Republican Congressman Advises Women To Donate To Democrats

A Republican Congressman has some interesting advice for women: if they plan to give money to a candidate this year, they should probably give it to a Democrat.

New York Representative Richard Hanna was quite candid as he spoke at a D.C. rally for the Equal Rights Amendment.  “I think these are very precarious times for women, it seems,” reports Huffington Post.  “So many of your rights are under assault. I’ll tell you this: Contribute your money to people who speak out on your behalf, because the other side — my side — has a lot of it. And you need to send your own message. You need to remind people that you vote, you matter, and that they can’t succeed without your help.”

Hanna called the current political climate a “fist fight” and reminded women that they are in fact that majority and can control this election if they really try. “Tell the other women, the other 51 percent of the population, to kick in a few of their bucks. Make it matter, get out there, get on TV, advertise, talk about this. The fact that you want [the ERA] is evidence that you deserve it and you need it.”

Women are already making their voices heard in the polls, where the Republican war on women has been dragging down the popularity of many candidates, most noticeably in the presidential race. The fight has been effecting opinions down the ticket as well, as can be seen in Massachusetts where Republican Senator Scott Brown has gone from leading to trailing in just a matter of weeks.

If women donate, and women vote, we can truly make Congress and the White House understand that we are powerful and, as Hanna puts it, they need us and we matter.

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Sound Mind
Ronald E5 years ago

This guy is an exception to the rule "Can't be a Republican if you're not an accomplished pathological liar."

Lynn C.
Lynn C5 years ago

This is the best thing I've ever heard a Republican say!

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer5 years ago

Sandy E
You do know the Bush administration was negoiating with the terrorists and insurgents in Iraq as they were still laying IEDs to kill our troops...

Jim Gayden
Jim Gayden5 years ago

Hanna is most likely just trying to manipulate naive women republicans.

Renee K.
Renee K5 years ago

Live and vote in his district. Will wait to see what he does from here on out. Steven B gets the same response I get to my emails. He does sometimes vote as I would like him to.

Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

It is the tea party Republicans who side with the Taliban terrorists on the subject of women. Neither want women to have rights to manage their own lives. Have the right to an abortion or use birth control.

Obama/Biden 2012

Sandy Erickson
Sandy Erickson5 years ago

We do not make deals with terrorests! DO NOT RE-ELECT OBAMA!

Lynne B.
Lynne Buckley5 years ago

A Republican with sense. What a rarity. It's a pity more of them aren't.

Joan M.
Joan Makurat5 years ago

A Republican man with "b***s", so to speak-WOW

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer5 years ago

Ellen M
You can never be too vigilant in today's world no matter what type of vigilance it may be, especially in today's politics. I think Hanna is presenting a pig in a poke to women, saying one thing to garner their support and doing the opposite when it comes to voting and supporting his male dominated party's anti-female agenda once he is safely ensconced back in his Republican Congressmanship.