Rescued By Tourists Orphaned Wolf Pup Heads To Busch Gardens (Video)

At 8 weeks-old an orphaned Gray wolf pup has quite a tale to tell about his experiences in life. Rescued by vacationers who found him wandering along the side of a road in central Idaho, the wolf is now being raised by a German short-haired pointer after being flown to a new home at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA.

Nicknamed “Boise,” the orphaned wolf pup was rescued by a group of campers near the resort town of Ketchum, Idaho when they mistakenly believed he was a lost puppy. The vacationers contacted a local veterinarian who, in turn, called Idaho Fish and Game. Boise was then sent to a local zoo that took care of him until a DNA test confirmed he was Gray wolf.

Idaho Fish and Game made several attempts to find the pup’s pack, but when that failed they began searching for a permanent home for him.

Together with Zoo Boise, Fish and Game officials chose Busch Gardens Williamsburg as the young wolf’s new home. The theme park is home to 10 wolves, including two 6-week-old pups they recently acquired from a private breeder.

”Because of our 12-year experience with wolves and the fact that we already had two wolf pups at the park played a major role in the decision by Idaho state officials to choose Busch Gardens for the pup’s new home,” said Jay Tacey, zoological manager for Busch Gardens.

Tacey said Boise immediately took to his new pack, which consists of the two 6-week old pups and a German short-haired pointer named Mia who is serving as their surrogate mother.

“The young pack mates are getting along and adjusting very well,” Tacey said. “They are playing and discovering their new home.”

Boise was flown into Williamsburg International Airport in late June, where he was met by the park’s team of wolf experts.

Boise and the two yet-to-be-named pups will eventually be introduced to one of Busch Gardens’ three wolf packs. For now, Mia has taken the role of pack leader, teaching the pups about wolf pack hierarchy.

“Boise has been given a second chance at life thanks to the leadership and support of Idaho Fish and Game, Zoo Boise and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries,” said Tracey.


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Photo Credit: USFWSheadquarters


Jenny H.
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Really it is quite edifying article just that I was on the lookout for.

Michael Guest
Michael Guest4 years ago

It's great to hear of a grey wolf pup to be rescued and placed in a home

Elena B.
Elena Bonati5 years ago

I'm happy he's got a loving home. Thank you to all who helped him.

.5 years ago

happy he has got a home,thank you for sharing

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Marianne Forgo5 years ago

Thank you for this video,and thank you for the great job that you do.

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Muriel Servaege5 years ago

Thank you to all those who helped him find a home. He's real cute!

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Shannon Moody5 years ago

so sweet for them to do this for the pup

Edvanir L.
Edvanir L5 years ago

This is awesome! I'm sorry he's pack wasn't find. Some mom may be sad, but he needs a new home. I'm happy for him.

Lorraine Andersen

thanks for taking him in, and great work to the people who found him

Kim D.
Kimberly D5 years ago

I'm happy Boise has a safe and happy new home. I'm also pleased officials at least tried to locate his pack prior to placing him at Busch Gardens. All in all, I think this is the best possible outcome for little Boise.