Romney Latest Attack On The Poor And Middle Class: Eliminate HUD

Mitt Romney hasn’t offered much in the way of policy details while campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination. But at a private fundraiser in Florida on Sunday, Romney was more than willing to dish details with the wealthy bankrolling his campaign.

Among the initiatives we could expect from a President Romney: elimination of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

HUD may be an easy political target because to a low-information voter it sounds like another vast and unresponsive government bureaucracy. But the reality is HUD promotes fair housing practices, it enforces anti-discrimination laws and it makes safe and affordable mortgages available to large swatches of the middle class.

Without HUD consumers would be left at even greater risk of the kind of predatory lending practices that made Romney’s backers rich and the rest of the country saddled in debt. Without HUD landlords could freely discriminate in the rental of properties since the principal enforcement mechanism of fair housing laws would be gone. Shelter would be left entirely to the private market.

There’s a pattern emerging and it is one that should come as no surprise given Romney’s record in the private equity sector. And it’s worth unpacking the ideology driving a statement like this because they reveal a lot about the direction the right wants to take this country.

Romney’s attacks on the poor, and in particular on poor women, show there’s more than one way to impose a religious mandate on the country. The social services Romney wants to eliminate (public health care via providers like Planned Parenthood and how housing assistance through HUD) are critical components of a social safety net that was created to make sure women and children do not end up on the streets simply because they do not have a wealthy husband to take care of them. It’s a world view Romney opposes and for him and his backers, it’s a world view free from consequence.

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Barbra D.
Barbra D.5 years ago

No one is better off than they were THREE years ago? The reason Mr. Obama, a Democrat who had a single mom and came from a middle class background was voted into office, is because the previous EIGHT years we were led by a Republican millionaire's son who made things easier for his rich buddies. And now you think that putting into office ANOTHER Republican raised with no knowledge of what it's like to strive for basic needs, who wants to go back to recreating the mess that Bush and Cheney made, is going to solve our problems? Where have you been living for the last 11 years, in a bomb shelter? Give the guy in office another 4 years. At least he's one of us, and gets it.

Don V.
Don V.5 years ago

@Linda T. : What?

Deanna J.
Deanna J5 years ago

Because it isn't the obscenly rich and greedy that aren't even paying their taxes that are the problem with balancing the budget.

No, it's those millions of people who don't have anything that need help finding a place to sleep, so they can try to find a job and pay some taxes.

Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

Nancy, I know people who are better off now than when the economy collapsed under W. Bush. Their 401K's had fallen by 2/3rd's that's a large chunk of their retirement money...It has now recovered almost fully. Some have gone back to work. Certainly auto workers are better off, as well as the dealers, mechanics, and other associated auto business's. Then there is the small business's that cater to those workers. So Nancy if you don't know anyone, you are not looking.

Catherine D.
Catherine Davis5 years ago

Romney is a selfish rich man that only has the interest of the 1% in mind. To hell with the rest of us. If he had his way, I think he would just have a mass killing of the poor, particularily women, and be done with it. And of course the middle class would have to be done away with as they would become poor under his regime and thereby, disposable. He reminds of a modern day Hitler but his enemies are the 99% instead of the Jews. He has total disregard for anything that America wants even though they are the ones that would elect him to office as we, the 99%, are the majority and we can make or break him. I say let's break him! The USA with Romney at the helm will not be a good place to live. I know some of you are disappointed with Obama, but face it, he's the best man to run the country. Obama could do alot of good if Congress would just stop fighting him on every single issue that is put before them. If he says the sky is blue, Congress says it's gray. You want to help change the government for the better? Vote every single one of your Congressmen out of office and let's start with a whole new Congress that may work with Obama to bring America back to it's once dignified state. And let's see about getting the salary of these Congressmen changed; they should get full salary/benefits for LIFE even if they serve only ONE TERM? What??? They voted that law in, not us. Let's vote it out and make it retroactive. The bums just voted the Buffett Rule down that w

Nancy L.
Nancy L5 years ago

All I know is ... I don't know anyone who is better off now than they were three years ago.

Nancy L.
Nancy L5 years ago

Thanks for posting.

Becky Y.
Rebecca Y5 years ago

What a good idea...of course, only if Romney will help out all those on HUD with his billions!!!

J.L. A.
JL A5 years ago

A let's make sure there are no boot straps to use to climb the economic ladder approach to prosperity?

Mercedes Lackey
Mercedes Lackey5 years ago

Little Jeffey, the poster child for voting against his own interest. Don't you pay any attention at all to what "your man" Romney says? Clearly you don't. He intends to make porn illegal, which means you will be unable to make a living anymore and lose everything you own. He doesn't mean Playboy and Hustler: those guys make big bucks and can hire class lawyers. He means people like you. And your local law enforcement will be glad to help, because they can swoop down on you, confiscate everything you own, and keep it once you are convicted. Big win for them, big win for Mittens, and a big win for the local DA. Easy win for everyone, they know you won't be able to prevail in a local jury trial and they know, unlike, say, a major drug lord, when they break down YOUR door you won't meet them with automatic weapon fire.

It astonishes me on a daily basis that you are so naive.