Republicans and Democrats Both Want Tax Vote Before November

Republicans believe they have a great way to ensure the will win in November — run on taxes.

According to Politico, the GOP leadership is considering trying to accelerate a vote on extending the Bush era tax cuts in order to get politicians on record prior to election day. “House Republicans think a fight over taxes would be a political winner for them. President Barack Obama has advocated for raising taxes, especially on families making more than $250,000 per year. And Republicans have fought to keep all taxes low, arguing that any increase could upset the still-fragile economic recovery. And a floor fight could help Republicans politically with investors, GOP allies in corporate America and the affluent.”

If the GOP really wants to open up the tax discussion, the Democrats are ready to take them up on it.  On their agenda? The Buffet rule — a tax increase for anyone making more than $1 million annually.

To add to the theater, they’re proposing to vote on April 16th.  Tax Day.

Much like the Ryan plan, the Buffet tax is more pomp than promise.  The bill, even if approved by Senate, will never become a law as passage in the Republican-dominated House is nearly impossible.

But hey, at least everyone will get to say they voted on taxes before election day.  The question is whether voters will like what they saw.



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Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons5 years ago

They say they want a vote but when it comes down to it one will say it is black and the other will say it is white and nothing will get done unless it is to stick it to the poor and middle class a little more. they will wait till after the election and then do whatever their puppet masters want.

jo Howard
jo Howard5 years ago

Why? Obviously their want is a political ploy to enable the game of finger pointing at the opposition when all is said and done and begins to flop so they can say ... see, we told you so that this would happen ... you should have thrown favor to our side.

Sound Mind
Ronald E5 years ago

So do I

Linda T.
Linda T5 years ago

I just got a letter back from my Republican Senator yesterday a response to stopping the tax breaks for big oil. He's all in favor of it as long as we don't give tax breaks for wind power. You see the Republicans are about fossil fuel not finding any alternatives to our dependency on fossil fuel. They always have an angle that hurts the country instead of working to make us a stronger less dependent country. But it makes sense why would we go to war if we were breaking our dependency on fossil fuel?

Gene Jacobson
Gene J5 years ago

Vote on them both. The Buffet rule, the Ryan budget plan. Let the parties campaign on those votes. See what the country will do in reaction. I already know what I will do, vote progressive, vote liberal. But I think a lot of swing voters who tea bagged the last election now fully understand just what they voted for and never intended to have happen - the Ryan budget. So do it, vote, then let the people decide in November which direction our country should go. I am confident the people are not so mean-spirited as the tea bag party. And I can't wait for November to come around to have that demonstrated. I anticipate the greatest reversal in electoral history and the re-election of our President. I believe it. These votes will help bring that into being. So get after it Congress, show us your true colors and let the people decide.

Troy G.
Troy Grant5 years ago

On taxes, the 1% gets a free ride. No one likes taxes and most think that we should tax the 1%. but we vote to reduce taxes even though lower tax proposals include the 1%.

Mary Beth M.
MaryBeth M5 years ago

Bring it on. Tell my why the Buffet plan is more "pomp than promise". Just what is wrong with increasing taxes on those making more than 1 M? Seems fair to me.

Kirsten Taufer
Kirsten Taufer5 years ago

Please, please, please tax the 1%! Heck, tax the top 10%. Putting higher taxes in place is one way to discourage indiscriminate greed.

Geraldine Ley
Geraldine Ley5 years ago

Our British Government of millionaires have just handed a tax cut to the rich while penalising the poor with various cutbacks and stealth taxes.
Rich boys will always look after their own first.

Charles P.
Charles P5 years ago

I just could not understand why the 2008-10 congress, with a heavy Democrat majority did not bring repealing the Bush-t tax cuts for the wealthy up for a vote prior to the 2010 election. The D's should have gone on record then and stated that they wanted to repeal the Bush-t tax cuts for the top tier of the income brackets. What working man or woman would be aginst that? The wealthy have not and will not reinvest that tax cut money in the U.S. Better it should go i nto the treasury and then be used for infrastructure, etc.