Romney Clinches GOP Endorsement – For President of “Amercia”

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney clinched the Republican presidential nomination Tuesday, winning enough delegates in the Texas primary to secure a majority of Republican delegates, but Romney’s victory was overshadowed by the ongoing controversy generated by Donald Trump, and a social media app that suggested Romney may be running for president of a different country altogether.

Secures Nomination

Romney won 69 percent of the vote in the Texas primary, winning at least 105 delegates, enough to put him over the top. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, was second with 12 percent, and former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Penn., received 8 percent.  No other candidate on the ballot received more than 5 percent, and all candidates on the Republican side save Romney have suspended their campaigns.

Romney issued a statement in which he said he was “honored” by the support, and that the Republican party had “come together with the goal of putting the failures of the last three and a half years behind us.”

Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus congratulated Romney on the win, saying in a statement that “Gov. Romney will offer America the new direction we so desperately need. We cannot afford four more years of President Obama’s big government agenda, deficit spending, and attacks on American free enterprise.”

The Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., also issued a statement, though it was somewhat less complementary.

Tonight, after six years of trying and millions of dollars spent, and after a year of tepid support against one of the weakest fields in history, Mitt Romney has finally secured enough delegates to become the Republican Party’s presidential nominee,” Wasserman said. “Romney may have finally gained enough delegates to become the nominee, but what’s been truly remarkable about his path to the nomination is how much damage he’s left in his wake as he enters the general election.

With the win, Romney becomes the first Mormon to earn a major party’s nomination for president.

Trump Casts Long Shadow, Romney Releases Birth Certificate

Romney’s victory was overshadowed by controversy surrounding a fundraiser for Romney held by media maven Donald Trump, who spent much of Tuesday pushing conspiracy theories surrounding President Obama’s place of birth. As if to give tacit support to Trump’s birtherism, Romney released a copy of his own Certificate of Live Birth, which showed he was born in Michigan in 1947. Unsurprisingly, nobody stepped forward to demand Romney release a “long form” birth certificate; Obama was attacked for years by birther conspiracists for only releasing a Certificate of Live Birth, before releasing a full birth certificate in 2011.

The Trump fundraiser drew brickbats from Wasserman Schultz, who noted it in her statement.

On what should be a good news day for Romney, he once again reminds us of his commitment to ‘Romney Economics’ and the far-right wing of his party with his pandering to Donald Trump. Mitt Romney’s lack of moral leadership is striking: he values the support of folks like Trump—no matter how extreme their views.

“Amercia” Gaffe Goes Viral

Romney also was embarrassed by an iPhone app that his campaign released Tuesday night. The app allows users to snap photos of themselves, and then overlay designs that include the phrase “I’m With Mitt.” Unfortunately, one of the designs, which was supposed to hail “A Better America,” was misspelled to instead proclaim “A Better Amercia.”

Internet mockery was swift, and the Tumblr was up within minutes. On Twitter, jokes spread like wildfire, many detailing events in “Amercian” history.

The error left Romney’s digital director, Zack Moffatt, apologetic. In an interview with Mashable, he said, “We thought this would be a fun, easy way to showcase support.” Instead, it turned into another distraction for Romney.

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Image Credit: Gage Skidmore


BMutiny TCorporationsAreE

Migosh, that picture of Romney is SCAREY!!! CREEPY-scarey! The guy who was the big High School Bully -- older but STILL THE SAME...... don't trust him with scissors!

Speaking of Anagrams, just as America is "AMERCIA", Romney turns out to be "RMONEY"!!!!
One DOES wonder, is this really the result of OUTSOURCING EVERYTHING -- to people who don't know English? CHEAP COMPUTER SETUPS? The CHEAPEST POSSIBLE LABOR, from the Third World, say? Computer work of course is EASY TO OUTSOURCE.....

Or, is it DELIBERATE SABOTAGE? Somebody who wants to make the point that THE CIA REALLY RUNS AMERICA????? Some sneaky undercover "mole" in the Rmoney camp?????

This is truly INSANE..... maybe we'll never know the REAL REASON!
SOMEBODY IS RESPONSIBLE! Will they get FIRED? SOME COMPANY contracted to do this!!! Will they FESS UP???

Fred F.
Fred F5 years ago

There is one silver lining in the otherwise dark cloud of a GOP victory. The funny thing is that the Tea Party republican fascists have shown us how to expect and to get four major concessions during a president's term.

They'd have a very hard time complaining when the time comes for "President" Romney to ask for an increase in the debt ceiling and progressive congress people dig in and refuse. Like they did to Obama and they will do to him again if he's reelected and they hang on to enough power in congress.

We progressives need badly to have the people we elect to congress and the senate commit to taking this all the way. We need progressive democrats who will resist the arm twisting from the National democratic party that will surely come. We need progressive democrats in congress in enough numbers that they can grind Romney's debt ceiling to a halt until we get the toll. If republicans get upset and start howling, GOOD. I hope they feel the same sputtering rage and frustration that they so frequently dump on others with their gross unfairness and pathological dishonesty.

As a community, we progressives should be talking, to identify just WHICH four things we want. If we do this for every year of one term, we'll have gotten way more progress than we ever did during Obama's term. How about 1) An Equal Rights Amendment, 2) Public financing of campaigns, 3) Rescheduling marijuana for the medical issue and as a grand finale, 4). Single Payer.

Michael Mangino
Michael Mangino5 years ago


Anita Wisch
Anita Wisch5 years ago

Amercia........ Gotta laugh at this.

Barbara S.

If Romney thinks he can represent all Americans, why doesn't he prove he can live like the other 99%? He should have given up access to all his hard-earned (LOL!) money for the entire campaign, and been forced to raise money to run like President Obama does. He should have stopped work on his West Coast Mansion with it's car elevator, and showed he can live like most of us do... on a low budget.

A man like Romney can never understand the rest of us. He only knows how great it is to be rich.

A N M.
anne M5 years ago

Bruce: In Texas, we held the primaries which means Romney wasn't even running against Obama period. On the other hand, since Texas is mostly republican, Romney will probably win there over Obame but not before November.

Then again, looking at Romney's eyes, there's no way I'd vote for this fanatical mormon. Why should I?

Ron B.
Ron B5 years ago

Which America would that be now---North, South or Central? Considering how involved the US is in drug production and distribution in these areas, among other things, maybe it would be all three.

Steve R.
Steve R5 years ago

You lot just can't stand it, can you? That the Republicans have circled the wagons around Romney.

Can you do no better than to latch onto a stupid typo? You'll need more reason than that to stop him winning in November.

I can't wait to read your sourpuss comments the day after Obama is evicted from a house he should never have occupied in the first place.

Now let me go see if I can still find my list of gaffes Obama made in 2008.... or was it his teleprompter?

Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

Bertha doesn't know the difference between 'fact and fiction'..Does she know the relation of Mormon and bigamy?

Gary Ansorge
Gary Ansorge5 years ago

Bruce K.

What the heck are you talking about? I thought even Republicans were aware that the current sitting president(aka, Obama) isn't running against Romney for the Republican nomination. your observation of media bias is nonsensical.