Romney Vetoed State’s Anti-GLBT Bullying Commission

Yesterday, we learned that presidential candidate Mitt Romney was a known bully in high school, especially fond of targeting students perceived as gay.† But after all, everyone was a jerk when they were teens, right?† It doesn’t really mean anything.† And even his tepid “I’m sorry if I went too far” apology doesn’t signify that Romney saw his actions as acceptable.

But the fact that as an adult, as governor, Romney ended a commission that was to address the issue of anti-GLBT bullying?† That’s a bit more disconcerting.

Think Progress reports, “As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney refused to fund the Governorís Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, ultimately abolishing it. The group was created in 1992 to address alarmingly high rates of bullying and suicide among gay and lesbian teens. In 2005, Romney vetoed a $100,000 increase in the commissionís budget, a decision overturned by the legislature.”

It’s one thing to “tease” and “prank” fellow classmates nearly 50 years ago.† But the much more recent abolishing and defunding of a group meant to assist teens who are so brutally bullied that they are killing themselves? That can’t be brushed off as “boys will be boys.”

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Alice M.
Alice M.5 years ago

Mitt Romney is a bully. Worse than that, he's a bully that hides behind a facade of all-American-conservatism

Tom Jack
Tom Jack5 years ago

Behind the facade of every bully is a weak kneed little boy who had the tar knocked out of him time and again by other bullies. And the "beat" goes on!

sheila h.
sheila haigh5 years ago

Steven B.

Thank you for the succint statement of all the figures. Those of us with at least half a brain have known the general trends (and the reasons) but didn't know where to go to pull all the figures together. Seeing it all laid out like that makes it all so clear.

Every Obama ad from now to the election should state those figures as you have done.

Steve R - go eat your heart out (if you have one).

Mark L.
Past Member 5 years ago

This heartless man or should i say monster doesn't have morals up in his head for humanity and all animals of this planet! He finds it acceptable to crate his dog and tie it to the top of the car roof and hit the road, and then recently he arranged to have a dog barbequed for his crazy wife's birthday...totally inhumane and satanic i might add!!! His agenda calls for amending the constitution, which is a total insult to our founding fathers of this country, and to our civil rights! And sadly he totally ignores a man in a wheelchair, please reference: We just got rid of one ugly satanic dictator of a president and we DON'T NEED another one to fill his place!! God Bless America from this Inhumane Monster!!!

Barbara DeFratis
Barbara DeFratis5 years ago

Or Maybe the last thing that we need is a probable 'Bully' as Commander-in-Chief of the World's largest standing Military--When Romney Vetoed the Anti-Bullying Commission--He not only showed that he was still the 'Bully', but also that he would not stop others from being 'Bullies'.

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer5 years ago

Steve R
Maybe you judge the economy by how well your stocks have done:

President Bush came in the Dow Jones was at 11,497.10 by 2003 it was at 7591.93 a loss of 3905.00 or 33% of the maket's value. His laissez faire style of governance allowed the investment banks to go wild with the derivatives markets which caused an artifical housing bubble pushing the Dow back up to 13390.01. When the artificial housing bubble inevitably burst bringing down the shaky derivative markets starting in 2007 it also broght the Dow down to 7062.93 by the time the dust cleared. The loss to the Dow of 6867.17 was 49.29% of the Dow. How much of a dollar hit was taken by the 401Ks and individual retirement accounts during the Bush regime sparky? Under Obama the Dow came back up to 12810.54 a gain of 5747.51 or 44.8% of the Dow and that was accomplished without the help of the Party of No in Congress, the too big to fail banks who were bailed out by the American tax-payer but never eased credit for small business like they promised they would and without the help of corporate America who has hid profits in shell companies overseas or in Cayman Island banks or other like locales. Mighty patriotic actions by the Three Amigos wouldn't you say??? Only an idiot would prefer Bush's(Romney's) governance vs Obama's governance...idiot.


Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer5 years ago

Steve R “Jobs and the economy - that's what we're going to vote for! Not an alleged bullying incident!”

Are you really going to vote for “Jobs and the economy”? The employment figures below are from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics which has been compiling data the same way for the last 70 years. Since 2010, the economy has had 11 straight quarters of GDP growth and has added 2,921,000 jobs. That is with the GOP and ALEC doing everything they can to sabotage the economy.

Fiscal Years are from 10/01 to 09/30:
Employment Total 09/30/2001 (End of last Clinton Budget)...131,518,000
Employment Total 09/30/2009 (End of last Bush Budget)......129,857,000
Net Employment figures for Bush FY 01 - FY 09 (negative).......1,761,000 Jobs lost

Employment Total 09/30/2009 (End of last Bush Budget).......129,857,000
Employment Total 4/30/2012 (Latest figures available)..........132,778,000
Net Employment figures for Obama Start to date(positive)..........2,921,000 Jobs gained

Employment to 12/2011 from
Employment from 1/1/20012 to 4/30/2012 from and

GDP by Quarter
Bush Fiscal Years
FY 2008 2.9 -0.7 0.6 -4.0 FY 2009 -6.8 -4.9 -0.7 1.6

Obama Fiscal Years
FY 2010 5.0 3.7 1.7 2.6 FY 2011 3.1 0.4 1.3 1.8 FY 2012 2.8 2.2

Figures from:

Kenny West
Kenny Wes5 years ago

The bullying affair and his choice of business, merely shows that he determines whom he considers to be worthwhile, after which everyone else becomes fair game to do whatever you want with. romney is the George Costanza character in "Pretty Women"

Nimue Pendragon

Mittens is a dickhead. End of story.

Maurice Simoens
Maurice Simoens5 years ago

He is a bog liar and jerk,to hell with this jerk romney,vote democrats and obama,we dont need a asshole like romney