Republicans Turn on Roy Moore as Sexual Misconduct Allegations Intensify

Allegations continue to intensify around Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore as another woman claims to have been assaulted by the former Alabama Supreme Court Justice when she was a teen — and he was an adult nearly twice her age.

As the accusations pile up — and more second-hand sources admit that Moore’s pursuit of teen girls in the ’80s was an open secret — Republican leaders are finally starting to back away from the nominee, while mulling over their future options should Moore still win the senate seat.

Moore continues to deny the Washington Post report claiming that as a district attorney he sought out relationships with girls as young as 14 years old — and may have coerced one young girl into touching him sexually. Those denials are beginning to hold much less weight as new information surfaces.

On Monday, Beverly Nelson came forward to accuse Moore of pursuing her when she was 16 and he was 30, including allegedly offering to drive her home from work and then attempting to sexually assault her in his car. To back up her accusation, Nelson offered up her 1977 high school yearbook, in which Moore wrote, “To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say ‘Merry Christmas’…Love, Roy Moore D.A.”

Moore’s alleged behavior confirms what Americans are now learning was common knowledge in Alabama in the ’70s and ’80s: Moore sought out teen girls.

The issue was so well-known that at one point Moore apparently was monitored at the local mall to ensure that he didn’t target potential dates. NY Magazine’s Charles Bethea reports:

Gadsden’s current law-enforcement community could not confirm the existence of a mall ban on Moore. But two officers I spoke to this weekend, both of whom asked to remain unnamed, told me that they have long heard stories about Moore and the mall. ‘The general knowledge at the time when I moved here was that this guy is a lawyer cruising the mall for high-school dates,’ one of the officers said. The legal age of consent in Alabama is sixteen, so it would not be illegal there for a man in his early thirties to date a girl who was, say, a senior in high school. But these officers, along with the other people I spoke to, said that Moore’s presence at the mall was regarded as a problem.

Now, what began as a slow murmur of GOP congressional opposition has increased into a groundswell. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Attorney General and former Alabama Senator Jeff Session are joining the ranks of Republicans who have now deemed the women’s stories “credible” and believe that Moore should “step aside” for the sake of the party.

Concerned that Moore could lose the special election in December and cost them a senate seat — or harm other future election prospects in later races –  is forcing many Republicans to speak out or risk future repercussions.

Of course, Moore isn’t going to drop out. First of all, he isn’t truly a Republican — instead he is part of the new and energized theocratic wing of the right that is simply hijacking the GOP in order to hold office. Moore and his ilk have no investment in ensuring that the Republican party remain strong, other than its existence as a means of electing more conservative Christian politicians.

Secondly, even if he did step down, there is no ability to get him off of the ballot. Early voting ballots are already printed, and the options are Moore, Democratic candidate Doug Jones or a write-in. And, as Evangelicals rally together in the face of what they see as an attack on one of their own, Moore could very well still win the race despite his utter toxicity nationwide.

That leaves the Republicans with their final tactic, and the one that they are most likely to use:  unseating Moore after his special election win, and replacing him with a politician more to their liking.

“If (Moore) refuses to withdraw and wins, the Senate should vote to expel him, because he does not meet the ethical and moral requirements of the United States Senate,” explains Colorado Senator Cory Gardner, head of the GOP Senate campaign arm, in a statement. The action would require a two-thirds vote of sitting senators and be the first such expulsion in over 150 years. It would allow the Republican Party to have their cake and eat it, by keeping the seat red and appointing someone like Senator Luther Strange or Jeff Sessions back into the office.

Would the Senate actually expel Moore? It very seldom happens and would require Democratic support, as well as Republican backing.

Democrats could easily refuse, claiming that an expulsion negates the will of the people. They could also argue that the GOP deserves the chaos it has nurtured by embracing and empowering the most extreme, divisive side of their political spectrum. Meanwhile, a Senator Moore who has been rejected by almost every Republican in Congress will likely be an angry and uncontrollable senator for the party to try and corral if they can’t get him out of office, making him a thorn in their GOP side for years to come.

Despite the ongoing scandal, there sadly remains a good chance that Moore will be the next senator from Alabama. The good news? At least the Republicans will be as unhappy with that fact as the Democrats.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons


Marie W
Marie W9 months ago

Thank you!

Philip W
Philip Wabout a year ago

Roy Moore Plumbs the Depths of Evangelical Depravity

Philip W
Philip Wabout a year ago

"We love our delusions". That was the excuse that a Christian psychologist finally admitted to me who was trying to persuade me that Christianity was a viable and substantial belief system.

Trump has brought the worst and most disgusting aspect of Christianity to the forefront. Not the "fairy tale princess" aspect (Joel Osteen, "I love everybody, send me your money"), or the "name-it-claim-it, word of faith" aspect (Kenneth Copeland, "You can have what you say, send me your money").

The Trump brand is the Roy Moore type of Christianity, the most dangerous kind. This is the patriarchal type. The patriarch hogging the TV, to the exclusion of everyone else, with his hand down his pants scratching his balls and ordering everyone to wait on him hand and foot, abusing everyone, and demanding they never hold him accountable for any injustice. The "do as I say, not as I do" type of Christianity.

Sadly, Christians in the "delusions they love" have embraced the very nature of their "Devil". This is why religion is so disgusting.

If a man, characteristically like Roy Moore, did to Moore's daughters (if he has daughters) what Roy has done to others, Moore might have shot him dead. The ironic and most disturbing part would be that Christians would justify Moore's actions as being "godly" and righteous.

How much more do we have to endure before people will stand against this and other abhorrent, self-justifying religions and religious people

Brian F
Brian Fabout a year ago

Rhoberta E Troll who is payed by the corrupt DNC, that purged all the progressives.

Carl R
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Rhoberta E
Rhoberta Eabout a year ago

brian f
BOT on a loop. Maybe jill (hasn't got a hope in heck of winning) stein is paying you in rubles

Brian F
Brian Fabout a year ago

Regus All the Bernie Sanders supporters like me have left your corrupt party, now that your crook Tom Perez has fired all the honest progressives, and blocks Bernie Sanders from having any power. Only a sellout and a fool like you would defend the corrupt Democratic party that has an extremely unfair super delegate rule, gives no power to any progressives including Bernie Sanders, and has no chance to beat this fraud Trump in 2020. Tom Perez was booed everywhere he went with Bernie Sanders on their unity tour because everyone knows what a phony he is. Most Democrats including Nancy Pelosi are refusing to support progressive policies that we desperately need like Medicare for All, because they are corrupt like the Republicans. I'll vote for Jill Stein. Have fun losing to this fraud Trump in 2020.

Ellie M
Ellie Mabout a year ago


Just Human
Just Humanabout a year ago

Only because they know that whoever wins that seat it'll be a Republican. If they thought otherwise the GOP would be circling the wagons to defend Moore.

Winn Adams
Winn Adamsabout a year ago