Returning People to Nature

Are you interested in learning about ways to live more greenly?  How about supporting the local economy and finding easy ways to connect your community with nature or long-distance biking?  Common Circle Education has a course for you.

With three different types of classes, those interested in a permacluture education can find the perfect setting for them. Permaculture is “an integrated set of principles and methods for designing, setting up and running sustainable human systems.” Which, in layman’s terms, means learning how to appropriately balance new technologies, elbow grease and public transportation to easily and positively affect your surroundings. 

The people of Common Circle offer online courses, workshops and biking tours through the state of Oregon.  Biking tours are geared toward beginner and intermediate cyclists, so no one should be discouraged. They are also 100% participatory, meaning that everyone contributes to the communities they bike through while also learning how to incorporate sustainable living projects into their own lives and working together. 

Common Circle provides the food, which partially comes from farms visited on the tour, and tourists cook the meals, reinforcing the community building principles taught in the courses.  

Vladislav Davidzon, founder of Common Circle Education, has launched many social change brands including ThinkHost and EcoSpace.  He is a firm believer in both small changes by individuals and larger contributions from corporations toward social problems.

Photo via Flickr by towodo


Will L.
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Very good..yes..

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M6 years ago

Thank You for sharing Kara. Loved the video!
I really do feel that people have come to expect too much in the way of material things...which leads to them having to work harder just to pay for them...and this is not leaving them the time to slow down and re-think what is really important in life.
I would much rather be closer to nature and all it's beauty and learn how to sustain myself from Mother Earth and how to protect it.

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Live, give,and learn!

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Thanks for sharing this resource. we need continual reminders to do everything we can to promote sustainability!

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