Romney Gave More To Mormon Church Than He Paid In Taxes In 2010


Written by Zack Ford

Mitt Romney has never hidden the fact that he has a promised tithe to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but according to his tax returns released today, he gives back more to the Mormons than he pays to the federal government. Since 2010, the Romneys have given $7 million to charity, but over $4 million of that went directly to the Mormon Church, while they paid only $3 million to the IRS last year.

The Mormon Church is notoriously anti-gay, having raised an estimated $22 million in support of California’s Proposition 8 in 2008, in addition to providing close to 90 percent of the early door-to-door volunteers advocating for the discriminatory measure. Because of blowback from this effort, LDS has been less aggressive in anti-gay campaigns, although just last week church leaders endorsed Minnesota’s marriage discrimination amendment. Some have questioned whether its involvement in ballot measures should compromise the church’s tax-exempt status and there is an on-going petition calling on the IRS to revoke it.

Though Romney never specifically endorsed Prop 8 aside from opposing same-sex marriage in general, the Church’s success in passing the measure may have helped advance his credibility among social conservatives.

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Sylvia Buck
Sylvia Buck5 years ago

The church does not have the loopholes that the IRS allows.

Kristen H.
Kristen H5 years ago

What makes Mormonism so threatening? What are some myths about Mormonism that should be debunked?

Ok I'll answer. Mormonism itself is not a threatening proposition. What I object to, is their Borgian insistence that EVERYONE MUST BE CONVERTED to their way of thinking. That kind of robotic "religion" is NOT okay in this country. The reason I would never vote for a Mormon for president is the same reason I would never vote for Jesse Jackson for president: Separation of church and state. Every eligible male member of the Mormon church is considered a member of two priesthoods: The Aaronic and the Melchizdek priesthoods. As such, they have a vested interest, duty and obligation to preach their religion to the world and convert as many people as possible to their way of thinking. I do NOT believe someone with such a call on his life belongs in the White House.

Myths about Mormons are rife, but I would warrant that they are more common among the far right-wing rabble that calls itself "Christian" and is more fundamentalist than the Taliban, than with educated, enlightened "liberals" who generally look things up before passing judgment on them.

My other sticking point with electing a Mormon is that NO Mormon who is faithful to his beliefs, is an independent actor: Every Mormon answers to, reveres and follows the "teachings" (orders) of their Prophet, whoever that may be at any given time. Below the Prophet are the Quorums of Seventy, then on down the line to the Stake P

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G5 years ago

He clearly doesn't get taxed enough!

Doreatha Penn
Doreatha Penn5 years ago

Why am I not surprised? Let's see. Made around 73 million and paid 3 million in taxes. That sounds about right!!

sherry l.
sherry luciano5 years ago

I really don't care what money Romney has given to his church. I do care about all the companies that his company bought fired all the people and taken money from the goverment and walked away with Millions. Our laws should be changed to stop this practice. The tax laws should be changed and he should be paying a larger percentage on his income. That's what I care about.

Nancy L.
Nancy L5 years ago

I don't see what difference it makes how much he chooses to give to his church or charities. It's his money - he earned it.

Charlene Rush
Charlene Rush5 years ago

Between Romney and Gingrich, the GOP, certainly, has a mess on their hands.

Audrey B.
Audrey B5 years ago

I bet his 4 mililon to the church, he got back in campaign contributions, what do you think?
There is just something about Romney that I just don't trust, I feel he is hiding more than we know.

I think Church's that get so much in contributions should be taxed on things, that don't include helping the poor or homeless, or medical contributions. Just my opinion.

And I will never forgive him for putting his dog on the roof of the car as he was going on vacation, he lost my vote on just that alone.

Sam T.
Samantha Trosky5 years ago

I agree with Andrew, churches should be taxed on all profits or money that is spent toward ALL political agendas! I don't want them taxed on money spent on feeding the hungry or sheltering the homeless, but if they are spending money on ANY political issue then that should be taxed! We need REAL separation of church and state! So anything pro-choice (helping pregnant women is OK), anti-gay or what ever should be taxed!

Natasha Lopez
Natasha L5 years ago