Romney: “Corporations Are People, My Friends!” [VIDEO]


Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is trying hard to explain why it’s better to raise retirement ages for Medicare and Social Security than raise taxes on corporations. But he’s not doing a very good job of it.

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Photo credit: Jessica Rinaldi


W. C
W. Cabout a year ago


William C
William Cabout a year ago

Not surprising, thank you.

Camila K.
Kamila A7 years ago

Romney also shouldn't be allowed to own a dog after what he did to his Irish setter. Google that, all animal lovers. You will realize where this guy's heart is....missing

Camila K.
Kamila A7 years ago

We need to change laws that view corporations as people. If they were people they should be arrested or put into psych wards for the criminally insane

Peter V.
Peter V7 years ago

Sheesh, what a moron! Who does he think he's fooling? If corporations are people, does that mean that we can marry them and have sex with them? (Getting screwed by a corporation doesn't count!) Can corporations give birth to living breathing children?

Forget about gay marriage, I want to marry a corporation! If the government recognizes corporations as people, then they cannot deny my right to marry one!

Thomas A.
Thomas A7 years ago

The corporation is not a group of people selling a product or providing a service. Corporations were formed to limit the financial liability to the owners (stockholders) in the event of failure, while creating a separate legal entity that may accumulate capital (land, money, machinery, etc.). It has it's own capital - no human being can be tracked down by creditors to answer for unpaid debts.

What this does, by default, is also remove any legal liability for wrongdoing of any sort - pollution violations, human rights violations - it's very difficult to pin a person responsible within the corporation and punish them. Instead, most of the time, if anything happens at all, the corporation is fined a tiny bit of money. Whoop-de-do.

The employees are not the corporation - they don't even have a say in any corporate decision (at least, they don't without union representation). The CEO and the board of directors make the broad, general decisions, but they don't own the corporation. They are employees as well. The stockholders own the corporation, but who are they? There is no law limiting who may own stock in a US-based corporation. The stock holders are you and me (through 401(k) and similar plans, mutual funds, IRAs, etc.), foreign individuals, foreign gov'ts, etc. Not all stockholders are American citizens.

Randolph M.
Randolph M.7 years ago

Corporations are not people. They were created to limit and spread liability, among other things. I don't believe any definition can be slanted to the statement that they are prople. If they were, why create them in the first place. Romney's statement is the opposite of the truth. In other words, a lie.

Grace Adams
Grace Adams7 years ago

Corporations are large groups of persons gathered together to pursue profits by making and selling some product.

christopher murray

Corporations are, legally "Artificial persons for the purpose of taxation"
So the GOP's best friends are artificial people.

Tom Sullivan
Tom C Sullivan7 years ago

This guy is a total jerk, we no where he gets his money.