Republicans Want New Congressmen To Decline Health Care

A majority of Americans think incoming members of Congress who campaigned against health care reform should put their money where their mouth is and decline the health care plan that the government provides to Congressmen, according to a new Public Policy Polling survey.

GOP Voters Think New Lawmakers Should Decline Coverage

The strongest feelings on this issue come from Republicans who voted 58% to 28% in favor of declining coverage, and from Independents, who voted 56% to 27%. These, of course, are the people who elected those new members in the first place, and, not surprisingly, they want the lawmakers to act in a manner consistent with their stated opposition to government-provided healthcare.

Interestingly, the numbers are more mixed for the Democrats, with 46% saying the incoming members who opposed health care reform should decline their government plan, and 40% saying they should take it.

Congressman-Elect Andy Harris

As Care2′s Robin Marty wrote here last week, this all started with Congressman-elect Andy Harris’s demand that his government health care coverage kick in as soon as possible.

Then it was the Democrats who pointed out that if members-elect have called for the repeal of healthcare reform, then they need to stand by their opposition by opting out of the care available to them at the expense of hard-working taxpayers.

Republicans Need To Walk The Walk

But with this latest survey, Republicans are speaking up even more strongly than Democrats.

It seems pretty obvious to most people that if these new members of Congress won’t vote for affordable healthcare coverage for all Americans, then they should decline their own government-provided health care too.

In fact, why is this even a question for them?

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Lin Moy
Lin M7 years ago

I think Washington makes enought money to pay for their own health care. Let them do it.. They make enough money for extra cars and homes. I live in 3 rooms and I'm good. But would be nice to hire a maid. lol.

Norm C.
Norm C7 years ago

I am sick and tired of all BS about how "Obamacare" is the end of the world. Almost everything in this new half vast program was proposed by a Republican in the last few years.

I am also sick and tired of President Obama claiming that liberals are POd because we got only 90% of what we wanted. Hell, we liberals didn't get 10% of what we wanted (which was an easy to understand and affordable way to pool OUR money to buy quality health care for everyone -- like every other modern country in the world has). But more importantly, the majority of the American public only got about 30% of what they and we wanted.

In the meantime we have these Teabaggers shouting and wandering around in a haze of propaganda and mind control from the corporate merchants of death and poverty. And they've elected a bunch of judas goats who spout the Tea Party talking points and obviously don't believe a single word.

Diane L.
Diane L7 years ago

Wow, hard to believe that any of the G.O.P. would have the balls to do the right thing! Now, the question is, who on EARTH could the 2% who voted that politicians should NOT have to stand by their campaign rhetoric possibly be? STAND UP AND BE COUNTED, MORONS!

Patricia S., sorry, but you're the one who got it all wrong! Your premiums went up because they could. Mine have gone up every year since I've had the policy, INCLUDING during DUBYA's Administration, and even though I never got a cent in benefits paid. Your premiums are going up NOW, because your provider knows that later, they'll have to abide by restrictions. Same with the banking industry. They KNEW that after Feb. of 2010, they couldn't charge certain fees, so they did everything else they could beforehand, and now they're charging for whatever they can that wasn't restricted. They're greedy BASTARDS, and it doesn't matter who is in office.

Christopher Fowler

For more than 100 years, politicians have failed to comply with their promises. Many of them broke those promises because of bad riders on bills that would have done more damage than good. Others were just plain lying and still others were more insidious by being in the pockets of special interest.

The people are slowly wising up to the fact that, for far too long, politicians have refused to walk their talk.

They have demanded accountability and fiscal responsibility while simultaneously and consistently bounced checks in their congressional bank and had those overages excused; unlike the citizens that they serve, who have to pay, often huge, penalties.
And that is just ONE example of the hypocrisy of our politicians.

Every politician that refuses to walk the talk that got them elected, should be impeached and prevented from ever being elected to public office, ever again.

Mark M.
Mark M7 years ago

Many members of the federal government obviously believe themselves to be our elite leaders who only need to answer to the "little people" at election time. Half of Congress are millionaires--yes, half! By income standards, at least, that makes them elite. They can AFFORD their own damn health care plans! But perhaps many have forgotten their empathy for or connection with the strapped working and middle class. Being elite, of course, they feel entitled to and sign up for privileged treatment from hustling lobbyists and adoring voters, special plans--lifetime pensions, mind you!--and numerous perqs of office. (Fill me in, people, I'm ignorant here: did anyone in Congress lose most of any 401K, or significant value of their house(s)in this recession? Do they pay for their own plane flights to/from home? And oh, those golden parachutes on leaving office.) The Republican't Tea Party Blue Dogs surely have many rationales for vying to limit public access to, or to deny altogether, the privileges they themselves accept so readily. Like health care. Yes, we should monitor all the health care naysayers, whether newly elected or incumbent, to vet how many will opt in or out. This is the X-ray revelation of their entire political philosophy. If they voted AGAINST health care but ACCEPT it--or in the case of Andy Harris, DEMAND IT--for themselves, then it seems quite clear what will be the quality of truth and loyalty the voting public can expect from them during their terms.

Ronald Ellsworth
Ronald E7 years ago

To all R Wing Nutters posting here: The Reprehenslicans ARE disingenuous, as are the Demagogues. Both extremes spin and twist the truth. Therefore, the sane segments of the populace, the electorate, etc. think for themselves and just laugh at the imbeciles on Faux Spews and their role in the extremist Big Lie campaign. Sadly there are many that accept their balderdash as truthful without even trying to think for themselves. Tragic.

Carlene V.
Carlene V7 years ago

The Rebuplicans said from the start they would try and repeal health care. They are simply doing what they said they would do (hey, this may be a first). Large insurance companies don't want Obama's health care because they won't make as much $$ stiffing the public. Wonder if the people shouting they don't want Obamacare are saying they'll give up their Medicare too? Are they stating that before Obamacare their health insurance rates have not gone up? What do they want? Most of them really don't know, they are just shouting with the masses and not understanding much of anything. I would love to see any of the slime bags that want to repel the health care bill, drop their own coverage. As that will never happen, but keeping in mind they don't want Obamacare, I assume they won't take advantage of pre-exsisting condition coverage, college age children still being covered, etc. They are minions of the insurance industry as are the people who are so against Obamacare, the only difference is the politicians know they will have coverage no matter what, the people on the other hand may not be covered.

Patricia S.
Pat S7 years ago

John H,
You've got that wrong. My premiums just went up in anticipation of the obamacare plan!!

John H.
John H7 years ago

I just received bills from my HMO. I have to pay over $300 in co-pay for a colonoscopy and $250 for having a child evaluated by speech therapy. I already pay them a huge chunk of my income for a premium. When is it going to stop? Apparently it won't, if the Republicans and Tea Party get their way!

John H.
John H7 years ago

What government plan? The bill was passed without any kind of government plan (although I wish we did have a public option)! What is there to decline? The pool will have insurance companies which are already in existence, competing for our dollars. Is that such a bad thing?