Romney Understands The Little Guy — His House Is Way Too Small


Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is running a presidential campaign utterly focused on the economy.  It makes sense, considering how well he can relate to the problems of every day, struggling Americans.  After all, he knows what it’s like to be out of work, he has had problems paying for things that he wants occasionally, and some of his best friends have really had to fight to make it during the recession.

Now, he’s learning firsthand how bad the housing market is.  He’s been suffering in a house way too small, and only now can he finally upgrade.

Via the Washington Post:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is planning to nearly quadruple the size of his $12 million California beachfront mansion.

Romney, a former Massachusetts governor and the nominal front-runner for the GOP’s 2012 presidential nomination, is planning to bulldoze his 3,009-square-foot home facing the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla, Calif., and replace it with an 11,062-square-foot home, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The Union-Tribune reported late Saturday that Romney has filed an application with the city for a coastal development permit, but that no date has been set to consider the project.

A Romney campaign official confirmed the report, saying the Romneys want to “enlarge their two-bedroom home because with five married sons and 16 grandchildren it is inadequate for their needs. Construction will not begin until the permits have been obtained and the campaign is finished.”

See, he understands what it’s like for regular Americans.  His house is too small, and he can’t even find a new one — he has to try and remodel instead.

Poor Mitt.


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Johnice R.
Johnice R5 years ago

Where or how Romney lives and spends his money is not an issue, I am so happy that he is no longer ruining what happens in Massachusetts!

As far as Nove. 6th. 2012 he does not stand a chance, after that he can sit back and enjoy the money he has accumulated and whatever comforts it may bring. There shall be NO POTUS Romney!

Scott P.
Terry C6 years ago

Romney's said "Corporations are people". He ought to know, as a corporate raider he has literally sucked the lifeblood out of dozens of these "people" leaving behind a hollowed out corpse and tens of thousands of lost jobs.

Robert G.
Melissa Glittone6 years ago

@SL- You are without a doubt an oxygen thief.

Aaron Holmgren
Aaron Holmgren6 years ago

According to Ron Paul's own financial records, his house was worth $150,000 in 2000, and is now valued at $300,000. Sounds like a pretty humble establishment for a doctor who has been in politics for over 40 years.

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G6 years ago

Eh.. it takes one to know one?!

Ss L.
sheila l6 years ago

I will take Mitt Romney any day over Obama, he is superior in every way.

This president does not even release his academic records, medical records and why so many social security numbers? Also, who knows how valid that birth record is too.

Patti T.
P T6 years ago


Patti T.
P T6 years ago

I don't really understand all the disbelief here about him. I could smell it a mile away, of course after the air cleared from palin, bachman, perry, & the rest of these teabaglicans. They're just being thrown out here to distract us till the party can put out the Real Candidate... REALLY? Will we REALLY be able to tell the difference? I am completely disappointed in ALL the 'so-called' leaders of today. MY GOD, HOW DO YOU PEOPLE SLEEP AT NIGHT?
@ Common C -- I need to quote so OTHERS will understand my comment.
You said: "You apparently disagree on my feeling that there is a lack of real business people involved in politics" *snickers* Not's another: "I believe real business people SHY AWAY from Politics because people dump on them for their success and the fact that they may have accumulated wealth"
OK, finally able to stop laughing, whew!
Now common; There is NO Lack whatsoever of BIG CORPORATION & BIG BUSINESS in Politics. They DO NOT 'SHY AWAY' from Anything that's going to make them money period. Yes, the politicians have NO idea on business--That is Why the BIG CORP & BUS ARE INVOLVED! Who do you Think FUNDS these teasaggers? They certainly are NOT going to use thieir OWN MONEY! Therefore, they agree to the law of making sure that Taxes will not be paid by corp, bus, top 2% wealthy, as long as they use some of THOSE Funds for their Campaigns. Because if a teabaglican gets elected (by some miracle-no wait, by their money) then they become PU

Ceejay R.
CJ Robb6 years ago

Not defending Mitt, but most beach front areas in CA are extremely expensive. Just curious, did he ever actually use the house or did he just buy it for the land and to tear it down? Being a lover of older houses, I bet the 3000 foot house presently on the property has more charm then the 11,000 foot McMansion/compound he is proposing.

Please excuse me while I go and cry a river for the "unemployed" Mitt. What an absolute insult! With unemployment over 9% (and we know that number is bogus!), to even make that remark shows how out of touch he really is!

(I had a cat named "Mitt, does Romney have a "real" first name?)

Paula E.
Paula E6 years ago

The only little guys Romney knows are short, rich ones. I love the show Secret Millionnaire because the people with all the money live and work like their employees for a week or so. All the candidates for President should have to do the same. Maybe then they would really understand the little guys- the ones with no money.