Repro Wrap: Are “Underhanded Attempts to Obstruct Abortion Access” Over Yet?

This week’s big story has been the news that Alabama’s requirement that all abortion providers have local hospital admitting privileges has been found unconstitutional because it causes an undue burden on a person’s right to obtain an abortion. The judge released an over 160 page ruling supporting his decision, and he pulled few punches when it came to blaming anti-abortion activists for creating a culture of violence that makes it hard for clinics to find providers and hospitals to feel comfortable offering privileges.

Alabama, of course, says they will likely challenge the decision. Meanwhile, two clinics in the state are already closed because of the requirement to rebuild their structures to new regulations, forcing pregnant people to already leave the state to access care.

The judge also compared closing clinics to infringing on gun rights, a comparison that left many conservatives seething.

This week eyes were also on Texas, where the state is defending the portion of HB 2 that requires all abortion clinics to rebuild as ambulatory surgical centers, a move expected to close all but seven clinics in the state. My San Antonio explains succinctly how the state’s clinics would all be eliminated. For a look at the day to day testimony, be sure to read Andrea Grimes.

So are we seeing the the death knells of the anti-abortion movement? Yes, says Jessica Valenti over at The Guardian, citing the activists’ intense need to block clinic access both legislatively and physically at all cost as a desperate final gambit. Unfortunately, the abortion opponents themselves don’t agree, saying those aren’t the end of their bag of tricks but a sign of how successful they are at winning their battle. Whether it is the end or not, it is time to stop “underhanded attempts to obstruct abortion access,” according to the LA Times.

Meanwhile, those who support reproductive rights are having a battle of our own over where the movement is going and how to best position our myriad of goals — especially when those goals extend beyond the limited language of “choice.” Adweek decided to ask a few branding experts what they would pick to replace “pro-choice” and provides the results here.

A Florida judge upheld a local “quiet zone” around one abortion clinic, showing that the Massachusetts buffer zone case didn’t mean that all clinic protections are unconstitutional as well. But in California, defacing the sidewalk is considered a constitutional right even if it is part of an attempt to intimidate and harass an abortion provider in his home.

Speaking of Massachusetts, police are already expressing support for the new law to protect clinics now that the Supreme Court ended the state’s buffer zones. Let’s see how long it takes before this gets challenged, too.

In Ohio, the last clinic in Toledo files to keep their practice open despite failure to obtain a transfer agreement. The state says it’s too dangerous for the clinic to operate without an agreement with a local hospital, despite the fact that not one patient has been admitted in 10 years. Apparently that’s the kind of quality medical decisions you get when you keep replacing your board of health members with people with no medical background.

Kentucky Senator and GOP presidential nominee wannabe Rand Paul is claiming no one in the GOP wants to ban birth control. Apparently he’s forgotten that he has been running on a “Human Life Amendment” platform that actually would do just that.

In a disturbing trend, more teens appear to be giving birth unassisted, either because they are not aware they are pregnant or are trying to hide their pregnancies out of fear of reprisal or coercion into abortion. This is a reminder of why we need better, age appropriate sex ed, and more protections for teens to obtain all reproductive health care — birth control, abortion and prenatal care — without a parent’s permission and with strict confidentiality.

Finally, in good news, pressure is mounting on Eden Foods, one of the companies that refuses to provide birth control coverage for its employees, as some Minnesotans successfully get their co-op to stop offering their products. Also, France has voted to make abortion legal for any reason for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, citing equal rights for women.

Do you think that all people deserve abortion access, regardless of their economic status, race, or whether they live in rural or urban areas? Then be sure to check out the new “Be Bold” bus tour sponsored by All Above All, which wants to end the Hyde Amendment and other restrictions on insurance use for abortion care.

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thanks for sharing.

jan b.
jan b3 years ago

Bearing a fetus to term is still one of the most dangerous things a woman can do. It’s the sixth most common cause of death among women age 20 to 34 in the United States.
If you look at the black-box warning on a packet of birth control pills, you’ll notice that at most ages the risk of death from taking the pills is less than not taking them----that’s because they’re so good at preventing pregnancy, and pregnancy can kill.

Therefore, IF a WOMEN puts her life on the line ---she should be the ONLY one to decide if she wants to breed and not some old white male GOP men in congress or their supporters.

janet t.
janet t3 years ago

yes, we must all vote in november and in every election, big or small. Vote even if it is only your local city council. by voting all the time, you are kept on the voting rolls. Even if you don't know all the details, vote for the right party.

BMutiny TCorporationsEvil

That's how the Teabaggers and the Vile MISOGYNISTS and Abridgers of Women's Rights, snuck in!!!

Check your Voting I.D. in DETAIL, that it matches the current Laws - don't take ANYthing for granted!
And, see that people who need it, have RIDES to the Polling Places.
And, that people who are CARETAKERS at home, whether of children, of pets, of elders, or of sick people - see that they get HELP on Voting Day. {Or mail-in ballots, if they can!}
Repukelican destroyers of liberty, are doing their best to ensure LONG LINES, FEW VOTING PLACES and VERY LIMITED VOTING HOURS. Among other chicanery and Dirty Tricks they are constantly dreaming up.

Register all your Friends & Family -
and DON'T fall for that old saw, "Voting does no good, both parties are the same" -
when it comes to Women's Rights, they're NOT "the same".
Other stuff can be dealt with AFTER our Basic Rights are secured...

BMutiny TCorporationsEvil

Yes, I am SHOUTING...

And, furthermore, we Women who have HAD Abortions, FOR WHATEVER REASON, we must "Come out of the Closet" and TALK ABOUT IT - just like Gay People "came out" for the benefit of Civil Rights for All!
Let me repeat, "quietly": Most people don't know that they know a Woman who's had an Abortion.
Since they say ONE out of THREE Women has had or will have an Abortion in her lifetime... Chances are GOOD that most people know such a Woman...
Even in the Bible Belt, even among Catholics.... they have 'em secretly... pressured by their good religious leaders, if their leaders "slip up" and get 'em inconveniently pregnant.....

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Joseph Glackin3 years ago


If we men could get pregnant birth control would be free and abortion would be a sacrament.

Nimue P.

If men got pregnant, this would never be an issue, would it????

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