Republicans Stand Up for N.H. Marriage Equality


Standing Up for New Hampshire Families launched a television ad this week to try and persuade lawmakers to oppose House Bill 437 which would repeal New Hampshire’s same-sex marriage law. The ad stars several Republicans, hoping to show that marriage equality is a bipartisan issue.

The ad, called “It’s Not Who We Are,” centers on persuading lawmakers to drop the repeal when they reconvene in January, saying: “This is New Hampshire.  We believe ‘freedom’ means freedom for everyone, every single person. Politicians should let our neighbors live their lives and leave them alone.”

Among those featured in the ad are Craig Stowell and his wife Berta. Craig, a former Marine who served in Iraq, is a life-long Claremont resident and conservative Republican who co-chairs Standing Up for NH Families.

His statement via the group’s press release:

“We know the people of New Hampshire support individual rights,” said Stowell. “And polls show voters strongly oppose repealing the current marriage law, across every demographic and geographic measure. This effort to repeal or undermine the freedom to marry does not represent our core New Hampshire values. We hope our ad reminds lawmakers that they need to listen to the people.”

Watch the ad below:

Entrepreneur Dean Kamen, the inventor of the Segway, recently joined Standing Up for New Hampshire Families to fight against the repeal.

Republican legislators in New Hampshire, who control both legislative chambers with sizable majorities, are pushing to reverse the state’s two-year-old marriage equality law because they say gay marriage has harmed their religious beliefs and society as a whole.

A vote by the New Hampshire House is expected in January but Democratic Gov. Lynch has said he will oppose any attempt at changing the law.

statewide poll by New Hampshire Freedom to Marry conducted in February of this year found that 63 percent of voters oppose attempts to overturn the same-sex marriage law, while 92 percent of all voters agree that the state’s political leadership should focus on economic issues over social issues.

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Joan S.
Joan S6 years ago

Good for them. Blows me away that Christians can be undermined by us weirdos. Makes you wonder how strong their convictions really are if they are so threatened by this 62 year old retired kindergarten teacher.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari L6 years ago

"Republican legislators in New Hampshire...say gay marriage has harmed their religious beliefs and society as a whole."

I want to see proof how gay marriage has damaged the society. Proof, scientific proof, not opinions. Come on, politicians, show me proof!

And for those equalizing same gender marriage with incest and polygamy, I will say only this: Absurdities doesn't constitute a valid argument!

Chad A.
Chad Anderson6 years ago

It is stunning how the arguments against marriage equality so echo the old arguments against interracial marriages. It is good to see people of all stripes standing for what is right and I imagine a time not so far away and this kind of intolerance will be viewed as the embarassment it is. If marriage is a state institution, then it must available to everyone. If marriage is a church institution, then I do not see how churches can be compelled to provide marriages that are against their doctrine and there is no moral issue without the state trying to interfere in church affairs.

James G.
James G.6 years ago

@Jennifer S. DOMA maybe unconstitutional but it would also be unconstitutional for the Federal Government to force other states to recognize gay marriage. 1st Cousin marriages are allowed in some states and banned in others..why should gay marriage be any different?

James G.
James G.6 years ago

it bothers me how people are stereotyped by how they vote. I vote democrat but I do not support gay marriage. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. if we are to call this marriage equality then polygamy, adult incest and other consenting non-standard forms of marriages has to be allowed to be fair but i highly doubt people(including gays) would accept that which makes the whole marriage equality hypocritical.

Jennifer S.
Jennifer Schultz6 years ago

DOMA is unconstitutional under the 14th amendment. this is to sandy E. there are states in which "partners" are not allowed to make decisions with advanced directives. since marriage is not an equal protection under the law; the hospital especially such as in ICU will not allow "partners"to visit. and many parents of the same sex spouse who is not sick will contest the advanced directive in court.
Also, as far as religion there are religions that will not perform marriages with two different religions; i.e. catholic. also, christianity is not the religion being persecuted. Islam is constantly being attacked as not a religion but as a political faction. they also say all muslims are extremists.
plus in NY state gay marriage is now a law. there are county clerks here in some small towns who refuse to register a same sex couple for a license based on her religious beliefs. AND SHE IS STILL WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!! Even god says give to ceasar what is ceasars' and to god what is gods'
even now with supposedly civil rights in mississippi this year and one of the southern states last year two couples were not allowed to obtain a marriage license because he didnt believe in interrracial marriage. so how can anyone say that gays are shoving this down your throat or anyone elses'?
This country is not trying to go forward but backward. If they dont believe in gay marriage dont support it, dont approve of abortion, dont have one, dont believe in interracial

Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas6 years ago

if homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of god then so be it, leave that up to god, gay people will have to deal with that on judgement day if it's true, but the 14th amendment of the us constitution garuntees equal protection under the law.
let god judge what is a sin
force the government protect the rights of ALL of of our citizens.

Emily G.
Emily G6 years ago

A tiny step forward

Mary L.
Mary L6 years ago

Way to go! Just proves that republicans are people not a monolithic ball of stupid.

Michael W.
Michael W6 years ago

If these people's lives are "ruined" by gay marriage, then their life ain't worth living!!!