Researcher Laughs at Monkeys He Kills

Talk about adding insult to injury!

A presentation by an animal researcher at Wake Forest University features photographs showing distressed or frightened monkeys who are dressed up and the photos have mocking captions. Some vivisectors evidently find torturing and killing animals amusing.

The presentation in question is a powerpoint document used by a researcher named Thomas Clarkson at a conference held by the National Institute on Aging. The NIA then hosted the presentation on its website, until questions about the tasteless nature of the photographs were raised.

The monkeys in question were subjected to psychological stress by unnamed methods, put to sleep, and dissected.

All this was done in the process of research on menopause. These monkeys were killed so that we could better understand menopause.

The monkeys depicted in the presentation include one on the first page, who is wearing what appears to be a dress, and is looking terrified at the camera. There is a speech bubble added that says, “I just don’t know what to think”, as though the monkey is confused about the scientific question ahead instead of terrified for her life.

At the end of the presentation there is another monkey shown wearing large glasses in a “silly” attempt to make her appear erudite. In the photograph, however, you can see a chain wrapped around her neck, which detracts from the photographer’s attempt to make her look humorous.

Incidents like this combine facts that we already know about vivisection. Firstly, some of the most horrendous research isn’t being done to treat life-threatening illnesses, it’s done in the interest of for-profit pharmaceutical companies (Pfizer was a sponsor of the conference where this presentation was given).

Secondly, no matter how many times we hear from researchers that they value the dignity and lives of their test subjects, situations like this will always prove them wrong. How callous does a person have to be to not only kill an animal, but to dress them up and humiliate them publicly?

Even if we set aside the pointlessness of the research, even if we set aside the always-improbable likelihood that we can learn about human conditions from animal tests, even if we neglect the trail of money from these experiments that leads back to big pharmaceutical companies, even if we set aside that the potential applications of this research might bring back treatments once linked to cancer, we are still left with the horrifying nature of the experiments themselves.

We are left with the fact that animals were not only killed, but the fact those animals bear such resemblance to our own appearance was used to mock them for the amusement of callous vivisectors.

Boycott companies that test on animals. Do not support industries and companies that profit from torturing animals. And do not believe researchers who claim to have animals’ best interests at heart.

Photo: Shirley Buxton


Sound Mind
Ronald E7 years ago

Enough already

Wendy F.
Jane Parker7 years ago

I have always believed those morons who claim to be helping medical research by cutting up animals, are sub-human. The same type will be cutting up their neighbours kids next. I would to stick a rocket up their arse!!!

Tatiana S.
Tatiana S7 years ago

Hey Melissa, maybe you should get off of those pills you're taking and maybe you'll see how stupid your remark is!!!

Hillary K.
Hillary K7 years ago

Disgusting, I'd like to put him in a dress with a chain around his neck so he can see what it feels like to be so terrified & humiliated. What a sick, sad person.

Joan Z.
Joan F7 years ago

Thanks Denise, I was just going to inquire about Melissa. Don't know what that's all about-maybe she's a psychopath with no capacity to feel-they don't even know they are so she might not even realize she's a zero.

Denise Miller
Denise Miller7 years ago

To Melissa A: "...riled up over nothing?" Wow, you are heartless and yet you are a member of Care 2? One might ask "Why"? Okay, I'll ask: "Why the hell do you belong to Care 2?" There seems to be more and more right wing crack pots on here. Let me take a wild guess.... you are from somewhere in the heart (pardon the pun) of the good 'ol U S of A.

Elke W.
Elke Winkler7 years ago

and ?? Does there exist a petition or something like that ??? I mean it should be shown to those people, who seem to enjoy to humiliate a helpless creature, that this is not accepted by normal people ! Those persons who have participated in this should be fired !!!!! They don't have any awareness of ethic and respect of life !! I wonder if they would find it funny to be treated like that ...

Vanessa B.
Vanessa B7 years ago

one word - jerk.

Melissa A.
Melissa A7 years ago

This is so stupid. Anyone can get these pictures off of the web, they aren't even the animals he works with. Stupid people complaining about stupid things. Getting all riled up over nothing, take a break and a pill

Lisa Mazzola
Lisa M7 years ago

I HATE, HATE, HATE these people. I'm finding it harder and harder to call myself a Christian because I find no forgiveness in my heart for these evil monsters and I don't for one second believe they deserve any forgiveness. I believe they are sociopathic, sorry excuses for human existence and they should not be grouped in the same arena as a human being or any God-created lifeform. If all human beings were like this, I would kill myself.