Romney: Heckling Part of America’s ‘Long History’

Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney has finally found something he can stand unequivocally behind: heckling.

Romney endorsed incivility in an interview on Fox Radio. When asked by host Greg Kilmeade if the Romney campaign would join the campaign of President Barack Obama in condemning heckling and crashing events, Romney demurred.

“I can assure you that we do not believe in unilateral disarmament,” Romney said. He added, “America has a long history of heckling.”

It’s unsurprising that Romney would choose to support heckling; his campaign itself engaged in it last Thursday, circling an Obama campaign event in the campaign bus and honking in an effort to disrupt a speech by Obama.

Romney has been on the receiving end of heckling too, but the Obama campaign has been blunt in denouncing it. In a tweet, Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod condemned incidents of heckling, saying, “Shouting folks down is their tactic, not ours.”

Romney chuckled when asked if a meeting with Axelrod could allow the campaigns to reach a détente.

“It would be very nice if we could reach that kind of conclusion. I’m not sure it’s possible, but it certainly would be a nice setting to reach,” Romney said. He stopped short of saying it was something he desired.

The Obama campaign blasted Romney for refusing to condemn hecklers. In a statement, Obama campaign spokesperson Ben LaBolt said,

We have sent a strong message to our supporters that this campaign should be an open exchange of ideas, not one where we drown out the other side by heckling and crashing events.

Campaigns are a reflection of their candidate, and Mitt Romney has a different view, endorsing heckling. With all that’s at stake in this election, Americans deserve better.

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Jose M. C.
JOSE M. C5 years ago

Romney is actually correct in one thing, that heckling has always been around. And the bigger the political arena, the more of it there is to be found. While it's true that as a species we should be able to evolve beyond juvenile displays that detract from sound discussion, I'm not holding my breath.

Aurea Walker

The ultimate irony of romney/moneyr is that he is just fine when he and bully buddies do the heckling! First try to even know when and where he will be speaking to the public without having to pay $10,000. plus speaking
forums. He can heckle but he cannot put himself out to be heckled! Like all bullies I have encountered he is only strong when surrounded by fellow bullies! Moneyr does NOT EVER PUT himself on a level playing field. Even the attack on his poor fellow classmate, who did not meet his rules of "acceptability" was ambushed not just by moneyr, but he is such a bully coward he had FOUR fellow bullies covering his sorry ass! Childish prank it was NOT. but come the presidential debates the scenery will change, president Obama will have him not only showing his true colors, moneyr will not have anyone to cover his sorry ass! Parting shot, he will not stand on immigration rules, yet his polygamist family sure got help when they fled to Mexico, how is that for irony?

Michael S.
Michael S5 years ago

Come on! Heckling really does not belong in the political arena and most certainly not in the Presidential race! Decorum should be the policy in force here. The President represents America to rest of the world so it should be done in a respectful manner!
As for Rommey - grow up! Heckling is really a lowbrow activity that should be confined to more appropriate venues like sports events.

Dennis Warren

If he doesn't believe in "unilateral" disarmament, then he should agree with the Obama campaign to disavow heckling, as it would then be bilateral disarmament. If he can't grasp the difference, how could he possibly negotiate nuclear disarmament? This man is a putz, and if he gets anywhere near the WH, we'll all be in a death spiral that we'll never recover from.

mike rollo
mike rollo5 years ago

the consevatives are acting more like junior high school brats then distinguished polititian.They're all pretty much a bunch of spoiled rich children and their #1 idiot is Romney

Christine C.
Chandra C5 years ago


Will Rogers
Will Rogers5 years ago

So is bullying.

Gloria H.
Gloria H5 years ago

heckling and bullying is as American as apple pie to Romney. I would imagine if a group of women stood up to him and whispered the word "vagina" they would be escorted away from him, booked and locked up. What's good for the gander does not apply to the goose.

Carl Oerke
Carl O5 years ago

Romney a man for the season. He defends incivility. Just what we need in this country because there has not been enough incivility in the past couple of years. And he handles it so well like when he barked "Corporations are people" at a heckler. He should change his nickname from Mitt to Muff.

Robert Fitzgerald

Is Romney saying that heckling is what made America great??? God, Apparently I missed so much in High School American History class.