Romney, Obama Working Hard To Win The Women Vote

Every election cycle we hear that if all women banded together, they could decide the race themselves.  Yet every year, the women vote still seems to be the most ignored voting block out there.

Not so when it comes to the 2012 presidential race.  With Republicans waging an all out war on women via anti-women legislation like abortion bans, birth control defunding, repealing health care reform and cutting social safety net programs, it’s no wonder that Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney is seeing a huge gender gap in his polling numbers.

To regain some footing, he’s using his wife Ann to try and win women back to the GOP.  The Boston Globe writes “Ann Romney has been articulating women’s anxieties about the economy, moving beyond her traditional role vouching for her husband’s credentials as a father and family man. ‘Every single woman here said the economy, the debt, and how big the government is getting,’’ Ann Romney told the local ABC affiliate on Thursday in Milwaukee, describing the concerns she heard from women at Miss Katie’s Diner there.”

Romney’s focus on economic issues is one that will play well with the concerns of many women, but there seems to be little attempt to address solutions to the economic problems themselves.  The biggest cost in most women’s budgets these days are health care, both for themselves and for their families, as well as ensuring that their families don’t get any larger until they are financially ready to care for another child.  Both of these issues are ones that the GOP isn’t just turning a deaf ear to, but actively attempting to make more burdensome for the average woman.

The Obama campaign, meanwhile, is talking up the benefits that health care reform has had on women, and is using surrogates like Gloria Steinem this week to continue to press their victories for women’s economic and reproductive freedom over the last three years.   It’s a tact that is playing well to independent women who identify with neither political party, and it’s one that could literally decide the election come November.

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Audrey B.
Audrey B6 years ago

I cannot get pass Romney putting his dog on the roof of the car all the way to Canada. How could he do such a thing to his dog (family member) ??
I am still going to vote Republican this time, hopefully I hope one of the other candidates will come up from behind. I don't want to see Obama with another 4 years, he is setting us up to for no good. We need to open our eyes.

Ellen Emerson
Ellen Emerson6 years ago

There's nothing Romney could do to get my vote over Obama.

Ira L.
Ellie L6 years ago

SteveR and MaryD: Enjoyed your hyperbole -- Foolish words are never meant to be taken literally. Now, like good little puppets, go back to Fox and they will say, "Thanks, for doing your part spreading lies on liberal sites." Don't get me wrong, you're welcome here anytime. But please get new material. Yours are so outdated. On second thought, keep it up -- Laughter is the best medicine.

Christopher C.
Chris C6 years ago

How very true Anne C! :-)

Mary Driver
Mary Driver6 years ago

Obama and Romney are just going after the STUPID WOMEN'S votes. Better worry first about ALL OF OUR RIGHTS! HOW about that NDAA girls???? And the National Disaster Preparedness EXECUTIVE ORDER???? How about those? How about that Patriot Act? Huh GIRLS? YES...By all for the man with contraceptive in hand. To hell with our REAL FREEDOMS! You women that support OBUMMER make me ashamed to be a woman. Like I said they're only going after the STUPID WOMEN'S VOTES!!!

Ron B.
Ron B6 years ago

First of all, Romney needs to stop building so many mansions---one for each wife? Obama - 1, Romney - 0.

Anne Cole
.6 years ago

If Steve R couldn't lie, he would have nothing to say. Wouldn't that be nice!

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Well, Obama is working hard, Romney on the other hand, just doesn't know HOW to work hard, that's what the little people are for.

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

You are so stupid Steve R. I'll bet you even go to your KKK meetings wearing soiled sheets.

Rosemary G.
Rosemary G6 years ago

If that is the case, my choice will be eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasy. I will vote for Obama not for an long time outdated idiology driven misogynist and gynophobe who thinks women are children making factories and do not have any rights to their own bodies which belong to their husbands..Not..Keep Religion out of politics and our private lives..Just educate yourselves about the Mormon Church..There is enough information on the internet.