Republican Campaign Staffer Outs Lawmaker’s Gay Son


A campaign staffer for Colorado State Rep. Marsha Looper, in an email to supporters praising her for her stance against civil unions, has apparently outed the lawmaker’s gay son.

Reports the Denver Post:

Looper said she has been asked by some voters about her son’s sexuality and has answered honestly, but never meant for it to become so public.

“I’m very, very disappointed,” Looper said, of the e-mail making its way among El Paso County voters. “These are are very intimate issues. I love my son. I always will. He has said, ‘Mom, I want my privacy.”


“I am disappointed that my campaign manager forwarded an e-mail that would include any member of my family in policy discussions,” Looper said in a statement she issued today after being contacted by The Denver Post.

“My opinions, financials and policies are appropriate discussions for the campaign, however my family members’ personal lives are not a legitimate avenue for my campaign, or any other campaign to discuss.”

The campaign email reportedly praised Looper for her move to amend the Colorado civil unions bill (Senate Bill 2) to exempt religious institutions and persons from being required to recognize same-sex unions.

The email noted that she had subsequently voted against the bill and added, “Praise God!” and ”God is truly to be praised for Marsha Looper because she also has a homosexual son.”

Looper, due to reapportionment, faces Rep. Amy Stephens in a June 26 primary, leading to a debate over which candidate has the best conservative credentials.

Looper is believed to be one of at least four Colorado Republicans who have LGBT children but voted against the bill.

The civil unions bill died after unprecedented wrangling in the House which saw Republican leaders end the legislative session early, at the expense of some 30 other bills, so they did not have to vote on the civil unions bill.

When brought up in a subsequent (and costly) special session, the bill died in committee at the hands of a Republican majority.


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Geynell Eskite
Geynell Eskite5 years ago

This young man has now been betrayed twice: by a campaign staffer who invaded his privacy and by a parent who claims to "love" her son, but is actively working to deny him his civil rights. Shame on them both.

Alexandra Rodda
Alexandra Rodda5 years ago

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Gwenieth C.
Gwen C5 years ago

The campaign manager should have been fired immediately. I am absolutely certain they did this on purpose. I feel bad for the young man outed. Not only was this not his choice, which it should have been, but his mother doesn't support him as a loving individual. Very sad!!!

joe lee C.
Joseph L c5 years ago

Poor Marsha Looper, campaigning in the wrong political party because she has a gay son.
Looper, you'll never beat Amy Stephens in the coming Republican primary. Learn your lesson early.

Diana Bair
Diana Bair5 years ago

shshshshshsh, big secret shshshsh there are gay republicians, and family of gop in office and i would say there are gay republicians in some offices!!!!!. shshshshsh.........but they will not come out of closet they have to stay hidden!!!!!!, or face other gop that are so filled with ....HATE. Diana.

Terry Vanderbush
Terry V5 years ago

There are NO vaccines against ignorance and stupidity
To each THEIR own

Chris Cole
Chris C5 years ago

I'd love a follow up to see if Looper will be keeping her campaign manager!

Leslie w.
Leslie w5 years ago

Wow! Just wow...glad my mom loved me unconditionally and truly wanted me to be happy. She didn't always agree with my life choices but she let me live my life and always supported me. ♥ my mom!

Barbara S.

In defense of Marcia Looper: When someone is elected, or running to be elected, they resolve to represent the wishes of all their constituents. It surely must be a conflict of personal feelings, when a higher percentage of your constituents are against something with which you disagree, or are at least torn, when it comes to your own family. Perhaps, if she were to get elected, she could adequately represent all of her constituents by voting the way the majority of them want, while also working to educate those who have such a fearful, disgust-filled point of view when it comes to homosexuals and matters of the heart. Change never comes easily, but change is always happening. To campaign one way and then refuse to carry out her promises - even when she believes her personal feelings are better - is no more honest than what Walker did to the god people of Wisconsin.

Gloria H.
Gloria H5 years ago

Bet "Mama" isn't going to be invited to the wedding.