Romney “Obviously Not a Christian,” Says Fox News


At the beginning of June, a Pew poll showed that an overwhelming majority of respondents didn’t care if their presidential candidate was a Mormon.  This was good news for Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman, two Mormon candidates in the Republican primary.  If this poll holds true, Mormonism could be less of an issue in the 2012 campaign than many predicted — at least, if Fox News doesn’t make it into one.

During a conversation on Fox and Friends this Sunday, host Ainsley Earhardt casually remarked that Romney was “obviously not a Christian.” The segment was about the increasing likelihood of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s candidacy for president, and Earhardt was speculating about Perry’s fundraising power, in comparison to Romney.

“The Christian Coalition, I think [Perry] could get a lot of money coming from that base, because Romney,” Earhardt said, “obviously not being a Christian, Rick Perry, he’s always on Christian talk shows, he has days of prayer in Texas.”

Mormonism has been a controversial religion since it was founded in the early nineteenth-century.  Although the prophesies and revelations of Mormon authorities like Joseph Smith are regarded as heretical by some Christians, the religion is nearly uniformly accepted as a distinct branch of Christianity.  The church’s name, Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, shows that while Mormons may have theological and doctrinal differences with Protestants or Catholics, they are, at the most fundamental level, part of the same religion.

It’s plain why Fox News is trying to make this into an issue: evangelical Christian leaders are pushing Perry hard to be the presidential nominee, and one of Romney’s potential weaknesses (in addition to health care) is his religion.  Will they be successful in making their viewers suspicious of Romney’s Christian faith?  It seems like a cheap shot — but after all, it is Fox News.

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Mike R
Mike R6 days ago


Mike R
Mike R6 days ago


Cecily P.
Cecily P7 years ago

I'm sick of the religious pandering that is characteristic of BOTH parties in every election. I have more respect for those that make an effort to leave their religious belief out of it entirely. Religious beliefs are, in my experience, a very personal thing. Do I have concerns that a person's spiritual leanings may affect their political actions? Absolutely. Do I believe that religion should determine who a person votes for in the election? Absolutely not. I come from a family of hyper-conversative, one-issue voters (that issue being abortion). They support pro-lifers only and this is generally due to religion. We have created, accepted, and perpetuated a political world where this kind of pandering is acceptable. Let's get religion where it belongs - out of State affairs!

June Higgins
June Higgins7 years ago

It only matters what religion they are, if they are trying to throw it in your face. It should not be used as a political stance. Look at Bachmann....she clearly wants her religious beliefs to be a part of her campaign. She will even try to council the "gay" right out of you. This is where it becomes a problem. These people who claim to be experts on Constitutional Law, want to impose their religious beliefs as a political agenda. BIG, BIG, RED FLAG! Apparently their Constitutional knowledge is not what they claim. I personally would not attend the Oral Roberts University, because I do not share their beliefs. Therefore, I do not want Bachmann throwing them in my face. Same with Romney. And, when they get in office, will they try to make their beliefs law? I'm not so sure about Romney, but Bachmann would for sure. She just thinks she's a saint. Wrong!

Anyway, they did correct Ainsley Earhardt and she apologized after the commercial break. I'm shocked that they would even correct her on Fox news. They get everything else wrong and it does not seem to bother them. Anyway, I don't think you should have to delcare your religion. That is private and should not be a part of government.

Pat Hippert
Patricia H8 years ago

So, who cares. Religion should not be a factor..what is the politician saying..what does he actually stand for or believe. Also, remember that Fox is part of the Murdoch network...and you know how they have been getting their news. To me, Fox is what they used to call a "rabble rouser". Anything to stir up the people...once they are aroused..move on to something else.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal8 years ago

What? No separation of church and state? Jesus, Joseph, and Mary.... May the saints preserve us!

Theodore A.
ted Ackman8 years ago

Ryan B --> I am happy t inform you, This is not a democratic coumtry. It is, however, a democratic Republic. BIG difference.
Everyone else --> Exclusivity: When I say that I live on 'such-and-such street', that means - in my case - you can get to my house ONLY by traveling on that street. When I say there is no other way to my home, I tell it from experience. You can look at a map and find where I live, or have someone tell you. In either case, you put faith into action in order to get here.
Then there is the type of 'hope-I'll-find-it' approach. "there are many streets to [some] home, and for that reason many will not find my home. As a Christian, I believe that Jesus is who He said he is. How to get to His Home - Heaven. Now here's the shocker! He is Inclusive! ANYone can get to His Home - it simply takes faith that He is The Way.

timothy m.
timothy m8 years ago

"the religion is nearly uniformly accepted as a distinct branch of Christianity."

Amelia, you're terribly misinformed. I realize that no individual has the authority to determine what exactly constitutes legitimate christianity (no apologies to the pope, either), but any reasonable assessment of mormon doctrine places it outside the parameters of christian belief.

Winn Adams
Winn A8 years ago

Any religion is just a way to control the people who follow it.

Mary M.
Daria M8 years ago

Just to provide some further religious education - there is a THIRD branch of Christianity. It's Orthodox, as in Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Serbian Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, etc. They are not ruled by the pope and their priests can marry and have children.