for why teens should be able to access abortion without requiring mandatory parental consent.

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thanks for sharing.

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Janis K4 years ago

Bravo Mario!

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Bartley Deason
Bartley Deason4 years ago

Jenna S. wrote:
"Can we just skip the abortion debate in the comments? It changes nothing."

I am not sure that I agree with you in saying that "it changes nothing."
I was commenting on the Politico website a few days ago. The subject was gun control efforts in Colorado. A woman wrote that prescription drugs kill many more humans each year than do guns (however the gun is used, murder, accidents and suicide). I disagreed and she promptly provided several websites as proof of her claim. I went to those sites (all of which I trust to be honest) and found her to be 100% correct. By debating the subject, I found that I was wrong and now have learned a lesson and some facts that I was ignorant of before the debate. So, the debate DID change something, at least for me.
Debates can change peoples beliefs.

Karen R.
Karen Ryan4 years ago

Anti-choice people harass and intimidate people, Their controlling behavior, trying to make everyone bend to their will, is obnoxious. Throwing roadblocks in the way of people trying to make painful, difficult, and legal decisions about their own lives is cruel.

Jenna Summers
Jennifer B4 years ago

Can we just skip the abortion debate in the comments? It changes nothing.

Carla van der Meer

We all know by now that Rick Perry is a raging idiot, but why does he continually feel it necessary to keep driving the point home? We get it, Rick, your a throwback twit. I;d like to know why Operation Rescue aren't being nailed as the terrorist they are. As for the rest of the zealots, if you are male, put a sock in it, and to all of the put up or shut up. Adopt all those babies, help out poor moms, and (give your heads a colossal shame here) STOP arguing against birth control, you are adding to the unplanned pregnancies.

Bartley Deason
Bartley Deason4 years ago

Marie W. wrote:
"Rick Perry should get pregnant tomorrow"
Marie, Marie, Marie.. What is wrong with you? Think about what it is that you are saying. Think about the consequences of what you are saying. Do you understand that, if, because abortions are practically illegal in Texas, Perry were to get pregnant and successfully deliver, there will now be yet another Perry running around on this earth? Do you truly want another Rick Perry in this world? And just how many little Ricks would he be capable of producing?
Actually, I agree with the sentiment of your words, just had to throw some joviality into the discussion.

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