Republicans Whine That Obama Isn’t Providing Medicaid While Attempting to Eliminate Medicaid

A funny thing happened over the last week.  Republicans managed to entirely turn around the Medicaid conversation while hoping no one noticed their complete reversal on it.

It came in the wake of the HHS ruling to Indiana that the state could not discriminate against providers when it comes to allocating federal Medicaid dollars.  Indiana was the first state to pass a total ban on funding for Planned Parenthood affiliates, claiming that despite the law stating taxpayer funds could not be used on abortion services, just allowing the provider to even touch a dollar was the equivalent of supporting abortion.

Because laws have long been in place that keep the operating expenses for family planning, education and general health care separate from the expenses for the side that provides abortions, the administration told the state that discrimination of one provider was illegal, especially when that provider is responsible for a majority of the family planning and reproductive health care in the state.

Indiana balked.  It has decided it would rather spend money fighting the ruling in court than accept these federal funds for their original intent.  Also in jeopardy — the rest of the state’s Medicaid funding.  If Indiana chooses not to comply with federal rules, it could lose its ability to participate all together.

Here’s where things get funny.  Conservatives have spent the last year pushing an end to health care reform that would provide affordable and equal access for all citizens, regardless of job status, health status or gender, and, more recently, pushing to allow federal Medicaid funds to be reallocated to states as block grants, with states able to cap, redispense, and otherwise play with the money rather than ensure that it goes directly to the people who most need it, in the amount necessary to keep them healthy.  And the people who most are in need are women, and children.

I need to repeat this: Republicans do not want states to receive Medicaid.  They want states to get money that they would have received as Medicaid, and to be able to disperse it at their own discretion.

Now, starting this weekend, primarily at Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom conference, the number one complaint against the federal government appears to be that it is threatening to withhold Medicaid dollars from the state.  Republican congressional candidate Jackie Walorski of Indiana, speaking at a pro-life panel, addressed the group:

“I am from the great state of Indiana, and we did just defund Planned Parenthood in our state. It can be done. And because we did, we are under direct attack from Barack Obama and from the White House…and even though a majority of the people in the state of Indiana do not want their tax money connected to abortion, this president and this opinion of the administration is to take all of the Medicaid money away now from the state of Indiana and leave the most vulnerable people completely out there helpless because the government is trying to make a political point and score points in our state.”

See what just happened there?  Republicans in Indiana were told if they banned federal funding from going to Planned Parenthood, they would lose all Medicaid funding.  They banned the money from Planned Parenthood.  The administration said “put it back or we’ll have to remove all of your Medicaid money like we told you.”  Indiana replied “No, we’ll fight it.” Now, Republicans complain that the government is threatening to withhold all of their Medicaid money.

Republicans are trying to cut Medicaid nationally.  Republicans want to defund Planned Parenthood.  Now, they have a way that they can do both — by defunding Planned Parenthood they can “lose” their Medicaid money without needing the votes to actually pass a measure in congress.

Who is to say this wasn’t the plan all along?

Is it the administration that is leaving the “most vulnerable people completely out there helpless because the government is trying to make a political point and score points?”  One group has been trying very hard to leave the social safety net intact.  Another has been trying to keep tax cuts for the nation’s wealthiest and big corporations safe while balancing the budget on the backs of the poor, primarily women and children.

Who do you believe?

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Maureen L.
Maureen Leibich6 years ago

Martha--All Americans can see how phony the Republicans are. The poor and middle class can certainly see now that a mistake was made by putting them into power. The rich don't care. They want the Republicans in power because they can then line their pockets while the rest of us sacrifice some of our basic needs.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

Why can't the average American see how phony the repubs are?!!

Adam G.
Adam G6 years ago

thanks. this story highlights how evil the repubs, controlled by big business (including the religious reich), really are.

timothy m.
timothy m6 years ago

In Care2's world, do Democrats whine, too, or is whining the exclusive province of Republicans?

Dianna M.
Dianna M6 years ago

Thank you Carlene V!

There are thousands of people in this country who can't afford health care at all--that's what President Obama was trying to address in his health-care plan.

I strongly suggest any "Obamacare"-bashers to contact Doctors Without Borders and find out if they're sponsoring one of their one-day free clinics in your area. Even if you don't volunteer to help, show up and walk around for an hour or two and talk to the people who are there as patients. These are the people President Obama--AND many members of Congress, among them Ted Kennedy--were trying to help.

Shirley A.
Shirley A6 years ago

Good job Carlene V. posting the facts.

It would be a "slam dunk" in 2012 if the American people would take just a minute do some homework and GET THE TRUTH. The Republicans can't run on the truth and have no credible, viable plan or policy for the majority in this Country so their only path is lying, cheating and manipulating. My "litmus test" for voting is checking out just how much and who the candidate has received donations from since you can't believe a single word out of their mouths. NOW that the corrupt Citizens United situation is in play that certainly makes it harder but following how any of them vote certainly makes it clear as to just where their money comes from and who's butt they are kissing. I will never vote Republican until I see one that has some common sense, compassion and intelligent thought and puts this Countries best interest and future as their No. 1 priority instead of MONEY, MONEY AND MORE MONEY in their greedy, corrupt pockets. I suspect I'll have one LONG ASS wait before that happens considering the current crop of NIT WITS and MORONS out there RIGHT now.

Carlene V.
Carlene V6 years ago

Diane O - where do you get your "facts"? Medicare has been sending people home for years with in-home checks, it has nothing to do with Obamacare, most of which is not even in effect. Luckily your Aunt is already on Medicare and won't be part of the repubs plan to privitize it. Have you checked to see what the probable cost of insurance will be if Medicare is put out to private insurance? You appear to jump on any bandwagon to slam Obama. You don't think getting rid of pre-existing conditions is good, how about older children keeping medical coverage under their parents, how about no cancellations for being ill? Guess you are lucky & have not been cancelled or turned away due to illness you may have or previously have had. Any idea where these people go Diane? To the state and county for their care and who do you think pays for that? You and I, the tax payers. Big insurance is in the pockets of the politicians, they don't want Obamacare because they'll have to provide care, big surprise. The Medicare D- prescription drug program brought to us by GWB - you guessed it, written by Big Pharma, that's why there is what is called "the donut hole", well, Obamacare gets rid of that too. The GBO, which is non-political, says that Obamacare will save us money, not cost us money. You may want to check some facts next time.

Re - PP & Medicaid in Indiana? Just phony "Christians" shoving their social beliefs down everyone's throats. Did they realize PP does more then abo

Ira L.
Ellie L6 years ago

For a better life, Vote Democrat. Reelect Obama, Take back the House, and extend the majority in the Senate. Then, and only then can we get things done that help Americans, not hurt them. Let's take back our country from the greedy, power-crazy, radical, fanatical, extreme reps/cons/teabaggers who only care about the top 2% in America. Their motto: Let the others be damned! I say, RECALL every rep/con/teabagger governor NOW before they destroy us. They're on a fast track!

Vernon W.
Vernon W6 years ago

The answer is not to vote ALL incumbents out. The new Tea Partiers are just making the problems worse. The solution is to vote for the politicians who vote for all the people, not just the rich lobbyiests who finance their campaigns. That requires research and effort for voters. In a Democracy, the nation gets the government it deserves.

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

And how did the Repugs get into office..?