Robert Redford Leads Charge against the Disastrous Pebble Mine


by Claire Morgenstern

The people of Bristol Bay, Alaska, are against the Pebble Mine. Robert Redford is standing with them against the Pebble Mine. And once you watch his powerful new video on the subject, you’ll stand with them too.

Despite overwhelming local opposition, London-based mining giants Anglo American and Rio Tinto are moving forward on the Pebble Mine project, a gargantuan, open-pit gold and copper mine above Bristol Bay.

This vast open pit would be gouged out of the headwaters of one of the greatest wild salmon runs in the world. It would threaten the very last 284 beluga whales of Cook Inlet. And it would forever alter the abundant wilderness above Bristol Bay that has supported Native peoples for thousands of years.

But what really astounds is the sheer size of this project. We’re talking about a cavernous hole that would be two miles wide and 2,000 feet deep. Its operations would produce an estimated 10 billion tons of contaminated waste—that’s 3,000 pounds for every man, woman and child on Earth. Oh, and the plan is to store that mountain of waste behind colossal earthen dams—forever. And did I mention that the whole thing will sit in an active earthquake zone?

Anglo American and Rio Tinto say that they’re committed to respecting the communities where they do business. Yet polls show that more than 80 percent of Bristol Bay residents, including its Native peoples and commercial fishermen, are against it — and these companies just keep bulldozing ahead with their plans.

Later this month, both of these companies will hold their annual shareholder meetings in London. We’re launching an Earth Day blitz that will expose Anglo American and Rio Tinto’s broken corporate promises, alert their countrymen and shareholders to their dangerous plans and reach our goal of generating ONE MILLION messages of protest. Together, we must tell Anglo American and Rio Tinto that No Means No!

Join together with NRDC, Robert Redford and the people of Bristol Bay in sending Anglo American and Rio Tinto a message: “It’s Time to Take NO for an answer.” Sign the petition right now.


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Carol B.
Carol B.4 years ago

I agree. television ads, billboards, social media, will raise public awareness. Unfortunately many people are in the dark regarding many injustices that are going on, i.e horse tripping in New Mexico, mustang roundups in Nevada.
There's power in numbers, and thank you Robert for your advocacy!
Carol .

Janice Thompson
Janice T5 years ago

I apologize for being a "Johnny Come Lately". I just hope I am not too late.

Signed. Shared.

Spammer flagged.

Frances Darcy
Frances D5 years ago

If this was movie plot, it would be regarded as far-fetched....fact is stranger than fiction...

Dale D.
Dale Dunnigan6 years ago

I am so horrified at Shell Oil's actions and at Romney's attitude. A spill up there will make BP's problem in the gulf look like a corner garage working on an old truck.
I think it is time for Mr. Redford to make some tv ads showing what Bristol Bay will look like if this happens. Ask for citizen support. Demand attention from the presidential candidates NOW. Plead and petition to make Bristol Bay a NATIONAL PARK with a Do Not Distrub sign! Traci P above is right--get people to start screaming! Get it on every talk show and in every news channel.

Terri Hughes
Terri H6 years ago

''SIGNED''....we all have to keep fighting against this. We can't back down. Thank you Robert Redford.

Kimberlee W.
Kimberlee W6 years ago

My Brother-in Law up in Anchorage, tells me the vast majority of the people are completely against this yet their legislature won't listen to them.

What's it going to take? These are the PREMIERE salmon grounds of the world!! How can they destroy this immeasurably expensive industry?

Ernie Miller
william M6 years ago

Thanks done the signature last month

Lynn C.
Past Member 6 years ago

Kenai, on the Cook Inlet, was where I grew up and I know only too well what will happen when this mine goes into operation. I can't even express how sick I feel when I think about it.
The last time I went home to visit, a friend, and bush pilot gave me a ride over this very country to show me where his dad's ashes were scattered. It is some of the most incredibly pristine and beautiful scenery left on earth.
For me this is the tipping point for hope of saving the world's ecosystems from total destruction. The dams will be breached! The earthquake(s) will happen! The toxic waste will spill into the Inlet and it will be the end of any kind of sea life in the area for thousands of miles, including the king crab in Homer, the salmon, cod, halibut etc, etc, all the way from Kodiak Island to Anchorage. I remember seeing many beluga's coming into the mouth of the Kenai River chasing the salmon runs. They'll be gone!

Oh...I just can't talk about it anymore!

Tracy P.
Desmond A6 years ago

Why is this not on the nightly news in every town across America? What has happened to our journalists to not have this front and center for everyone with a brain to see how wrong this is. Big corporations are raping the environment and we just sit back and act as if our hands are tied. Scream people scream! Call your government officials, call your local news station and ask why they are not reporting real news. I do not give a rats ass what Brittney Spears or Demi Moore or Derek Jeter are doing or any of the other celebrity dribble that is marketed as news, I want to light shown on stories like this that have a devastating impact on communities and our land, water and air. Our priorities are so messed up. We are the land of the weak and a nation of cowards when it comes to fighting the real bad guys. Anglo American and Rio Tinto should be knocked on their ass by a wave of public outcry that can be heard around the world. That they are aloud to move forward is a crime.

Joy Dantine
Joy Dantine6 years ago

Redford, I love your moves - ahh, er movies.