Right Wing Idiot of The Day (With Happy Ending)

Mr. George Tierney, Jr. of Greenville South Carolina doesn’t like Sandra Fluke. See, she’s a liar and she’s responsible for this whole ‘War On Women,’ which is insulting to the troops. He knows it’s all true because he heard it on “the news.”

He thinks, via Twitter, that Fluke should:

Shut that god damn dick sucker

Now, this Shakespearean wit didn’t go unnoticed. Tblogg at Firedoglake took note of a whole stream of these tweets from Tierney’s deep consciousness.

As did Fluke. She responded and some of Tblogg’s followers and Fluke’s then had choice words for Tierney. Can you guess what happened next?

Yes, Tierney didn’t like all this ‘victimization’ of an innocent conservative and tried to get Tblogg shut down. Why?

I did not give you permission, nor did you ask me for it. It shows up on google and I will see a lawyer if this doesnt disappear. Ask me before posting bullshit about me. You fuckers had no right.

How ungrateful. Surely he wants his pearls of wisdom to be seen widely? Apparently not; he demanded that Firedoglake “take it off google.” They played nice (well, maybe a little snarky):

Because we are all about trying to help people be better people, we are willing to update the offending post if George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina makes a public apology to Sandra Fluke, and not one of those bullshit, “I apologize if you were offended because I called you a under-rock-dwelling dick sucking cunt” kind of apologies. No, that will not do.

Also, too, stop doing this.

Additionally he could make a substantial but not ostentatious contribution to Planned Parenthood in Sandra Fluke’s name.

Yes, that would be nice. For that we would totally consider updating the Google for him.

This didn’t go down well, with a slew of tweets ensuing including a reference to ‘ass monkeys’ and a use of the N-word.

And then he shut his Twitter account.


The only reason I ever put the original exchange up between George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina and Sandra Fluke was to illustrate the type of shit that was still being flung at Ms. Fluke (courtesy of Rush Limbaugh) and to show how incredibly gracious and patient she was in responding to it. The “take it off google” new internet tradition was just gravy on the biscuit, as they probably say down in Greenville South Carolina where George Tierney lives. Or so I have heard.

Having said that, the only person who came off smelling like a rose was Sandra Fluke while the rest of us got more than a little dirty. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I need to take a shower.

Then a little miracle occurred. Tierney found Jesus or something, coming back to the tweet-o-sphere to write:

After much soul searching, I have decided to humbly apologize to any and all that I have offended — especially Sandra Fluke.

Somewhere in heaven an angel wept. I hope he uses his new interwebs stardom wisely.

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Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

Sure it was Tierneys account that issued that sincere apology? Hacked accounts are very common and I have a feeling that excuse is somewhat out of character for Tierney!

Jessica Crane
Jessica Crane7 years ago

People need to watch what they tweet.

Don H.
Don H7 years ago

Sue T, I'll tell you what. Democrats are intolerant of of far right wing "hate speech".

We know that, historically, this hate speech is where "it" starts. It? Fascism.

If you listen to Rush Limbaugh, and give his words credence, you are contributing to the downward spiral of this nation. It's too bad about your boy friend.

But you really weren't really much of a "liberal" were you?

Saliane Anderssen
Saliane A7 years ago

Sue T: it is probably really difficult to find a left wing idiot of the day...

Sue T.
Susan T7 years ago

liars stink.

Sue T.
Susan T7 years ago

Where is the left wing idiot of the day story?

Pamela T.
Pamela Tracy7 years ago

I can imagine the other right wing idiots we could put online if we spend time in bars listening to men talk about women......he is not alone in his rants.

Frances C.
Frances C7 years ago

They say if you "Lie down with skunks you will get up smelling very stinky." This horrid man lay down with the very stinky Limbaugh, and now he shares the skunk bed. I did not know that people actually wrote such vicious things about other people, especially a very nice young lady. Shame on them and the people who listen, and applaud.

Charli S.
Charlotte S7 years ago

My mother used to say that before you get upset and fling something back CONSIDER THE SOURCE. I no longer sweat the stuff Flush Rush says.
Here;s another old saying that applies: Its from Ben Franklin: ''Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see'' So maybe instead of allowing others to think for you it's a good idea to think for yourself. I see too many conservatives and liberals believing EVERYTHING that is uttered by anyone. Before you go off the deep end maybe it's a good idea to research the issue.

Alisha Walker
.7 years ago

Wow. I live in Greenville SC, but I've never seen this idiot around. I'll have to pass this article to all my friends - male and female. This isn't that big of a town, so hopefully, he'll never get another date!