Right Wing Media Infiltrates Occupy Wall Street To Discredit It


This time the infiltration of a legitimate grassroots movement in Occupy Wall Street didn’t come from Dick Armey and his astroturfing FreedomWorks, but from the right-wing media. An assistant editor with the conservative American Spectator admitted in a column to posing as part of the 99 Percent Movement in D.C. to “mock and undermine” it. Classy.

Patrick Howley is an assistant editor and set about disrupting the protest by instigating violence to discredit the movement and to presumably mine material for his column in the Spectator.

His column details how he took part in Saturday’s demonstrations at the Smithsonian Institute’s Air and Space Museum (the Spectator has now removed that column). Approximately 100 to 200 anti-war demonstrators arrived at an exhibit about the drone aircraft the American military uses for spying and even targeted killings.

Howley with others rushed the entrance of the museum despite warnings from the guards causing them to fire pepper spray to the groups. It wasn’t until bloggers at Fire Dog Lake identified Howley and labeled him an “agent provocateur” did he come clean in his column and admit the mission.

Howley’s stunt shows a few telling things about the current state of the conservative movement. One, they are terrified of legitimate political discourse, which we can assume is the natural consequence of successfully manipulating the political narrative for the past decade and more. Two, they have little, if any ethics.

And three, this movement has them worried.


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Photo from _PaulS_ via flickr.


W. C
W. C1 years ago

Thank you.

William C
William C1 years ago


Michael Anda
Michael Anda6 years ago

Not to excuse this Howley dude. His actions DID SEEM pretty desperate, abnormal at a minimum.

Michael Anda
Michael Anda6 years ago

Jessica P., aren't you a bit like the douchebag calling the kettle black here?

Quanta Kiran
Quanta Kiran7 years ago


Ralph R Sutton
Ralph R Sutton7 years ago

For those supporting the Tea Party and crying that they too have been infiltrated to discredit them, I would remind you that the Tea Party attended Town Hall meeting with LOADED GUNS and have disrupted political events by using profanity when speaking to the guest speaker. The latest such incident occurred when Elizabeth Warren was addressing a gathering when a bagger called her a slut. Another thing that is upsetting baggers is the fact that the OWS has surpassed the popularity of the Tea Party and the OWS movement is still growing unlike the Tea Party which is now below 30%.

The Tea Party was highjacked because it had a small leadership structure, but the OWS has no leadership structure, only assemblies that can number from a couple of dozen to more than a thousand people and they make decisions by a democratic vote unlike the Tea Party where a single person calls the shots based on what their secret big money supporters want.

Nelson B.
Nelson B7 years ago

The infiltrators should be investigated and denounced.

Charles Temm JR
Charles Temm JR7 years ago

Is this any different from the oft condoned lefties jumping into Tea party rallies with obscene signs in an attempt to embarrass THEM?

Of course not but the difference is that now some righties are returning the favor and progs are outraged. You guys are just getting a taste of what you started. Sadly it lowers the entire discourse if that is possible.

Besides, there are plenty of these OWS participants doing and saying things to embarrass this group, this right winger just gave the entire mess an excuse for much of what they are doing.

Jaime J.
Jaime J7 years ago

Hmm...so, how peaceful is this movement in which people participate in uncivilized behavior? Defecating on sidewalks next to police cars, desecrating the American flag, masking their faces (seems a little barbaric to mask your face; show yourself and who you really are if you are making a stand). No one brings their children, they break the city ordinances by camping there, and they are often anti-semitic, and are showing how anti-American they really are. This is not upsetting anyone, but it really is exciting the Nazi party and the Communist Party of America. They are all for it. Just makes me wonder what people are really taking a stand for, and if they really understand the implications they are making. Socialism HAS NEVER worked, and yet, this is what these people are standing for? Look at Cuba; the ongoing joke there is that Cuba has great education and a great health care system, except they lack breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That is what you want for America?

MarLeah McIntosh
MarLeah Moreno7 years ago

I found this interesting!
I'm in Oil & Gas & I thought our executives made good money! I'm in the wrong business! *snark*

About the Denver protest (Redgie H): I thought I had saved the email for that, but I can't find it! :( I remember that it starts at 11:30 at the Capitol Building (Capital Park, believe), but there is already a "tent city" out there. Governor Hickenlooper said that he is not ready to ask them to move their tents "just yet". I've always loved that guy, since he was Denver's mayor. He has heart! I have to just stop by on my lunch hour, but I want to check it out and stand up for the cause as long as I can.