Romney Could Beat Obama and Other 2012 Presidential News

Is President Obama vulnerable in 2012?  New polling suggests that he might be, as matchups between him and key Republicans get seriously tight.

Via the  Washington Examiner:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney leads President Obama by two points, 44-42 percent, in the latest Rasmussen Reports national survey of voter preference for the 2012 presidential campaign. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is in a dead heat with Obama, with both drawing  43 percent.

These numbers could spell doom for Obama’s reelection campaign.  At least, if they were from any polling group other than Rasmussen, who, according to Nate Silver, had the worst performance and the biggest pro-Republican bias of any polling group in 2010.

Even in the Rasmussen polling, most of the candidates are trailing the sitting president.  So maybe a new contender needs to be throw into the mix?  Mother Jones writer Andy Kroll notes conservatives are pushing that the new candidate should be former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

Forget Tim Pawlenty, or Mitt Romney, or Sarah Palin. The best Republican candidate for the 2012 presidential race isn’t any of the names being batted around right now. The man the GOP needs is Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida and the younger brother of George W. Bush.

At least that’s the argument laid out today by Rich Lowry, editor of the conservative National Review. Many of Lowry’s eight reasons why Jeb should run in 2012—and not in 2016, as Bush has said he would—are well-worn: While Obama appears to be beatable, “there is no true frontrunner in the race to challenge him,” Lowry writes. Jeb is “not just another Bush.” Loathing of the Bush family, at its peak after George W.’s eight disastrous years in office, has largely subsided since Obama took over. And that there’s no “too soon” when it comes to running for the president. (Case in point: Obama and Bill Clinton.)

It’s true that the GOP field seems pretty weak so far.  But as The Fix examines, is it really worth it to anyone to bother running for the GOP nomination?

Is the Republican presidential nomination worth having?

Yes, argues Republican pollster Ed Goeas in a memo entitled, fittingly: “A Nomination Worth Something”. (Goeas is a longtime adviser to Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, who is considering a run for president in 2012.)

Goeas makes a two-part argument — first that Obama remains politically weakened and second that the size and fluidity of the GOP field is a strength, not a hindrance.

While acknowledging that Obama has made gains since the election, Goeas notes that the president’s disapproval rating remains above 40 percent and that “those who strongly disapprove of the president remains at a 1.3-to-1 ratio to those who strongly approve of his job performance.”

Goeas also argues that disapproval is likely to remain strong due to unemployment rates that are “approximately 1.7 times higher” than the historical average since 1948.

On the Republican side, Goeas believes that while the 2012 field is likely to feature 10 or more candidates, the underlying political environment makes the race far more winnable than in 2008.

I guess that means there is room for Jeb after all.


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Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

I will vote for President Obama, and I will never vote for any repub, because of their anti-people agenda, and certainly not romney.

Ant m.
Ant m7 years ago

Lets just hope this is his only term ... We cant afford him another 4 years ...

Robby C.
Past Member 7 years ago

Peter- "We really need to get over the puppet show that transfixes americans every 4 years."

-yes, & that puppet show is really starting to show nowdays. It's almost as if both sides are merely campaigning all the way through their terms.

Peter Herring
Peter Herring7 years ago

We really need to get over the puppet show that transfixes americans every 4 years. It changes rhetoric, that's all. Anyone with a clear view of what Obama (today, for the first time, I saw hi referred to as Obusha) will see that he's a continuation of the last 30 years of giving this country to the rich, corporate welfare, trillion dollar bailouts, back room deals with big pharma and insurance, an administration full of wall st, another endless war adding to the $1.15 Trillion we've spent since 2001... No one's doing a better job than Obama in ensuring he won't get elected again.

Ann P.
A P7 years ago

If American's are stupid enough to continue to vote into office those who believe in the policies that created the financial crisis - they deserve what they get. It will be terrible for many of us who believe that profits can be made in a way that benefits society rather than only a few at the top. But, let's face it if the majority are that foolish, the consequences are a foolish government and all the negative effects that result from it.

michele s.
michele s7 years ago

Maybe this will make it easier to swallow...

Interesting article about the illusion that politics works to keep us in.

John L.
John L7 years ago

Well he sure is pushing the Mormon agenda with the TV commercials showings us all the great people that are Mormon.

ahhh the fine art of subliminal messaging.!!! aka Brainwashing

wow i hope there are not that many Ignorant people in this country......

michele s.
michele s7 years ago

To Stacey S.........Here are some kudos for your "man",

Ron Paul's economic Rx: a Southern secessionist

Wednesday, February 9, 2011; 8:00 PM

The Republican takeover of the House put a chairman's gavel in the hands of Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, the gadfly GOP presidential candidate with a cult following. On Wednesday, he used that gavel for the first time - to remarkable effect.

The hearing itself was lively - based on Paul's desire to abolish the Federal Reserve and bring back the gold standard - but what really stood out was Chairman Paul's leadoff witness: a Southern secessionist.

The "short bio" the witness provided with his testimony omitted salient pieces of his resume, including his 2006 book, "Lincoln Unmasked: What You're Not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe." But the subcommittee's ranking Democrat, William Lacy Clay (Mo.) did some homework and learned more about the witness, Thomas DiLorenzo of Loyola University Maryland.

DiLorenzo, the congressman told the committee, had called Lincoln "the first dictator" and a "mass murderer" and decreed that "Hitler was a Lincolnite." Worse, Clay charged, "you worked for a Southern nationalist organization." "The League of the South is a neo-Confederate group that advocates for a second southern secession and a society dominated by European Americans.".........

Barbara Cindric
Barbara Cindric7 years ago

Hope the sane will take charge in this country. Poor bama Hope to everything that is sacred in this country he won't win. We won't survive another 4 yrs of this socialist!!!

John B.
John B7 years ago

Well I see no one on the scene currently that can hold a candle to Obama. But there is another 2 years of listening to the GOP tell you how Obama is and how only their GOP candidate can ensure your liberty