Republicans Were Quick to Condemn Harvey Weinstein. Why Not Trump?

The allegations painting Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein as a habitual perpetrator of sexual assault continue to make headlines across media outlets. And accusers keep coming forward to share their stories of abuse by Weinstein and others in the industry.

Condemnations of Weinstein have been near universal. Known for actively supporting the Democratic Party, Weinstein has long been a major source of campaign financing for progressive politicians.

Most Democrats who accepted money from Weinstein have been swift to announce plans to give these funds to charities. In fact, the Democratic National Committee has said it will donate more than $30,000 to various women’s groups,  and Congressional Democrats are following suit.

There’s little doubt that even if Weinstein somehow avoids legal repercussions for his alleged crimes, his career and life as he knows it are over. Virtually the entire film industry has moved to cut ties with the Hollywood mogul — even The Weinstein Company dumped him. His wife has also announced her intention to seek a divorce.

But let’s compare this response to that of another major public American figure — one who rose to public fame for his massive real estate dealings and later gained popularity as a reality television star.

When Donald Trump made a bid for the White House, the release of a taped conversation with television host Billy Bush revealed his incredibly lewd comments about women. Trump readily admitted to groping women: “Grab them by the p—y. You can do anything.”

Various women soon came forward with stories of Trump’s inappropriate sexual contact. And several have also accused him of rape, including his ex-wive, Ivana Trump.

Just recently, lawyers subpoenaed Trump’s presidential campaign and requested all documents related to the sexual assault claims.

Though, like Weinstein, Trump was widely condemned, the fallout he experienced could not have been more different. Individuals on both sides of the aisle denounced Trump, including top Republicans, but many of those statements were little more than PR lip service.

For example, House Speaker Paul Ryan stated that he had been “sickened” by the Trump tape, though he never retracted his endorsement for the future president. Similarly, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called the tape “repugnant” and “unacceptable,” yet his support for Trump did not waver.

Then there was the soon-to-be U.S. attorney general, then-Senator Jeff Sessions, who claimed that groping women against their consent was not actually sexual assault.

So while Republicans delight in the downfall of Weinstein, they seem to forget their recent support for another sexual predator — one who now holds the highest office in the country.

Photo Credit: GabboT/Wikimedia Commons , Voice of America/Wikimedia Commons


Chad A
Chad Anderson3 months ago

Apparently a lot of Republicans condemn when it is too their advantage and then project that motivation onto everyone else.

Lesa DiIorio
Lesa D3 months ago


Kathryn I
Kathryn I3 months ago

The good old Double Standard because Trump is an excuse of a so-called "president," who is just as much a sexual predator as Weinstein--both are two of a kind.

Laura K
Laura K3 months ago


pam w
pam w3 months ago

And here come the regular GOP toadies, doing their best to blame liberals/Obama & anyone they can think of for anything wrong, anywhere! Pathetic.

Karen H
Karen H4 months ago

Funny how so many Trump supporters made such a big deal that the pussy grabbing was "locker room talk" without conceding that it was outside the locker room. On The Apprentice (in 2010, if you want to check it), Trump reprimanded professional wrestler Maria Kanellis for using the word "crap" by saying, "That's disgusting. This is my boardroom, it's not a locker room. You're fired." If "locker room" truly means a locker room, then a bus with mixed company (there was at least one woman present) and an open microphone is NOT a locker room. And "crap" is definitely not as disgusting as "grab them by the pussy." Perhaps Trump was aware that the mic was open and he wanted the world to hear him brag.

Marija Mohoric
Marija M4 months ago

Why ?

heather g
heather g4 months ago

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Nancy W
Nancy Wrightington4 months ago

Why not tRump? I am so tired if this crap. I have a voice; 64yo disabled woman, with grands and greats; too many ills to list, I have a voice but who will listen? But you people who voted him in ... shame, shame, shame. Congress with the exception of 3 goper and one female dem, stands up to him. SHAME ON CONGRESS. Why do we Americans allow this. He is a president, but he is just a man, NOT GOD. Please, why are, We The People, not able to do something. Our combined voices could do something. God did not give us a reason to fear.

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E4 months ago

brian f
You ALMOST did it in your last post . You started out with a good first sentence and regressed quickly to your BOT loop. SO sad